Friday, April 25, 2014

work it...

I forgot to mention that I have a home repair project in my future probably this weekend. I like to put those drop in tabs in my toilet bowl to keep it clean and accidentally bought the blue kind 2000 flushes. but figured ahh well.  but actually this helped me notice something . I was up in the middle of the night in the bathroom this week and noticed a blue rind around the base of my toilet. it's leaking! ugh. not all the time but enough that I had a sign the was seal must not be very good when I installed it.  So I'll be disconnecting it and getting a new wax ring and doing my best to get it right this time. hopefully not finding too much of a mess underneath. the toilet doesn't wobble at all so I know I got a firm install. however it's an old house so I noticed the floor in there overall does have some give overall.  time to clean the bathroom.
I'm still working out each week and although I don't always get a good arm day in, I am getting my chest day, back day, and leg day in consistently. no gains, I dont' want to give an impriession that I'm anywhere near in shape as all the pics I post because i'm not, I work out as much as I can just to keep in shape in general. that being said, the daily swimming laps has definietly helped my back and shoulders. but what I also think has helped is that I've been eating lots of chicken at night instead of my for a year routine of just cashews and broccoli and a banana. go figure. what I started doing, and the lazy part of me hates the extra time and mess, ha, is buying chicken tenders and cooking them up in one night and eating 3 or 4 of them at a time. I put out a bowl of flour, salt, and chipotle pepper powder mixed up and roll them in that and fry 'em up in a pan with a bit of olive oil. eat them and keep the rest in the fridge for the next two night. anyway, i like to think that has helped as well. positive thinking.
I'm contacing a guy on my neighborhood facebook page that does roof repair to come look at the soffit on the back of my house that has a hole in it from a lead above and icicles. to get an estimate. he has good references but I'm not sure what I can budget, nor if I want to try and repair it myself.
Also I want to buy a $348 stihl small rototiller this weekend, but on the other hand I want to save all funds for NYC! ha. have a good weekend all!

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