Saturday, October 27, 2012

buddy love...

seeing red..

I hope to get all three things above after next paycheck.
 I realize I have a terrible matchy match habit...ugh

 I also like horizonatal stripes something fierce, since I grew up a bean pole and always thought the horizontal lines would balance out my skinny height. ha, this sweater from Quiksilver and the fleece is from

must be a slight fleece trend going on, the above is a wool mix from Norse Projects, and I bet it feels as wonderful as it looks.... :)

over and under...

Friday, October 26, 2012


check out these LED light bulbs, they last 30 years and cost $90 for a 3 pack. and check out the awesomely designed packaging....the site says you can put them back in the cute box when they run out, but good luck finding that after 30 years. ha I got a lot done today, cutting up some trim for the corners in my bathroom, and this morning I installed a toilet, put together a pedestal sink and installed the faucet. I have yet to actually connect the sink up but that's tomorrow morning... I got a p trap today for the sink but I have to adapt it to the smaller tube coming out of the drain blah blah...went to the Lowes for some chromed style drawer nobs, primer for the wood trim, towel rack, shower curtain, rod, rings, etc etc... also got the shower all grouted up tonight, man what a job and cleanup! I'm going back to the home depot in the morning to get more wood trim for around the shower, long story, and then some silicone caulk for everything. My friend A is coming over at some point and letting me borrow her nail gun so I can attach all the trim up on the wall nicely and quickly. I'll probably wait until next weekend to paint everything. I want to relax a bit before my break is completely over, I can even imagine going back to work monday. UGH. the good thing is that last I head November is when I might get moved over to admin, so we'll see, I'm patient enough obviously.. ha hope all are having a great weekend, I'll get a pic of the remodel up soon as I have it all complete...


I'm guessing he's from way up north... I just watched this and now I'm putting grout in my shower tiles... wish me luck! :)

howdy folks!

will the real cowboy please stand up... :)


"If you happen upon me today in regular ol' jeans and a mom shirt, just know what I really wanted to wear was some avant guarde new creation that only aliens and goth kids would appreciate."
this is my friend's status today on a social network. says a LOT why I love this person and why we've been friends since 7th grade Sunday school.  this is the same friend who's married with 2 boys that I stay with in AR. We've always shared a taste for the alternative. Clicking on like just wasn't enough, ha.  My ex gf and I used to go out to a club here in OKC wearing all the black we could  It was an after hours club next to the gay bar in town.  She was beautiful and thin and would wear black army boots with a different mini skirt every week and black top. I'd wear jeans and usually an XL tshirt which fit me as if it were on a hangar! ha we'd stay out late sometimes THursday through SUnday night going out to clubs... sometimes even SRO's in Norman or Tulsa.. anyway, the post above really made me think of my clubbing days. Growing up like I did had me amazed and excited by all those times yet innocent enough to know better than to try partaking in any of the drudgery of it all. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

wall art

 from muralist John Pugh, can you tell what is real or what is just painted on a wall....?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

camera support...

what's Dan up to...

hello from my 2nd week of fall break here in OKC... I've been staying up late and sleeping in all week and last. ha.. I'm sleeping heavily due to my busy busy days. I'm remodeling the bathroom.  took me a while to demo everything, then decide what to buy and stock up on and what all I wanted to improve..
I bought lots of tools and supplies and have been back and forth to Lowes and Home Depot just about every day. whoo.. so anyway my biggest projects this week were replacing a flange and the flooring around where the toilet goes, and then the floor, gluing down flooring this morning, and then today putting up the TILE! my wonderful friend A came over and had some food for me and looked at my work. we discussed ideas and went out on the front porch to talk a bit. good times! her wife was at a work dinner and she had been building a bench for her back deck all day.
tomorrow I got the plumber coming over to repair/replace the sink drain and then I hope to install my pedestal sink.  I am also going to attempt the toilet installation tomorrow and get things back to normal around here! I have yard work to do after all before my break is over!!
I'm waiting for the mortar to set, so Friday I plan to grout the tile, and then maybe Saturday put on the sealant, and then and only then hopefully by Sunday night I can shower again. ha
I've been taking baths every night. and it's not yet cool enough to really enjoy laying in a hot bath yet. ha
I had a great college class last night, we reviewed a draft for the next paper, and basically I went arond the room and had everybody explain their topic/claim and we discussed what works of literature might lend evidence for the claim. I'll post pics soon of the project, I'll tell ya one thing, I am anxious to put all I can to pay off the cost of this, so I can start saving up for NYC in Decemeber!!!! ha

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

zzzz... so chill

Monday, October 22, 2012

london calling...

which guy do you think is most likely to have tried it with a dude?...

just say yes...

Sunday, October 21, 2012