Monday, May 27, 2013

ranger man...

I found a truck today! finally can rest easy and return the Ford Escort to my niece which has no air con... plus I miss riding around in a truck. the escort definitely kept me humble though.
I'll post a pic of the car I found on Craigslist out in Shawnee (east of OKC).  basically I've been looking all this time and finding NOTHING in OKC.... and all the Ford Rangers were either way over my $15k budget, the 2011's that were had a price of 13 or 14k and were either in Kansas or Texas... SO, when I saw this 2011 with low mileage at a price of only $12,5000, I called 'em up and drove right out, in place of me and the ex gf seeing a movie, she went out there with me to check it out.
An 84 year old guy bought the truck last year with 6,5000 miles on it and replaced the bed in the back and the cab side . the truck had been hit in the side, no windows busted but the cab side just a bit and the bed. which he replaced ,  everything else seems to be excellent condition and the guy was going to keep it as his truck to drive forever, but he decided he needed something to haul his wells fargo trailer with more weight to it, and so he got a Ford 150... something like that. I guess I trust the guy more or less, I'm going for it. left him a check deposit of $500 so he wouldnt' sell it to anyone else before I get back with my check after school tomorrow. glad to have that off my back AND it's a low price with a supercab, AND this means I won't have to find someone to drive me to Kansas next weekend to buy the regular cab Ranger at 13.900 up there same year and mileage.
in other news, there is no other news, I have 3 days of classes with kids this week, our last!!!!! :)
I plan a few activities and then have them help me pack up. We teachers have also been known to say to kids, hey, it's okay if you dont' come to school tomorrow or the next, no really! ha ha..
tomorrow will be a busy one, calling my insurance and the bank, and then getting a check and driving to my sisters house to return the Escort and then she'll drive me all the way back to Shawnee about 45minutes. whew.  but with any luck I'll be driving back in a new truck and let the moving jobs continue. and road trip to Dallas. etc etc etc.. hope all enjoyed a good Memorial weekend!


drew said...

It only has 9,700 miles? That is like brand new! Enjoy!

Pirate Stargazer said...

Cool truck!

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a mechanic check it out. You don't want a bent frame, etc or any secret welding. But then your a good ole boy who can take the engine apart blindfolded while sipping a Miller Lite. Good Luck-now you have to give her a namelllhow about Esmerlda.

rugbysex said...

congratulations buddy! looks like one slick ride. nothing but open highways ahead my friend. ENJOY! I'm so happy for you!