Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday morning from TX/AR

good morning from Texarkana. I had the best time in Dallas yesterday... woke up and relaxed around the house catching up more with Randy and his husband, breakfast and getting ready for the day. his hubby went off to work and we did some yard work out back and then up to Home Depot for a project he was working on... when we got back I checked my messages to find an email from a former student from central america. I had asked her about going to lunch.. So I got all packed up and left to drive into Dallas and meet my former student M for lunch in Addison TExas at the Astoria Cafe. I hadn't seen her since her high school graduation other than pics on facebook. We hugged and then began talking non stop about our lives since I had taught her in 8th grade and her college experience and my work experience since etc.. great time..
 Next I headed out to North Haven Nursery near Forest Lane and 75.  I was pretty excited to find a leatherleaf viburnum for only 29.99 which I've only found for about 80 bucks in OKC.  I purchased it and left it at the nursery to pick up today on my way home.
by 330 or so I was on the highway crawlling south towards I30.. fighting traffice and trying to get out of the city. ughh.. eventually made my way out east and passed through my birthplace of Greenville texas, next a long boring drive and finally Texarkana.  arrived here at my college buds' place.  I went to college with both the husband and wife. the wife was a fellow English major /teacher and study pal.  they have 3 kids etc etc. We had lots of good discussion last night about how churches seem to fail in ministry to college age kids an how a HUGE percentage of church raised kids end up leaving the faith. sad but true.  We also discussed the usual gripes about hymns in church and rock bands that are too loud but it's all for the good of God etc...
 but man the yard here, I think I found a place where everything grows and everything stays green!  nothing like dry hot Oklahoma.  we drove around the city last night and checked out a few sights.  I stood on the state line in the middle of downtown with one foot in TX and the other in AR. today I'm going to tour a garden I've admired online and then come back here for breakfast with the family. (they're all sleeping in).
been a great summer weekend so far! cheers

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rugbysex said...

sounds nice. so glad you had fun.