Friday, September 28, 2012

guys next door work out too.....

maybe reaady for weekend

was a long A week! oh man, started out pretty usual, Tuesday night's class went very well. hopefully they will all return with smashing rough drafts next week. ha  this next paper is a rhetorical analysis of a piece of literature.... everyone in class pretty much accepted the grades on the papers that I handed back to them.  it's weird how this one guy has shown up for only 2 classes so far , yet when he shows up, he all gung ho about joinging every discussion. ha
One of the reading assignments in the book included this poem, Those Winter Sundays, about this dad works hard and does all these little things at home for the kids and how the author never told the dad how much he was appreciated.  I had a lot students write about that and relate to it with their stories.
anyway, I made a point to tell the class that those people needed to tuck the essay away and next spring come mom's day or father's day, let them read it etc.. there were some really good ones!
I went to the gym Wednesday after work but my Ipod shuffle had no more charge and threw me all out of whack! for one thing there was this younger tight bodied black guy working out on the floor while I was stretching and he kept throwing his weights around and/or dropping them on the floor.  The worse thing was he had a staff shirt on.. So stuff like that was getting into my head. for one thing, Don't be the jerk on the gym floor who's dropping weights and leaving 'em laying around. JERK!! what a jerk!!  I realize you got to lift big to get big, but get a spot from someone or lift what you can lift. dropping weight like an idiot is really lame!! ha, anyway, since I could zone all that out with music in my ears, I just stretched, did abs and left the place. I made up for it yesterday though with a good back/shoulder workout.  in fact I'm feeling back into the groove and with my new dinner diet since July feeling less fat and ready to get back in shape.  I couldnt' get over myself in this one blue tshirt I wore to the gym yesterday. ha. I'm nowhere near what I was lifting while overseas though. wah wah.
anyway,  otherwise lots of good rain and thunderstorms this week in OKC which is awesome cause we need the rain.  TOnight or tomorrow night i am hoping to get out to the downtown art museum for the international short film festival. you may have heard of it going on where you live... the Manhattan short film festival???  so I definitely hope to check that out this weekend.
I'm getting educated on the joys of selling tickets on craigslist... I put 'em up for $540, then got a few offers but they were like in Houston, or wanted to pay paypal etc. blah blah. I already mailed the tickets to my bud in Austin so he's right there near downtown ready to take care of it all. SO I'm hoping someone down there has cash and is IN AUSTIN. ha.. I'll probably drop 'em down to $520 or $500 this weekend and try to get rid of em!!!
I priced some tickets to NYC and found lots of good flights for around $400 for another December trip this year.  As soon as my bud there isn't anyone else on his couch that weekend, I am getting the TICKET! WOOHOO!
I also priced some tickets to London or Paris, just for fun dreaming about a fall break trip. BUT all tickets are about $900 and I HAVE TO HAVE TO redo my bathroom before I throw money at travel again, well that much money.  I do plan to get to Dallas for fall break just to get away. I still need to consider chicago of course... well I'm off to the gym for leg days. get some meat on these bird legs of mine. cheers.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

man day

well I've gotten back into a good groove at the gym, today was chest day and I did all I could to get them burned up. ha...but you know what really sucked? some jerk stole my favorite pair of sunglasses. dang in all!  I usually jsut throw my gym bag into a locker when I am at the gym without a lock. so I pretty much deserve losing the glasses. but I figure all I got in there is a water bottle and older pair of gym gloves... but yep, sure enough, they took my favorite pair of sunglasses.! sucks!!! ha they were just some cheap mall stand pair, but still, I'd had them a LONG TIME... alas... jeers at that!
but cheers, God provided a nice cloudy sky to bike my way home under. ha
  was working like crazy today, these kids require a LOT of attention and energy.
it's really tough trying to keep everything in English when using Spanish is the only way to keep their attention. ugh!  some very interesting news today was that another facilitator quit the district to go to another district and make more money as their coordinator for the whole school district (grants a much smaller one).  so now I just wait to get moved over and see who else might get on staff with us...woo hoo..  meanwhile I still have an observation coming up this week so I got to remain on my toes, the VP could show up about any hour any day, although it will probably be Thursday or Friday she said.
(have I mentioned I'm pretty sure she's a lesbian and 59 and 3 years from retirement. she's a very straight forward person so as long I got the bullet points she wants to see going in my class, I should be all right.. ugh!)  I actually feel like I try to the best job I can do in the classroom whether I'm being watched or not, so I always tell her, she's welcome any day any time etc...
ready for a long long day tomorrow day job and night class. hope everyone got off to a good start for the week! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012