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weekday update..

well I guess I haven't blogged in a while. First off let me say how excited I am to receive something in the mail this week from Quiksilver.. :P ha ha. All week I'm like, will it come today tomorrow, what will the weather be like the next day after it comes and will I be able to wear that jacket? and what will I wear it with? well anyhow, I haven't had too much to say and I haven't been up to too much, just graded papers all last weekend. I went to dinner Saturday night with buddy S and J from town and his friend DLN from Houston who was in town last weekend.  We were going to go to an Italian place Bellini's at the Waterford Hotel, but it was booked so we went to the Iguana Grill instead near downtown. Afterwards we drove back to J's place which is in a tower condo with a great view of the city from the 14th floor. great time!  This week I've just been busy as all get out, Monday I had a meeting with the Dean of the English dept for a self appraisal performance review... blah blah, and we discussed how my year has gone and what I'm doing etc etc. all very good. and then after my third class I had another meeting which was a faculty meet the Regents lunch. so we had food and moved from table to tablea bout every 20 minutes talking to different Regents of the school.
Then this morning I had to skip breakfast in order to get a blood test as part of my biometric screening, which saves money on health insurance, boring. that went well and I brought instant oatmeal, and cereal and milk with me so I could have breakfast in my office after I did that test at 10 after my first two morning classes.  I'm still very busy grading papers. Two classes turned in essays last week, and then 3 more did this week. still loving the job SO MUCH!
I've never discussed it before because I wasn't sure how, but I truly miss an internet friend very very much, he was my constant commenter and cheerleader and emailer. His comments were on here always as Rugbysex.  And I mean I guess I haven't really even wanted to think about it or take into account how he'd become a great friend, be it completely virtual throughout. You may have already picked up on it from other blogs, but he passed away last Novemeber. so sad. :( ....we emailed constantly practically daily since I came back from overseas. He's been in the hospital and found my blog and caught up from day one, and then we began emailing back and forth. He was always very very diplomatic and understanding and whether we agreed on things or not he was nothing but supportive and always asking questions. he was extremely smart and brilliant and had a religious background in the catholic church, and one time attempting seminary, a lawyer, and concert pianist of sorts.  So I keep missing him and bloggin isn't really even the same without him getting my jokes or emailing me about random posts.  How much I regret never calling him and saying hello. For years he was in pain because of medical condition. I regret keeping everything so anonymous and only relating to him through my daninokc persona. we had texted now and then while I traveled to Texas or AR, but never actual phone calls. okay well enough about that... miss that kind kind man though!
I've been watching Olympics non stop and not getting much grading done meanwhile, also still swimming laps daily and working out at the gym, I'm hoping to keep it all up. I'm going to Denver for spring break to see Boy and Bear in concert! can't wait, it was the nearest city to me that they'd be performing on tour. Other than Austin, but it's hard to get into shows during SXSW in Austin.
trying to save money so hard when I'm not shopping things I don't need online. I've planned a trip to NYC in May, and have reserved a hotel, but not yet bought the ticket for "Bullets on Broadway" on broadway . nor have I booked the plane tickets... I'm waiting to see if my Austin buddy is for sure in yet, but I guess I'll probably move ahead and plan on going with or without at this point. i have to take advantage of the time off in May before summer classes start in JUNE. MUST travel again and not get stuck always in OKC!!!! :) thanks for reading. cheers.

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