Saturday, May 17, 2014

summer begin!

DONE!! last week of the semester is finished!! I got all the papers graded and turned back by Friday. I had 2 classes finish Wed, another 2 Thursday, and then Friday, my 8 am class which was my biggest stack of 23 essays, they came in and finished out their in class assessment. I had a lot of nice farewell and kind thank you's from students saying they'd enjoyed the class. last night was graduation and required for all profs to attend. I rode with a group of other profs. got home late....zzz. I will finish entering final grades on Monday morning and then a required lunch and DONE!!! will get back home and pack up for my NYC trip!
thanks for the suggestion of finding Edna St. V. M's place in NYC. I'd love any other literary locations of interest to pursue while in NYC. or for that matter, a must see place to shop? I'm looking forward to just wandering around and seeing what i can find. I may or may not make it to Brooklyn or williamsburg this trip. we'll see. NYC just has so much and something tells me I might just hit my usual haunts for shopping and walking. I'm undecided about central Park, I'll wait and see what the weather is like. I'm trying to challenge myself to pack up 2 outfits and everything else buy and wear while i'm there. :) we'll see about that.
I received the contorted filbert tree I'd ordered online from WA yesterday, Corylus avellana Red Dragon. and I planted it in the yard this morning and watered it in good. messed around all morning enjoying the weather. I've also been walking around with baking soda paste spread out on one forearm and a vinegar wrap on the other. I was googling what to do about the poison ivy I picked up last weekend doing the volunteer yard work. it started as just a few spots and during the week littel spots appears all around that area on my arm! ugh, not going away, so thus the research and home remedies.  If it doesn't start to go away some by Monday I'll go to the doctor and get some shots before leaving Tuesday. for sure!  I went over to my buddy S's place today to help him get some plants in some beds by the pool in his backyard. we are throwing him a big house warming party next weekend so that should be fun. I plan to get back to town Friday and from then to Saturday night will be baking and getting stuff ready for the fun.  hope to buy something fun in NYC to wear to the party also, of course.
I'm home now enjoying the great outdoors in the yard, and by 430 will be headed back over to S's and then we are going to a friend's place for drinks and then the 3 of us over to a neighborhood home tour where a friend of ours lives. food and home tour stuff blah blha. S bought me a ticket and I said I'd go with him , he's going for moral support of our friend, personally I'm trying to get off that email list of their neighborhood stuff. I'm getting into my own neighborhood area now...
anyway, that's my weekend. no gym no swimming laps. maybe tomorrow on Sunday if I get some time.... SOOOOO GLAD it's summer!watch out big apple, here I come! :P

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

super cam Sunday....

some of these might be a repost. I needed to purge files today...:P

good OKC times...

well I'm not getting many papers graded this weekend. I set myself up for a challenge when I failed to finish the COMP I papers before I got the COMP II papers turned in Friday. has been a wonderful weekend so far. the weather is just so great this weekend , and what with the rain last week and the promise for more rain this week, it helps me not give up on OK weather and chance of another summer drought. woo hoo.
I worked out consistently this week and eating chicken each night. I also was eating leftover lasagna each night and slept well full. ha Wednesday leg day and then Thursday I did my usual swim laps, and then worked out back, trying to pump it up a notch on my weights and number of sets. sometimes I do 3 sets of 10 but I'm tyring to go heavier and do 4 sets of 8 -10 which has been my standard way forever. basically when you can do 4 sets of 12 reps, it's time to increase weight . I came home Thursday and after dinner went back outside and shoveled up all the mud and dirt in the gutter between my house and the street on the side street that washed down from the heavy rain and the mole trails.  So more back exercise with the filling up of 3 wheelbarrow fulls of dirt to get back up into my yard
Friday I swam laps and ran into my gym bud, the younger guy that I used to always chat up on the floor, nowadays our workout scheules are off but I see him a lot while swimming laps because he lifeguards. great guy. anyway, while changing from swimwear to gym clothes he was in the locker room and we were talking about stuff. guy looks pretty good shirtless.
worked out my arms sort of, just wasn't feeling it becuase Friday and all. I had dinner with my vet friend. pizza as usual. and we talked about summer plans and considerations about getting ipads.  she'd had people come in with a dog that got shot in the hip that went through to the other hip, and she wasn't able to save the dog.  pretty much everything she sees at the emergency animal place, she says could be prevented by responsible pet ownership.  She also is very convincing on how people should always always spay or neuter your pet. most places if you reserach around enough there are places that will do it free or on the cheap. etc
Saturday morning I was up early getting breakfast and meeting the neighborhood association up at a local cafe. I had my lawnmower and gas can and rake in the back of my pickup ready to go. For some reason I didn't think they were meeting up there for breakfast first. so I sat there for a while and then left eventually saying I'd meet them at the house (which was a few streets over from mine). so I came home and enjoyed some yard time for about 15 minutes and then went over.  the group was full of tons of nice people.  from sitting at the cafe, there were about 3 dads there with their son in tow, all around midhigh age I'd guess. and all the guys there my age or younger were married. it's funny how pickup on "my wife" in the conversation. ha  I have to say it was some kind of feeling wondering what it'd be like to have shown up with my kid and how it'd be like to have a son to get up and work with on a saturday morning.  anyway, one of the kids took out a can of dip which sort of grossed me out and surprised me right there at the table in front of dad and all. ha a little skiinny thing too, perhaps it made him feel more manly! growing kid. ha the kid next to mee was drinking coffee. I asked him about his long board skate board and how long he'd been drinking coffee.  the guys at the table were talking about where they worked and their house in the area blah blah and I never jumped into the conversations, but had no problem asking the kid about his coffee. I suppose it's all my public school teaching experience makes me comfortable talking to any kid.
Anyway, all nice people and a few couples showed up and some moms with kids in tow also. We all met over at this woman's house who rents and her landlord doesn't do crap to the yard. so the back yard had trees growing up on the fence and trees growing up all over the back yard and he'd cut a tree down in the back corner a year or more ago and just left it.  We went in and trimmed cut back mowed picked up trash etc.. took everything to the curb and bundled up branches in to 4 ft bundles so the city would pick them up.  good times! were were done by 10 ish and then I went home. was nice to meet some people in the area. on the way home I drove by a bookshelf out front of a house FREE. so I put that in my truck , and when I got home I moved it into the shed out back to help keep me organized.  A day is coming where I plan to empty the shed, move it back about 4 or 5 feets, and then organize everything and put stuff back in there etc. I should confess I have a few boxes of magazine from the 90's out there, stuff like Details and Rolling Stones. stuff from college I guess.probably a stash of Abercrombie catalogs somewhere.
came home and worked outside a bit. then headed over to S house for lunch and to see what yardwork was up in his backyard. I shoveled some dirt from this one area we are going to landscape, but I told him that we'd do it next weekend when I had more time, also it'd give me time to plan. came home and sat inside for the afternoon while it was hot out, finishing grading the COMP I papers. also dozing off a few times zzz. eventually I had dinner and watched crazy film on netflix called UNHUNG, not sure why but I couldnt' stop watching it, I did skip through a bit here and there to the end. then worked outside some more. came in and graded one COMP II paper and then got ready for bed.
Today is Mother's day so I'll go to church and then over to my folks' place to visit mom and my little sister who is in town with her family.  Yay for mom's I was just thinking of the caring times, the supportive times, and the fun time I've had with mom while raising all fo us kids. When i see moms with 3 or more kids acting like it's the most impossible thing in the world, I always think how my mom had 5 kids and I never once felt like we were out of control or too much of a force to reckon with. I'm amazed at how she was firm enough to demand the respect of keeping us under control yet really she was pretty free and loving all the time to, and if we came up with some ideas of play, she'd even stop what she was doing and say okay let's do that and play with us sometimes. awe...
I hope to get back home in time to grade some papers. my goal was to get one class of 14 papers done before Monday. we'll see how that goes since S and I are going over to a friend's house to dig up a tree at 5 tonight. good weekend to all!