Wednesday, December 31, 2014

guys night out! :P

end of 2014

well here we go ending another year. This year was better than most, mainly due to my new job. I finished my first school year well last spring. had a nice trip to Colorado in May, completely enjoyed my summer, swimming laps every morning and working outside in the yard every day, except for when I was teaching the two summer classes and advising at the college. ended summer with a nice trip to Portland, and then 10 days in Jalsico, Mexico. this fall went by rather fast, since I was teaching and advising and participating on a few committees.  had a great Thanksgiving, with my austin bud here to visit. also the Dec trip to NYC was a nice way to finish out the year.  I've been doing a lot of relaxing and nothing during this break. took the tree down today.
I splurged and bought some stuff online this week. Sunday night. Does anyone else feel especially alone and single and in result you self nurture by blowing money shopping online this time of year?? ha. well I'm guilty, I bought the hairy VORM sweatshirt and down quilted Converse high tops from Norse Store .  They arrived today by 2pm and I was surprised having just orderd them Sunday night!! yay, guess what I'll be wearing in AR this next weekend? :)
I kept up with most of health goals last year. I really stopped eating extra sugar all summer but once thankgiving got here and I began baking choco chip cookies all the time, well Ii started snacking and eating sweet things again. gasp! ha ha.  but overall, I've kept it limited. but I will slim down the ole gut line again soon. this year my goal will be to continue with no sugar, and add less salt to that as well. less sugar and salt!! key to life i swear, more apples, bananas, broccoli, and less food at dinner. that should do it! ;) oh, and I went for the usual 6 month teeth cleaning yesterday and had a report of healthy gums and a lot less tarter buildup. I went back to using my brush and old habits of brushing versus the sonic electric brush I'd been reccomened to use, I know studies show it works better, but for me good ole fashion brushing has been better. I still need another crown before my back molar falls apart with the huge filling it has, but I hate budgeting that in and will prob put it off a few months at least! UGH that and just eat carefully not too hard foods, which I don't anyway.
So what is up for NEW YEAR'S Eve???  I'm going to dinner at Bellini's here in OKC at 5:30 with my best buddy Scott and his bf, also our friend J, D, and couple G and D. 7 of us? I think. they are all going to see the broadway musical Book of Mormon downtown and then J's for a party. I am going home after dinner. I chose not to see the musical on principle alone. ;)
I'm lookng forward to the new year. just continue doing what I'm doing at this point, trying to stay healthy and fitter and doing my job and reach out to students and encourage them to reach their goals. that and look forward to spring of course.  I have plans to return to Central America end of Feb for an anniversary of the school I taught at for 3 years. I'm looking forward to seeing former students and am already planning gifts for some of them and former co workers.  I hope to save MONEY for a trip spring break. London or Paris is my goal so far!! I am hoping with gas prices down this next year tickets will be more affordable???  other than that, if you know me at all, this time of year I just countdown to return of spring!! and when I can get outdoors again.
HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL and stay safe and best wishes for the new year.!

cousins workout....

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

sondheim, so inspiring.....!

wanna go so bad.....................

wrestle in the new year....

Monday, December 29, 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


let's play ball............

holidays,, yawn....

the yawn is both for how busy I can be during the holidays and how bored I can get being off work.  It throws my whole schedule off and I make it to the gym less and eat a worse diet of foods. It's called easier being lazy. ha  that's the one thing about getting off work and taking trips, I lose my momentum and routine and when I get back I'm like huh, oh yeah I used to that every day but now I'm just going to sleep in or stay home and click through stuff on the web or watch tv. hee hee.  I guess that's what winter break is really about anyway.  I did make it to the gym yesterday and walked on the treadmill for an hour watching property brothers, then worked out chest.  I hope to make it back today for a good leg day. Here I will give a bit of critique to the "remodeling" at my home town gym.basically you walked in and had a gym with weight machines along the long side wall, cardio in the middle and back for about 2/3rd of it, and then at the back a weight area and bathrooms.  Well they took out the bathrooms and extended the weight area, moved it down really. so now there is about now they have about half cardio, 1/4th machines, and the rest machines weight area and machines.  All new equipment. I give the remodel a big fat F because they removed the water fountain from the gym floor so that you have to walk to the other side of the room across the cardio area back out the entrance doors to the hallway water fountain. this sucks! ha.  yes I could bring a water bottle, but in the past there was a water fountain 10 feet away from the work out area.too bad.  another gripe is that the treadmills and cardio were maybe 2/3/rd back and along the back wall facing the tvs on the other side.  now the treadmills are 1/3rd away from the wall and your staring right in front of you and up at the tv you want to watch, turning your head left or right to see anything on another tv. pretty ridiculous, but that's minor I know.  they put a tv screen above the mirrors in the weight area. This bothers me because you're hear to work out not to watch tv.  That's all we need is guys standing around watching something on tv and getting in the way or taking up time on a bench. It's enough already guys that stop and text forever or flip through songs forever and ever, just work out already! ha ha okay gripe over... whew! I made the decision I'm going to continue going to the newer gym south of work.  I counted more than a full week since I'd been to the gym, having left for NYC on a Friday , getting back late Wednesday last week.
  Last Thursday afternoon I went up to the office to get some things done and had planned to go swim laps and work out etc, but as I fell asleep at my desk for a bit, I decided to finish up and just go home, I was still zonked from lack of sleep the day before I guess.  Last weekend I stayed busy getting the tree up and gifts accounted for and wrapped, watched netflix, tried to make some sense of stuff around here, there was a pile of dirty clothes there, unpacked stuff there, boxes and boxes of Christmas stuff over there, stuff I bought and needed to wrap over there, etc... right now I have tubes of wrapping paper everywhere and still need to do laundry. I should have the place picked up more or less before my sister picks me up for lunch today.
I'm up this morning with some plan in mind. breakfast, make scones and bring them to the neighbor family caddy corner across the street from me (their kids keep my plants watered when I leave in the summer). I want to drive over to whole foods and pick up a few things, and then maybe if I'm back home by 10 am I can watch a bit of Kathie lee and Hoda while doing laundry and cleaning the place up. lunch with sis around 1, and then back to gym this afternoon, 4 ish. what I really miss is getting some lap swim time in there, maybe tomorrow before lunch.
Has anyone watched any of the goofy ION tv holiday romance movies? they are so CHEESY!!!! but yeah I'll watch a bit sometimes while flipping around, there was one on last weekend with a grown up joey lawrence, so cute! and Dean Cain is in a new one, but I haven't watched that since I've never been a Dean Cain fan anyway.
I'm hoping to spend a little bit of time reading the new textbook for work while home on break.  We have switched to a competely different one during break, so if I'm going to be prepared to teach I've got to choose the readings and maybe even read them first. ha  Sometimes I think my job is less about teaching students how to write, than it is about how to think and how to communicate about something you believe! anyway, what I've really been enjoying reading is this new book that came in the mail Saturday. "The Wes Anderson Collection" a huge hardback book with a long interview and details about all his films from "Bottle ROckets" to "Moonrise Kindgom".  I saw it at Bookmarc in NYC while there for $40 and didn't want to buy it and carry it home with me, so I found it on Amazon for $25 that same night and had it shipped to me. yay! I am loving reading it!! although no Wes Anderson films on netflix... :(  Whit Stillman films either.... alas!  but I found them on google rent for $9.99 which is kind of high.  right now I'm debating to watch a flm made by the lead singer of Belle and Sebastion, called "God Help the Girl" which you can rent on demand from Vimeo for $6.99.
I'm leaning towards netflix "Cousins on Call" at this point. ha

Monday, December 22, 2014