Saturday, April 05, 2014

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in lieu of all things Wes Anderson...


Also check out these buddy photos of Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart  running around NYC. between now and the time I'm that age I hope to do the same with a bud someday.  what really cracked me up was Mckellen's briefs showing with his shorts sagging in one pic. ..

Friday, April 04, 2014

backside of Friday....

weekend ready

Friday, I'm wearing comfortable clothes today. Although I'm not yet convinced about the shoes I have on, I'll probably just stick with 'em and try to relax about the 'outfit' anyway, I have on a sort of skinny fit grey pair of jeans from Banana Repupblic outlet last fall.. I really like the way they have a sort of tan dirty wash to them, also the stretchy feel. they fit good all over with boxer briefs if you know what I mean. anyway, so I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt from Desigual that is dark green with turquoise stitching large letters Desigual on the top of it and a faint greyish tan print of a wolf on the bottom third to the side. not that you asked, what are you wearing... but as it's 40 out now and high of 63, I'm wearing my favorite flannel shirt over it layered until I don't need it. but my office gets chilly so it's nice to have at the office. I bit the bullet and finally bought a ticket for NYC last night!!! after trying to change my trip to a wed-sat date to save money and get the ticket price down, I had conferred with buddy S and he reminded me his house warming party was that Saturday night. oops, J and I are sort of throwing the party so my planned dates weren't going to work at all. I decided instead to do a Tues-Fri trip and then I'll be back home to okc for the weekend, and also my trips to NYC aren't always about being there on the weekend anyway, plus I feel like during the week you get more of a day to day feel, if that's possible. ha I woke up this morning with regrets a little bite, thinking ugh that's $436 for the ticket and another $345 for 3 nights hotel ( I like to stay at the Jane hotel, cheaper price and nicer rooms even though it's a bit of a walk from the sub stop, but not too bad for a taxi from SOHO to there..) So anyway, I was thinking dang I'm already throwing $700 bucks at the trip that could go to many other different things, sigh. But then I got excited and remember the whole reason for THIS trip was to see Bullets on Broadway, a new musical based on the Woody Allen film, heck how can I resist when two worlds collide like that? also I like to do a little spring shopping in May and see whats new in the stores and on the street. ALSO if I don't plan something, I'll end up doing nothing. and suddenly my 2 weeks off in May would be over and I'd be back teaching classes in June..and thus. I'm beginning to plan my trip! taking on all and any suggestions. This trip I'm hoping to actually get over to Brooklyn and check out the artsy parts and stores in that area, williamsburg maybe? otherwise I'll do my usual haunts, definitely Central Park again, Rockefeller Center, Soho. I want to find and walk by the Four Seasons Hotel in memory of Rugbysex, he used to write me about lunches there. Maybe I'll research a few more Woody Allen films and try to find some spots from the ones in New York, Broadway Danny Rose comes to mind. ha dying to get out and see the Budapest Grand Hotel this weekend!!!! can't WAIT!!!! I won't be going tonight because S's bf is in town and we have dinner plans with J somewhere tonight, so probably tomorrow night . hope you guys are geared up and get some nice weather to enjoy outside somewhere.

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I don't know if I already posted these or not. too tired tonight to research it. ha

Sunday, March 30, 2014

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weekend wind down.........

Long Sunday, I went to church and then back home for lunch and some yard work, then my sister emailed and said she was going over to mom and dad's to visit and I should pop over since they don't get to see me on Sundays anymore. So I drove over there and hung out with my folks and 2 sisters for a couple house. good times, sometimes we all want to talk at the same time and so every has to take turns. ha it's pretty funny.
came home to do some more yard work, basically I've been digging and moving wheelbarrows-full of dirt and then amending soil with mulch, manure, cotton burr, alfalfa pellets, and peat moss. my tiller broke down a few years ago so I just sort of mix up and turn it over and over with my shovel. I might get another tiller with my tax refund though.
I forgot to mention yesterday that I watched the movie "whatever works" on DVD from Netflix. I'd seen it before but had it queued up on my netflix list to watch after the last Woody Allen movie I watched.  I forgot how it had a clean happy ending with everything sort of wrapped up. It does have a lot of subclaims about religion being useless and intelligence of southerners versus new yorkers, but overall classic Allen.  One thing I was thinking of during the movie was how the main character who is a former Physics professor and self proclaimed genius had a wife and a son in college, and then divorces, and is supposedly happy being single and alone and no longer concerned with sex, just living day to day same routine etc.. well until some girl is under his fire escape and asks if she can stay with him etc et cet.  well anyway, I was thinking during the movie what about the wife and the son? I mean I get that he would never see his wife again but why not the college age son? he is an old crabby sort of character until this young girl start living with him and putting up with him and he warms up to her. I couldnt' help but wonder since Allen left his own wife and son if that had something to do with the way it was written that the wife and son are just out of the picture for the rest of the movie.  The girl's parents show up to NYC looking for her, and the mom's character is done really well. and then dad comes up and just wait til you see what he confesses now safe in New York. ha. anyone seen the film? if so let me know your thoughts.  I couldnt' help but wonder if I'm destined to end up like that old guy in the film, alone and set in my ways and happy not to have to see anybody or live with anybody.  not me! not me!  btw the guy that played superman is a love interest in this film and I remember blogging about him last time I watched it, one goodlooking actor and that accent. whoah.
What I hope to see again next is Midnight in Paris. oh how I love the guy that plays Hemingway, and the scene with adrian brody doing Salvador Dali is the best!  I have a crazy day planned tomorrow. first of all I plan to start back my 530 am morning swims, then get to work, and since my doctor checkup form is due tomorrow last day of March, I have to drive to my doctors and back to school to turn it in during my lunch break from 11:50 to 12:45.  I jsut went last Tuesday morning to the doctor and they said the form wouldn't be ready until Monday. ugh.. anyway, then I'll have office hours the rest of the afternoon and instead of leaving at 3:15pm I'm going to stay until 4:45 and then head over for a move furniture job at my friend A's place of business where they sell trailor homes.  I'm staying at my office because it's on the south side of town same as her work, and it's ridiculous to drive home and then try to get back that side of town by 5 during traffic. no thanks.
when I mentioned expecting to find Mr Right, I didn't mean that to sound like I was waiting for the perfect guy, I should have said Mr compatible here in oklahoma City perhaps??? ha but yeah believe me any masculine guy who was raised with some traditional values and is devout in his faith, that works for me.  also I appreciate the comments about "going all the way."  I feel like an idiot whenever I even talk about it, because if it ever came down to that I wouldn't even know what the heck I was doing, with a girl I knew what I was doing, but with guys I have to say was never really interested in anything more that the usual contact, hands, mouths, etc   man I better get ready to hit the sack if I'm going to be up by 5:30 cheers for checking in on Daninokc blog.

BIG weekend....