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weekend chilopsis....

what I got in the mail last  week from purchases through ebay or amazon...

I bought the Mr. Wuffles wordless kids book because I have a thing for clever wordless books. They are an excellent ESL language learning tool.  I had heard an interview on NPR about this one and liked the concept and was please with the book.  I actually bought two of them so I could mail one to my friend's kids in Denver, well the littlest one anyway,for the 5th grade kid I got the book The Sea Egg which was one of my favorites growing up.  It's a British writer and I remember as a kid coming across a lot of new words.  It's about 2 brothers on vacation with their parents at a beach house and they buy this egg shaped stone from a souvenir shop and take it down to a rock pool by the peach and it turns out to be a mermaid egg, so a little mer-boy hatches and becomes their friend and they end up playing with him swimming around and become strong swimmers and help him swim out to find some secret place where the rest of his kind are.. something like that all in one little book.  Looking back I think I must have liked two things about the story, one I grew up in Oklahoma far from any seaside beach. I think I had a fascination for beach vacation too since my mom would always talk about her summer vacations on the beach from growing up in Long Island.  The second thing I must have liked about the book, if I think about it too much, is that fact that the two brothers were great buds and had such a great time together. This either for my lack of a best summer buddy my age as a kid or for the lack of relationship with my brother. 4 years separation seemed to be just right for us to never have interest in the other, well other than completely different personalites I suppose, all hindsight.
The Darth Vader and Son book is just a book of comics on each page that was sort of funny putting Darth Vadar in real life father/son situations raising a kid, as if Vadar would have done with bunch of star wars references of course.  and The Property is a graphic novel I've been wanting since I bought another by the same author a few years ago. good stuff.  Beard on Bread is something I caught word of while watching Martha Stewart bake bread last weekend on PBS, how she'd had the book for years and it contained several of her favorite recipes (yeah right), and thought I'd check it out. not that I'm much of a bread baker, but I like trying things so why not.
SUPER busy weekend, man oh man and I got hardly any papers graded, well actually i did knock out one class today, but have two more classes worth to work on this week before Friday.  So last Friday I left work after lunch and went to the garden center to help set up for the sale the next morning. went home and changed and relaxed a bit before getting over to buddy S's place by 5:30 . We went over to a friend Robert's place who was setting up for a big garage sale. He's moving soon and S got a bunch of outdoor furniture for his new place the week before.  He offered me to dig up a blue atlas cedar in his back yard if I wanted it. it's about 6 foot tall and he just put it in there from a pot about a year ago. I said yeah I'd try moving it and seeing if it'd live. then we went out for pizza, man it was so good but so greasy, seeing as how we got the fried mushrooms, but we also had side salads with the pizza, accounts for something. after that we went back to S's and sat in his hot tub which he got up and going last weekend with his BF.  sat in there for under an hour I guess and we talked each other's ears off. ha catching up and chatting away. had to get out and cool off and get home. slept very well.
Up early Saturday morning and made some scones to bring to the club's sale. took a Hosta back to Precure nursery that I got last week, because it was labeled as Whirlwind but cleraly was not, I pointed out to them that the whole row of that kind of hosta was mislabeled.( A super OCD part of me wants to go back and see if they switched 'em out or just left them mislabeled. ha) next to the sale, put in a few hours. Was psyched that a guyin the club brought me a Desert Willow sapling he started form seed last fall. thing is it's the variety Burgundy which is hard to find and I've been wanting one.
left around 11:30 and headed home. I wanted to get some work done inside and outside before I lost my Saturday completely. thing is My cousin had called Friday night about an extra ticket to see "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" downtown Sat at 2pm.  So I had lunch and tried to get ready and downtown in time to meet up my cousin.  (Have I blogged before I was one of the 12 sons in a college production of the show? ha it was fun)  I wanted to go to watch in on stage and to remember all the songs.  I had no idea who the leads were, but apparently they are known to Am. Idol fans Ace Young as Joseph and his wife Demetrio as the Narrator.  the show was definitely SHOWY razzle dazzle.  I would have enjoyed more of all the dancing and stuff if it wasn't for the distracting shirtless Ace Young on stage moving around with his beautiful body sweating and every muscle in view as he breathed in and out and moved about singing....... you get the picture. also the Pharoah/Elvis character was played by some shirtless but Egyptian collared Ryan WIlliams who was also great to watch. man oh man. ha ha but overall yes a very fun show!  after i got home around 5 form that, I had to be back at S's by 6pm because friends, married couple G and D, were coming over to get us to go out to dinner. we went to Louie's by lake Hefner and ate and talked forever and went back to S's and talked more.
SUnday today and I was up and at church, then Sunday shcool, then HOME all day with the wind blowing outside and my inside grading papers all day. phew weekend over.
I'll post a video that we watched in class this morning, it won't be of any interest to anyone not raised in or attending church. But it was all about the way homosexuality is dividing churches apart and the guy made an excellent point on how churches should approach the issue. I'd give thoughts about it but I'll have to wait for another post. too late and I'm beat, going to bed and get this weekend over with! ha

What Will Jesus Do - "Judging" - March 30, 2014 from Bent Tree on Vimeo.