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week summary

oh yeah, blog.
last week was pretty hectic, but it went by fast enough and only 5 weeks left to the school year. woo hoo. Monday got off to a bad start since I forgot to turn the alarm back on Sunday night.  I woke up over an hour late and had to grab a quick breakfast and get out the door...although I did remember to grab my backpack for after school work out downtown. I had a move job next at 530.. and then home by 7 to finish grading papers for Tuesday nights class and get ready for the next day etc..
I came home Momday to find the picket fence taken down between me and the neighbor on the north of my house (i live on a corner, so a street is south of my house) anyway, She had asked me about it a week before, putting up a new fence, a 6 ft stockade fence type to keep her dog in the yard.  I guess I hadn't realized that meant taking down the old fence, but of course why leave it. ha.... I walked over to talk to 2 cousins of the girl that lives there, 2 brothers both with red beards , one blond hair the other red, real nice guys in boots and jeans etc .. they were digging up posts from around the yard.
We had a hail storm pour down at about midnight Monday night which woke me up and made me wonder about all the landscaping outside and my roof....
Tuesday I woke up to find I left the milk out on the counter the night before, so quick breakfast of eggs and oatmeal but no cereal. ughhh... after school I got some paperwork done then over to the college for more paperwork and office hours before class.  Class went very well actually, and I assigned the last essay then we wathced a short film and they were off to do their last rough draft of the semester.
When I arrived home Tuesday night, the huge gigantic maple tree in the back yard of my neighbor's yard was gone.  She'd mentioned that too.  I still have two more in my backyard but hers was bigger and older. I'll still have morning shade on my house but less noontime shade now that was gone.  But i'm cool with it because it was a reall danger of falling into my shed or my house and continually loses branches. well the two in my bacyard do the same.  On a good note I can do more landscaping in the front yard on the north side now that the seriously sucker roots of that silver maple tree will be no more.
I was outside covering a few things due to the freeze expected.  I was discouraged a bit with all the hail damage and then late srping freeze tuesday night. that sucked, but what are you going to do about the course of nature anyway. ha! moving on...
Wednesday was fine, went to gym and got a good back/shoulder workout after work.  Thursday I arrived at work and realized I was the administrator for an EOI test 2nd - 5th hours.. got some stuff ready for the people subbing my classes quickly.  Friday went by smoothly, Weather was awesome and I got outside all night after a quick leg workout after work.  brother were back working on setting new fence posts in the backyard. with a younger red headed skinnier brother out there. and blond haired and red moustached dad showed up a bit to help 'em out. I made some small talk and friendly chat when I got back from gym then went on with my yard work.
Today I plan to get out in the yard and get some annuals set out into planters and the yard here and there.  I am hoping to make it by lowes to get some 8x2 lumber to construct some rectangle boxes for the front porch to plant in.  also maybe dig up some bermuda on the north side of house.  should be a great day for it.  too bad I have a teacher training SIOP session that is supposed to be all day.  I already plan on showing up a few hours late and leaving early. It's optional after all, but I hate to just stopp attending the meetings since I agreed to participate. and we are paid a stipend for going btw, but still every other Saturday won't work for me now that its spring!
I also hope to get stuff off the floor and either put away or do laundy today, it's that bad, walking over stuff between the hallway and table and front room.  living alone I jsut drop stuff when I undress or come home for work and change for gym and stuff. sigh.  so getting caught up on the house cleaning today.  been lazy this week I guess.  I'm really looking forward to my quick NYC weekend trip in May though. that helps spring go my quicker.  I'm a little stressed on how to enjoy such a quick trip, but I have plans to visit a few former students if we can plan it. also I'll be walking all over with my friend A who I always love hanging out with. hope every is having a great weekend.

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I forgot to post about what happened at the gym Friday. I went to work out downtown because it's on the way home from school and they have better leg machines. well anyway, I always warm up a bit on the treadmill. After finishing up I was walking away from the cardio machines and making my way down a path between the cardio machines and the weight machines that sort of outline the wall around everything, anyway, just past one machine was the break in the wall to the hallway where you can stretch on mats etc.. Well, I turned a bit short and completely didn't see some bar thing jutting out from the machine there before my turn, and BAM I hit my left shin bone right into it! ughhhh. you know when ever you make some noise or something to draw attention to yourself at the gym, you have to suddenly play it off as if nothing is going on or happening here... ha ha. so of course there are other people on the cardio machine and it was pretty loud crash. so with my right foot already in step, I bring up my left leg over whatever it was it hit into and sort of place it down continuing my pace as normally as possible although my foot goes down with a sort of wobble.. ha ha, and inside I'm thinking OUCHHHHH that hurt!  ha ha, but I bravely continue without breaking my rythm with right leg forward, left, right, etc etc walk it out walk it out, continue on as if nothing ever happened... ha ha. the whole time I'm thinking PAIN AGONY...continuing directly over to the water fountain for a drink and then into the hallway to grab a mat etc etc.. .finally I am sitting on the mat about to stretch and I look at the front bottom part of my left leg.. yup banged up the shin with a nice two inches of skin scraped off in a nice little live down from where I banged it into the bar.... dan, come on wake up man and watch where you're going!!! ha ha. anyway, i was cracking up on the phone telling my ex gf about how cool I tried to just play it off. come on guys, you'd do the same right? 
I put neosporin on it the last 2 nights before bed to keep it healing up clean, and the bone was maybe bruised a bit, but it was back to normal color and shape last night. sigh..... :)