Sunday, February 09, 2014

early Feb..........

man I survived the weekend, did you? been watching olympics since Friday of course. Saturday was pretty busy. I got up and out of bed by 8 and put a ham in the oven. I have been in charge of either finding a catered meal or bringing a meat dish to my garden club meetings and this Saturday was my last. yes! :)  So anyway i put a ham in the oven with a bunch of carrots, and man those roasted carrots turned out GOOD! as soon as the ham came out, I put in some scones and then got them out in time to cool off and glaze and then everything in a box to take to the meeting, picked up this widow who is 86 and lives near and headed on over. we had to leave an hour early though so I'd have time to take her home and then on to a memorial service for my uncle who died last weekend. My brother came into town for that but my little sister couldnt' make it so it was just us 4 siblings. we hung out at one of my sister's places afterwards chatting and stuff. Saturday night I stayed in for the Olympics again.
I guess I'll tell you the postman story . On Wednesday after work I noticed the postman had walked from my neighbors house to mine, and from his tracks that instead of going to the front of the porch and walking up the steps, he walked into the flower bed and up the side of my porch. what with the snow covering up everything, I guess he just felt allowed or inclined to.  I put some wire loops right in the middle of his tracks where the border of the bed is, also some flower pots and stuff in a row to make a visible barrier not to go that way. well, Thursday, we were out of school all day due to snow. I was home when the mail came, I have a mail slot so I hear the mail come in. anyway I stuck my head out the door and saw that the mailman went around the barrier and then still walked diagonally onto the bed and up the side of my porch. ?!?! I was sort of surprised I hadn't made it obvious enough. ha anyway at the time I was irritated and yelled out to him while he was about 3 or 4 yards away, "Hey would you not walk on the flower bed on the side of my porch, please!?" to which he responded
"oh, uh sorry...." blah... 
the next morning Friday, I got a can of black spray paint and went out in the front yard and panted arrow on the snow from the neighbors yard across my yard in front of the porch ending in front of the steps. ha just to make it clear. I also moved an old glider bench on the front porch to the side on the ledge where the guy was making hi short cut. when I got home I could see that he tracked over the arrorww and got it right. this week I plan to leave some pocket handwarmers out there just to make nice, I don't want to get my mail start being lost or anything.:)
hope it a great week everyone, spring around the corner!

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