Friday, February 01, 2013

maha what?

was just surfing around online tonight for random stuff.  One thing I like to do is consider the makers of things I already know I like or have and search for what's out there online.  Today I found myself on ebay and started putting in gardenergala and michael lau to see what would come up. I have a poster I LOVE on my wall of the series of action figures created by Michael Lau which was done for a 2003 show of Maharishi.  Then I began reading the Lau website and then started searching online for Maharishi, and BAM I began a new obsession with a brand to watch online.  I'm adding it to my list with Norse Projects. ha
anyway, so here are some things I thought I'd love to have, the orange parka is quite a stand out and they didn't have any L left, not that I'd actually buy one, remember spending freeze here guys till spring break!!
here's a link to MAHARISHI if interested, self described as PACIFIST MILITARY DESIGN.... ;)

fun stuff

Thursday, January 31, 2013


busy dan

well last weekend was a sort of whirlwind, and this week had been about the same. last Friday I had a date with my vet friend. She and I are both single and get together about once a month or so just to hang out. THing is she gets a bit depressed about not dating anyone and having few friends since she works a graveyardl shift at her animal hospital. well anyway, we went up to the mall to get a bite to eat and then walk around shopping. I was sort of wondering why I was out since I had a certification test the next morning down in Norman. My school district is encouraing all the ESL teachers to get their ESL certification added to our liscense. It's actually a new requirement so they are paying us back for the fee of doing it. I wasn't sure what it was going to be like, so I studied a few things late after getting home Friday night and the next morning over breakfast. drove down south early to get there by 7:15am, and then once I got my test it wasn't too hard really, 80 multiple choice questions, half of them seemed like common sense cultural sensitivity questions but part I'm not sure about is the essay test at the end. I filled up all 4 pages, but i didn't really use a whole lot of theory or jargon from my field. Either way I am pretty sure I passes but don't want to seem to confident, if I did fail it will be the written part that did me in. ha
Saturday night I went to a great new place in OKC, the Mule. if there are any OKC readers, you must go check it out. It's a sandwich and fries sort of place over in the Plaza district on Blackwelder and 16th. Met my best bud S there with another gay guy whose Bf was out of town. The 3 of us talked on and on, I'm sure I said too much. and at the same I was sort of checking out all the crowd in that place. nice crowd! Sunday morning was up early again! whew! I had to get over to my folks' place so that we could all leave on time down to Texas, about a 3.5 hour drive out east of Dallas, going Sherman at one point. My parents, my two older sisters and my older brother. my lil sis couldn't make it. anyway, I had a sister in my truck the hwole way down and we chatted back and forth the whole way. got there in time for a lunch meal and met up with the family of the lady who died, a best friend of my mom's at the time we all lived there, and tons of people at the church who remembered my folks and us as a group of all their kids came up guessing who was who. bittersweet times. We even had time enough to drive by our old house and elementary school, and the old church downtown that we remembered attending (they have a new church now other side of town). drove back home with my mom in the truck with me talking nonstop til Gainseville, and then the other sister rode with me back to okc. so got caught up on everyone. :) I was proud to be with all my family and get to see everyone and then just sitting at Braums eating lunch in Ardmore with just us was sort of surreal. I imagined us like the four high kings of Cair Paravel in the Chronicles of Narnia, the way it was just us four without any spouses and all grown up, and then going back to the town where we were all kids together with shared memories etc etc. that's what it felt like leaving the town and then just the four of us all grown up sitting at a 6 person booth at Braum's with mom and dad. ha a good day overall! My little sister was just 3 when we moved away and wouldn't have had many memories of the place anyway had she been able to go with.
 This week has spun by, a non motivated chest day Monday, Tuesday I taught my second week of night class. We read, did some group activities, discussed errors, etc the usual. I already look forward to the class next week. Yesterday, I had a good back/shoulder day and lots and lots of chit chat between sets with my little gym buddy C. he's getting nice and buff and the more I get to know the kid the less I think all pervy about him, and more just see him as a nice guy. conversation last night was basically about his classes and my new class and workouts for back and shoulders. He also mentioned the guys he has noticed at the gym there who are showing off lifting this or that amount of weight. ha ha.
 today I had a sub and gave tests all morning, and then taught my classes after lunch, doing the language lab and then some science. I had to shout at the kids to sit down before the bell and they started leaving so I had to walk out and block the hallway and tell to go inside and sit down before anyone left! they'd been warned not to leave when the bell rang if everyone wasn't sitting down , etc. I know this has to be so boring to read, it's sort of boring writing it. oh yeah and a kid that got kicked out of school for 3 days comes back tomorrow, I had a principal come and get him out of my class Tuesday for refusal to do anything and distracting. next I'll try and get him suspended. I don't know, these kids coming up from Mexico just don't seem to want to learn English at times, I realize it's a cultural thing too though, not used to seeing rules and laws as finite when they come from a lawless country. much less who knows what support any of them have at home, plus how poor they are means they can't see the possiblities of something different in the future. differnt background with the Asian kids though, they are all there to learn English and WIN THE GAME! ahh yeah. and don't even get me started on the huge waste of the students who just end up getting pregnant and going back to Mexico OR the kids that just don't even bother coming back... alas. I'll wait a few weeks before counting down to Spring break! ha


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

sports,,, the wrestler was fine other than a cut to his head btw...


Monday, January 28, 2013

who likes 'em big and rough?

get this week started right

besides the fact that I live alone, what is it about Golden Graham's cereal that makes me feel like I can't eat it fast enough or get my mouth close enough to the bowl? ha! that was my snack after dinner tonight. I had a much better chest workout this evening after work. last week I felt like I was just waking up what muscles I used to have, tonight I felt them get up and fall to attention a little more. ha! still working out with a lot less weight than I used to, but it all comes back in due time, alas.
 my buddy C wasn't around today but there were some other guys there to keep me motivated and carrying on. a little guy prolly just 19 or so, with various tattoos on chest, shoulder, arms, a beard, and wearing a tank top and long gym shorts, looking a bit awkward I thought like he was trying to hard to look the part of a muscle dude and not quite there yet, he also had a bit of a beard going. I always wonder about guys with a bit too many tattoos... sort of like, we get it, you're tough, you're a man, what a macho! etc etc... I just feel like sometimes guys aren't confident enough in themselves and get all these tattoos and/or piercings for whatever reasons. blah
 I'm just saying some guys, plenty of guys the tattoos absolutely fit the guy, especially hot on military guys! I'm just saying some guys, it's like, dude what are you trying to prove etc... okay, so anyway the other guy up there tonight was a hard bodied blond 5'7 guy all rounded up and wearing a white shirt and shorts that fit snugly enough you could see it right there in a package and pointing to the left. that guy was doing lots of intense ab stuff and pull ups. I liked the way when he came down on the pull-ups you could see that hard line on the side of his abs going down into the shorts.
Man I had a VERY BUSY weekend. I'll blog more about it when I get some time. right now I just have to crash. I have a LONG day tomorrow what with the night class after work. I was SO tired tonight after eating some dinner. I walked away from my computer and went to lie down on some furniture in front of the tv. I curled up a bit on my side, with one hand under my head and then stuck my other hand between my legs, and started thinking how that position always makes me fall right to sleep and how I better get up immediately and next thing I know it was 40 minutes later and i was awkwardly waking up thinking, dang time to start getting clothes out for tomorrow and get ready for bed! ha ZZZZzzzz my status now is Go to bed, go directly to bed, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. :)


Sunday, January 27, 2013