Friday, June 20, 2014

meet me in St Louis louis....

things are going well here in St Louis.  I am here for a convention of sorts that lasts until Sunday after lunch.  I had a pretty dad gum busy week . I had hope to get all the papers back to students by Tuesday but instead I got them back on Thursday. I also had lunch with a former college buddy who has lived in OKC for about 4 years and I never ever see her. she's married to a dance instructor at a local college and they have a kid, and they both used to perform on broadway and have toured with different shows etc, so anyway she andI finally met up for lunch Wednesday and talked the whole time about the shows I saw in Nyc and college friends and our lives now etc... grading papers, gym time, getting ready for trip blah.  anyway so Thursday morning I had my truck all packed up so that I could leave after office hours after classes on Thursday. got up to my old college town in AR by 6 and went by my ex gf new place to check it out and give her some plants for her yard, then by 7 I went to my best buds place, saw his wife and kids who were being put to bed, and then he and I went downtown for dinner and drinks. took him home and then was at my married friends' place by 9 where I crashed.  got up early this morning and left town by 6, drove straight up through Joplin and then over to St. Louis.  went to see a few open garden tour houses aroudn lunch time and then had meetings tonight. i'm about to go change up in my room and get out for just a bit to check out the city.
summer is to dang busy this year, i probably won't teach two classes and do advising next summer, maybe just one class because i want to enjoy a bit more free time with my summer. ha.
I'm about to buy a ticket to portland OR.  there are NO good flights from OKC and back. UGH!! all flights out of OKC leave early but all flight out of Portland leave LATE. I wanted to come back on a Sunday becuase I leave for Mexico the Tuesday after I get back, this is in July. well anyway, $550 for OKC at 5am Friday and arrive in Portland by 10am. not bad, but then I have to fly out of Portland Sunday at 6am and don't get to OKC til 11pm????? SUCK.  So what I'll probably do is fly out of Dallas at 3pm Friday and get there by 6pm...then fly out Sunday at 6pm and get into dallas at 11pm. and then stay in Dallas and drive home Monday morning. blah blah. this the 25th to the 27th.
I know it's cutting it close to my other trip, but since I finish summer classes on the 24th, that's the deal. ha
thanks for keeping up with the blog, busy summer. cheers.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

St Louis........

going to St. Louis this weekend! driving up to overnight in NW AR tonight and then up to ST Louis in the morning.  anyone have a suggestion of any sites to see while there. pretty much I'll be on garden tours the whole time, but I will have my own wheels to get around. :)  looking forward to the weekend this summer has been a BUSY one. cheers.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Selfie Sunday...........

for more selfie fun and some NSFW selfies go to Ex-Fratmen Tumblr if so inclined....