Friday, July 12, 2013

progress, good job guys...

haflway through July....

stellar summer week going by...been a really great relaxing summer so far. I've been getting swimming in the mornings AND either before lunch or after a work out before dinner and I'm liking my shoulders and back a LOT right now...and my weight is back to 172. woo hoo.... I just checked yesterday because back last fall i was over 170 and hadn't been working out so it was all bad weight. so after eating better and doing workout and cardio and such the weight came down like I wanted and then now I'm trying to get the right weight back on. anyway, i was surprised that I got back up this side of 170..weird how you can eat practically nothing and still get some muscle. seriously since before January I've been steadily eating the same dinner unless out for dinner on a Friday night or traveling. which means every night, steamed broccoli plain unsalted fresh out of the pot, half a tub of cashews, and a banana, and more often than not I follow it all up with a bowl of Trix cereal unless Im' out and then the banana is the "desert". ha
My lunches during school and now during summer are a turkey and cheese sandwich on dark rye, chips, and a banana, water. ... although during the school. year I would keep a pack of rice krispie treats from Walmart and have one after lunch every day. sinful! ha
I continue to have the same large breakfasts that keep me going all day, probably blogged about it before; 3 scrambled eggs minus 2 yolks, bowl of instant oatmeal, which I put golden crisp cereal on top for crunch, and then two bowls of cereal, honey nut cheerios combined with Honey Bunches of Oats. yum EVERY MORNING. I love my big breakfasts, I might also have a banana if I know I'm eating lunch or dinner and not having one, I figure two bananas a day is enough.
So I'm excited about all the swimming and about replacing the bad soft weight with some good hard weight, so to speak. ha  I'm busy all this weekend grading 17 essays I had turned in Wednesday, doing yard work in the mornings and nights after dinner, but during the day too hot and I'm staying in getting the place cleaned up or surfing around the internet etc...  tonight I have dinner date with my vet friend from high school, will be meeting her at the pizza place and catching up.  Saturday more grading papers and such and then over to swim at a friend's house with my bud S and his partner B who'll be in town.  I'm pretty excited about the rain forecast for Sunday or Monday what with the last two summers seeing over 100 all summer long no rain. whew.
while surfing around the net I'm seeing some pretty cool fall stuff out there, but I have clamped shut any flow of money for shopping!! must do so until I get through August and September.  my old job paid me bimonthly on the 15th and end of the month, and the new job pays once at the end of each month. So my last job pay stops the end of July and the new job starts paying the end of September... OUCH. but I already have a plan, the money from this summer class I'm teaching basically is saved to help out in August and then September... boy I'm going to be loving that first check by the time end of Sep gets here. yikes!
oh yeah, also I'll have a few good move jobs with my friend A here and there which will help keep me going, I already have about $500 in the kitchen stashed from our last few moving jobs.
well I hope everyone is ready for another summer weekend, do comment with any questions or remarks! :)

shirt up!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

summer buddies...........

for the birds.....

from Han Kjobenhavn , I think I'll check out their nyc store on Prince street next time around.....window shopping only.... 

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


July July.....

well can anyone guess what I had for lunch driving home Sunday....? the usual stop?...... well I left town later than I thought I would and headed back through tulsa right about lunch time and detoured over to Whole Foods on Peoria. I figured I might was well stop and buy some groceries since I needed to before going home anyway. ha I ate at the buffet there, peices of herb chicken and pulled pork and a bit of macaroni and cheese and bit of rice and that was LUNCH. plus a salad. yum! continued on home and then after getting unpacked and settled back in I left to go swim laps at the gym before it closed at 4pm.
 Monday went swimmingly well. swam laps in the morning and then taught my class, this ex marine fella in my class came by with his 3 boys. the babysitter called in sick so he was turning in his rough draft for peer review and said he'd come get it later etc etc his 3 boys all just stood there so well behaved the whole time, they were like 5, 4 and 2 I think. he had the first two with an ex wife and got full custody of them when returning from service so must be some story there somewhere. oh yeah and he was a dad at 16. wow. so yeah I held back all jealous feelings of his fatherhood and just happily helped him with all the assignments he'd need to keep caught up. kids sure were cute though. we're doing cause and effect essays and I told him I bet a good cause and effect story is in there somewhere about going to the marines and his before and after. only from what he's mentioned before in his goals letter assingment.
well I got home from class just in time to swim a few laps again before lunch.  rest of the day flew by doing yardwork and such and then gym time for chest workout.
Today I swam laps this morning before breakfast, did some yardwork this morning and cleaned up a bit around the house and went out for pizza for lunch with my Outside, Dwell, and Timeout NYC magazines. :)  piddled around doing not much of nothing this afternoon, some outside but mainly chilling inside watching random mindless youtube videos. I did watch a few episodes of Renovation Raiders that I bought on Youtube.  back up to the gym to swim laps then home for dinner by 7.
I had two of my friends who were former teacher buddies at the school I taught at in Central America that posted something on FB today. I'll share the link here:  Everyone’s a Biblical Literalist Until You Bring Up Gluttony  It's an article about how many sins are in the bible and somehow homosexuality gets the focus. If you're not religious it won't be of any interest to you. I'll say on the one hand it's absolutely true there are as many things to focus on besides homosexuality mentioned that go on today. I liked the point she made about why aren't Christians trying to outlaw divorce which is just as unbiblical as anything else mentioned. ha  alas sigh......I guess I'll start getting ready for class tomorrow when I'll be getting another 21 papers to grade! yuck! ha. hope you're are enjoying July....


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