Saturday, November 17, 2012

fit buds..

memento mori

All these things are on the Ralph Lauren Rugby website, which from what I understand their stores are all closing soon. No huge markdowns on the site but they do have free shipping this weekend. I can't quite afford the whole lot since I'm saving up for NYC trip, but while I'm in NYC i will definitely search out a store if there is one still open and buy the wallet. (have I ever mentioned I have the same ole black leather wallet received as a gift in college from an ex gf? it's all fallen apart with a bit of ducktape on one corner and I can't part with it! errrghh, yes I'm a bit of a sentimental sort..) I did get the two caps though.
so why do I love things with skull and crossbones? has nothing to do with pirates, or goth, or rugby (not sure what the connection is to rugby but anyway..)I guess it's because my senior class in highschool had the skull and crossbones as an emblem for our graduating class (and i'll admit we had the words "bad to the bone" in our class motto...ughhh. ha). I also really like the skull and crossbones because of something I learned as an English major in college, about the humanistic idea of "remember death", and the inclusion of a skull in paintings of the time... , that life is short and we'll all die etc etc... this doesn't seem at all morbid to me, yet only a reminder that we don't take time for granted, enjoy each day, to make the most of our life on earth, and for me personally to remember God has me here for a purpose, that man is not in control on earth with any power over death, but God is in control over all and gives eternal life. etc etc :) good morning!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

pendleton portland

I really like the look of the graphics on this Pendleton coat. THere is nowhere I would wear such a thing to here in Oklahoma though so I'll just sort of admire from afar. :)

I doubt I'd ever use the unbrella with the coat, but I like that they have one. as much I like the bag shown below... If you dont' want to spend $700 on this, go for the cheaper Topman knock off at $200. ha I'm also showing a sweater they had on Topman.
Pendleton, The Portland CollectionCanyonville Tote In Black black No (Google Affiliate Ad)
ps. the photo below is of the "Pendletones", the original name of the Beach Boys. I read on their blog that the style of the time for surfers was to wear a Pendleton flannel shirt over their tshirts. and now you know the rest of the story... ;)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday night

I don't want to sound like a withdrawn loner type person, but something about being alone in the car or at home this time of year can be the days are shorter and weather cools and chills .  just driving home from the bank tonight (after stock club meeting) a song came on the radio, classical guitar something or other and that always puts me in a if-my-life-had-a-soundtrack mode.  Especially anything music with strings. something about the plucking of strings seems especially wintery sounding. perhaps it invokes that clinking sound of things freezing or icing over. the dark outdoors definitely helps give a sense of coziness being inside where it's nice and warm. I have a Everything but the Girl album that I have to listen to certain days at home in the winter or in the car on a late cold night. electronic synth sounds always seem to fit to a cold black night lit up  with big city lights while driving through a metropolis. I always think of Japan for some reason.

anyway, we decided to buy more Pitney Bowes stock tonight based on the high dividend. we also discussed what's happening with Sandridge, which I am personally wanting to go above $7 before my NYC trip so  I can sell a bit without losing $$ on it. ha  basically they want to put more drills on land in the Mississipian fields and cut out of the Permean fields...and one major investor asked the head of SD to quit etc etc..
we also discussed how George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney to save money on capital taxes going up next year.  And the ideas of value-added tax and consumptive tax blah blah.  PLEASE CAN I JUST MAIL IN MY CHECK AND NOT attend these meetings???  It's actually just two retired/almost retired married couples and then me and the bank guy expert in the meeting. so no big deal. I try to sit there and understand and learn things. not like I have any personal money to invest at the moment but always good to learn. :)
I have two more essays to grade and then I get to hit the sack.  I really need to photograph what I wore to school today, I also wore it to church yesterday . I was practicing the outfit to pack and wear in NYC. I really like it and will probably wear again Friday to this get together downtown for some married highschool friends who will be in town from SC. a bunch of us are getting together to see them. The outfit is a pair of olive/black shoes, grey jeans, quicksilver sweater and the plaid shirt/jacket mentioned below. with my grey beanie cap it all just seemed to fit right! ha okay I'll shut up... long day tomorrow and I didn't make it to swim this morning, something about waking up to less than 32 degrees outside keeps me in bed and NOT going out to a cold pickup to drive to the pool to swim. will probably miss it this week. maybe again next week...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

united we stand, divided we ......

came across some pretty cool graphics at this U of Michigan site. The first map above shows the states voting results in the 2012 election, then the next one shows sized based on population which you can see the blue and red are a bit more balanced, leaning blue of course with the results of 2012. The last map shows how there is really more purple than just red and blue when you go county by county and population. I like to think this shows we could be more united than what the parties try and pull us apart with.... the website explains is much better, check it out! :)

nice undies... :)