Saturday, January 05, 2013

got your back, bud...

ohh, the irony....

  1. Celebrities against gun violence? This video mocks those famous folks whose resumes don't exactly back up their words.

Friday, January 04, 2013

drink up buddy..

I could really use a few beers after this stupid dad gum OU football game tonight!! URGHHH. SUCKS!!!

back to it..

school was actually FINE today..... I don't know why I was dreading it so much, methinks it's not so much the job, but more about me really really liking break and not working. ha ha. so sad, so true. ha. Anyway, I went back today and saw most of the students (many not returned yet since we went back on a Friday). I got my room situated a little differently, and students seating charts were rearranged in all classes, turned my grades in for last semester, etc etc. I had a lot of great discussion with the other teachers on my team about my priorities this semester and how I plan to work on language language language overall and teach science and math more as introduction of words and concept and that only. ANYWAY, not to carry on the stupid non ending soap opera about the admin position, BUT after hiring a less experienced non master degreed guy for the one facilitator job I'd wanted and thought I had, the director today told me the other position was still open and was I still interested?? HELLO YES! I went by his office after school today to discuss changes being made in our program at my school, and how I had thought we'd get a 5th esl teacher at our school yet the principal was more about losing an esl teacher, putting us down to 3. So we discussed and he encouraged me as usual, totally great guy btw. I asked about the other facilitator position and he said it was still pending. no idea if that means I'm a candidate or NOT but alas, I will remain with hope. really I just want the $6000 raise AND to get me out of the classroom and to be doing something new and different to sink my teeth into. I'm also looking forward to the clothes I could wear and how I wouldn't have to wear a beard. That might sound strange but I like keeping a beard all of fall and spring due to the gruff appearance and how the students respond more to my authority than when I'm clean shaven and all pretty and nice boy looking. ha ha Wow, a day of work and now another weekend. woo hoo. my best bud S here in OKC and I are planning to run out for dinner and then maybe go by the outlet mall and shop around a bit, also just catch up in general since he's not at his bf's place or hanging here with the bf. I also plan to review my blog for what workout plan I was using in Afgghanisstan, so that I can start hitting the gym a little heavier this semester and more often and more PLANNED! Hope everyone is getting the new year off to a great start!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

put me in coach....oh, coach!...

last day off

well I'm trying to enjoy what I can of my last day of winter break. I woke up by 630 this morning to get myself sort of back in the swing of getting up early morning, on work days I wake up at 530. But this morning I just laid in bed for about 2 hours with the covers all cozy and warm, and my laptop to surf all over the internet and my remote control by the beside table to sort of survey what was on the muted tv facing me.
 ahhh very relaxing easy morning. been getting laundry done and making some order of the place. I'm going to try and take some pics of stuff I bought while shopping during break to post eventually. maybe not today though too busy. I just got back from the local pizza place for lunch and plan to piddle around the house now until gym time 4pm.
 I had a great time in AR visiting friends. the couple I stay with have 2 boys, the 9th grader and the 10 yr old with FAS. I love hanging out with the kids and also my kids. the wife i grew up with since church youth group 7th grade. She ended up marrying one of my roomates in college, which was funny 'cause they never attended our college at the same time but met afterwards in town. I hd some great serious time talk with my besty S, the wife. She usually asks me at some point how I'm doing and if I'm leaning one way or the other.. ha ha. which I think is funny. She wishes I'd marry my ex gf, her best gf in town who is single and dating an Indian guy who is Hindi and leaving in 2 months. strange, I know. but anyway, I keep telling her no no no I will never ever be interested in the ex gf. nope.. she also asked some questions about if I watch porn and if it's guys or girls, and I said both and I'm not further discussing it! ha ha..
 Girls have NO understanding of guys whether str8 or gay seriously.. so funny. She was also asking me if I thought her husband would ever marry the ex gf. Which I said no to also, I don't think she's his type at all, not the "bomb" like my friend S, the wife. so we laughed and such but secretly I was quite disapointed to hear her even speaking of such things. My friend, you see, is diabetic and has taken insulin shots since middle school. She now uses an automatic pump. She was never supposed to have children, but did have her oldest boy which put her in the hospital for a month before he was born practically losing her sight in the process.. But anyway, the second son is adopted and has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which means he's a little developmentally behind, has loud noise issues and is one meds etc etc .. There couldn't be more perfect parents and big brother for that kid though! THey handle him just right. Anyway, so it deperessed me to hear her talk about who her husband would marry if she was ever gone. And I pretty much changed the subject at some point. Last fall she mentioned something about trying to improve her health so as not to need a dialysis this year, blah I hate thinking about all that too. umph! I also visited my best bud J from college who is married with 3 kids, we had lunch with his family yesterday, although with 3 kids and passive parenting skills not always knowing how to show kids who is boss, well it was interesting trying to talk while the youngest 17 month boy was screaming and crying and not wanting to eat and wondering about the kitchen.. I can't say much what with never having kids what do I know about normal. ALthough it seems by 3 and 5, a kid could use a fork to eat rice and not hands, but whatever... ;)
 yesterday afternoon I spent at another former roomie's house, an artist friend of mine. I'd shown interest at homecoming in one of his paintings, and we arranged for me to come and pay for it while in town. woo hoo! it's a small little treasure now hanging in the hallway... I was telling him how I'm not so much praying for a spouse and kids anymore, just wisdom. I also mentioned I'm praying at the same time to not share the wisdom unless asked!! ha ha, it's a joke because I'm pretty good at giving my opinion sometimes without being asked. So I've learned as I've gotten older to keep my thoughts to myself and not always share what I think is RIGHT!! what
can I say, it's the teacher in me. ugh, don't mention teaching....until reality hits tomorrow... :)

say NO

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Hello from ARkansas!  I'm just lying in my usual spot when going to bed here, the bottom bunk bed in my friends' kid's bedroom.  He's a 9th grade kid in the bunk above me already asleep. ha  So it sort of reminds me of being a kid when my older brother and I shared a room and I had the bottom bunk there too.
anyway, I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve last night!  I had a great one.  I forgot to mention that I went over to the new outlet mall in okc yesterday afternoon to check out any NYE sales.  I found some great stuff. At J Crew I bought some khaki's , 1 grey pair, 1 a sort of mocha color, for $15 a pair! I wash and wear khaki's to teach in like nothing else and you hardly find 32/34's on sale.  Also got a great great blue striped shirt for 30% off at Lucky Brand outlet, and then I found a REALLY really comfortable pair of jeans slim style at Kenneth Cole for 50% off. cha ching. a great time and fun people watching of course. ;)

This morning I was busy getting all my Christmas stuff put away and then hit the road at some point after lunch to drive up here to Ar,. While driving I was trying to get pumped and motivated aobut going back to work Friday. ha. I was coming up with a plan/philosophy to keep me going teaching and caring about what I'm doing etc etc the same ole.  I was also thinking about how someone needs to write more native American ghost stories.  I think that would be an awesome storyline for a move or book about some ancient holy burial ground . or someone done wrong and murdered and buried way back in the past of the USA pre settlers, and somehow now in the present the ground is disturbed and a soul release, or curse or something as such.  Writing such would take a lot of research to get it right though I suppose.  But it would be something different and maybe interesting if done right.

I was also trying to think of a computer ap for ipods/iphones that could be used at parties. some sort of game so that everyone gets into groups and then uses an ipad or iphone to connect to the others teams and some sort of interactive game is played.  I got to come with an idea for that! ha
BTW... in case you were wondering,  this is the first year since 1987 that doesn't have a repeating digit in it. think about it! :)

pink floyd time...

Monday, December 31, 2012

happy new year buddy...

were you aware...

well since I'm saving money in 2013 I guess I can still shop a little bit today. Didn't find much in Dallas yesterday and just remembered today that Uniqlo is now online! :) So here are some things I'm shopping online this morning. Mainly leaning toward  plaid down jacket and sweater vest  at this point, maybe the orange poly parka. Check it out if the brand is new for you, but don't expect too much, basically it's like a Japanese Gap, lots of solids and basic trends but at least gives you a different options. Shipping is $7 if you spend under $100, and free for over $100.  You can return stuff for a $7 fee. Most of the sale stuff is XS, L, and XL as usual...
$69.90, $39.90, $9.90, and $59.90 above...
I know I come across as a shoes guy on this blog, but I'm really a jacket guy at heart.  ;)

end is near

end of year post. blah! well since I keep this blog it might be a good time to go back a year and see what I'd hoped to accomplish or consider this year...but no way. I can say that I tried to continue with being generous this year, I lost focus and sense of purpose at times which sucks, meaning that I hope to create more joyful events and memories for myself this year without just being a cog in the machine and working weekend to weekend.. I am DEFINITELY making it a goal to travel more in 2013 which means more discipline in saving the $$ for such. seriously I make more than enough to fund such things if I'd just stop shopping for stupid stuff online which means clothes or plants.
Tonight I'm undecided whether to drive to a college bud's party in AR or just stay in town and visit a few friends casual times. A certain ex military male nurse friend I chatted with on facebook yesterday would definitely be welcome for a nice new years kiss and makeout session. only that, just some nice kissing romance would enough to end the year right! :P (this is the guy who I used to see in Austin and now has a bf here in OK somewhere etc etc).
Anyway, hope you all are getting primed and ready for a great new year's eve. I slept in this morning after driving down to Dallas and back yesterday. I shopped around quite a bit and made all my stops. other than not getting to see Randy. i drove by his place but he was at the gym, so we're planning it better next time i get down to dallas to meet up. I'm about to take the Christmas tree down, and then going to call some buds to go see the movie Hobbit again. Saw it Saturday night with S and his bf here in OKC and it was the bomb!! loved that movie. I will admit though, that I had no idea it was going to be a series, ha ha. I went thinking I'd see the whole story about what happened before Lord of the Rings, but nope, 3 hours in and they hadn't even reached the mountain yet.. ha ha. btw some GREAT previews! anyone else excited to see the new Abrams Star Trek movie? I just wonder with the new story lines if the same altruistic nature of Gene Roddenberry's star trek will remain. Some other funky previews included a Zombie romance film? and a tranformers-like giant robot movie versus giant aliens from an underseas transportal etc etc.. which is by Guillermo Del Toro so could be interesting.
 I;m hoping the gym is open this afternoon, otherwise I could very easily end 2012 with a nap as well. ha