Thursday, January 02, 2014

big D!

Happy New Year and hello from Dallas!  I had a great time out Tuesday night with a group of guys in town, S and his bf B, couple David and Geoff, and J and DL from Houston and a friend Tom that flew in for NYE, so 8 of us at Charleston's for dinner.  I went and swam laps Tuesday before lunch and then sat around the house watching youtube videos and cleaning up and planning what to wear out to dinner of course. Yesterday morning I lounged around all morning, surfed the net a bit, finally had breakfast and then began packing a few things for my drive down to Dallas. I was hoping to get into town around lunch time, but I kept watching "The 10 worst songs of 20--" videos on youtube. ha ha I got out of the house by 10 and into Dallas by 1pm. first stop Mockingbird station, west elm, urban outfitters, american apparel, Cafe Express for lunch and then a drive up to Northpark Mall to walk around and around and people watch and shop etc... I made it to a YMCA up on Midway by 530 and swam laps before heading west to visit my friend Randy. He and his husband Keaton arrived the same time I did and we sat and ate black eye'd peas for dinner and caught up a bit.
After dinner last night we watched a movie Randy had rented called "Cruising" from '79. It was about a gay guy murdering people from the gay scene of NYC at the time and a cop goes undercover to find the killer. Paul Sorvino played the head police guy and the undercover guy was Al Pacino. We recognized one of the actors as the guy who plays Corey's dad in Boy Meets World. ha  It was a pretty interesting movie for a window into former NYC streets, although we agreed that the portrayal of the gay scene, actually the leather bar scene in the meatpacking district, was a bit hollywood and we couldnt' be sure how realistic it was showing everyone in leather and guys all walking around in jockstraps at the club... with so many forensics and crime tv shows on now, the story line pretty much goes by slowly and makes you wonder how they solved any crimes in those days....ha ha.
I am undecided this morning about whether I'll drive back to OKC from here, or go back into dallas and shop some more and then home, or maybe stay another night here at Randy's.  Get the year to a good start everybody! :)

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Anonymous said...

Actually, there is a scene of Al walking along west 17th st btwn 5&6th
ave. I watched the filming as they rented my dog for the day. The bar scenes were filmed at Crisco Disco, the Mine Shaft and another bar on 14th and 9th.