Saturday, August 17, 2013

wonderful weekend!

what a great weekend. well first of all the weather. awesome.
I worked all week at school and got a lot done. I'm ready for first day of classes on Mon and Tues. :)
of course I'll be right back at it after classes Monday getting things turned in to the print shop in time to have for next class etc etc. I'll have to get used to being planned. I can do it! ha
I had dinner with okc buddy S last night, meeting up at Chelino's and catching up after not seeing each other for a long while. he goes back and forth to AR to see his bf and I was out of town for a couple weeks etc etc.  we caught up and discussed his job and health and how happy he is having his bf. ahhh.
He's been having seizures of some sort while sleeping (At first his bf pointed it out and asked him about it and he was unaware, and then he started to wake up and realize he was gripping the bf or had his arms outreached and tensed...)and for the first time he had one while conscious driving the other day. so he's going in to get checked. it's so random and we're all concerned deeply.
today was pretty groovy, I woke up early and went and had a move job with hs buddy A. She and I talked about how we need to rent a place in P town some summer and get up there for a vacation with some her lesbian friends and some of my friends etc.. make it work! perhaps..
I volunteered at the college today at the orientation, giving tours to about 6 students showing them classes. afterwards stopped by to see S and his bf where they were swimming at some friends' house.  got home this afternoon and cleaned up the place and worked outside a bit. my Austin buddy is coming by and we plan to go out to dinner and catch up, although I plan on driving down next weekend, it's pretty cool he's in town here.  He had mentioned on a social network that he was going to boycott the olympics in Russia and I had to comment back that I hadn't realized he'd been training and for what event? ha
anyone else getting out on vacation this summer? I didn't go anywhere much last year, so it was cool to get away a few times this summer. and next weekend's drive to Austin will be nice as well. although no fun shopping for anything since my first paycheck isn't until the following weekend. shucks!
I have absolutely nothing more to say, just sitting here waiting for austin buddy to show up. I have on my grey suede sperry topsiders without socks of course, and some tan with sort of a grey and light blue plaid on them that I bought in NYC at the Quiksilver store, and a light blue and white striped flimsy comfy cotton polo shirt that I got at Joe Fresh in NYC. anyway blah, that's what I'm wearing unless he shows up in a tshirt inwhich I plan to put on my light brown Fleet Foxes t shirt from the Austin City Limits Music Festival a couple years ago. its a nice tighty T. :)  I've already changed shirts and shoes a few times waiting for him to come by. ha . what do you think guys. is it pretty normal to see what your friend is wearing before finalizing the outfit before going out? or do you at least ask a bud? you know you have, for example, are you wearing shorts? are you wearing jeans? etc  maybe up east coast they ask each other if they're wearing a sports jacket or not. I dunno........... I'm going to go sit on the porch swing and look for my buddy. ciao!


thatguy said...

Looks like you're enjoying your new job! Glad to hear it!

thatguy said...

Oh, and feel free to hit me up this weekend!