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summer funk

how is your summer going? man mine is going great. busy as ever but that's what I get for taking on two classes and the advising gig. they asked me yesterday if I wanted to work 5 hours a week this fall in advising too, we shall see... whoosh...
yeah I decided next summer I'm only going to teach one class. because when the papers come in, it takes a whole weekend to get through two classes of grading. UGH and I'd rather be outdoors all summer! in the yard at least!  I also made the mistake of teaching an 8 am class . and the morning time is when I'd most like to be outside in the yard not the afternoons. too hot!
I had a great time in St. Louis. instead of staying over in AR on the way back. I just drove straight through taking about 7 hours .  leaving the hotel at 2pm and getting into okc at 9. I actually didn't get home home until after 9:30 because I offered to take a bunch of plants home in my cab for a friend who was flying home with everyone else.
I haven't bought a ticket yet for a trip to Portland but should follow through this weekend, never found any better flights, and the $353 tickets are now $363, that's what I get for waiting, ahh welll.  I guess I was a little nervous about making the trip and driving back home on a Monday morning knowing that I will be flying out to Mexico the very next day Tuesday morning. but I know I can make it all come togetther.
I'm in a real funk this summer. I lost a bit of discipline this week, not going to swim laps mon morning and this morning! and after work today I did not go work legs. I just napped sitting in the chair instead. sometimes on a warm afternoon, it just feels good to sit there and nod off. ha ha. anyway, I plan to swim some laps in the morning and then do legs in the afternoon before my dinner plans with best bud S.  otherwise most of the time this weekend I'll be either grading papers or working out in the yard.
hope you guys are all enjoying summer. cheers

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