Saturday, September 08, 2012

chill saturday

man I really liked having a relaxing Saturday after being out of town last week. woke up early enough for some web surfing and then rode my bike to the gym and swam some laps. was so nice and chilly cool this morning, wore my sweatpants and hoodie on the way there and nice.. big breakfast and then outdoors for some yardwork, in and out of the house, blogging some and surfing around and getting back outside enjoying the cool temps outside. tonight I went by my buddy S's place for some cooked out hamburgers, his bf came into town this weekend. On my way over picked up some gelato icecream at a local place to bring with me and some cookies from the grocery store. We talked some about the election and civil rights and economy stuff blah blah blah.. had a good talk out on the back porch for a while. I've decided NOT to go to Austin for fall break and will be trying to sell my tickets via friends on fb and/or local austin friends or if it comes down to it craigslist. My buddy can't go because of a work trip, and I'm not up to going down there just to by myself. SUCKS! HOWEVER I hope to use the $500 for a plane ticket somewhere fall break, yes! maybe DC if I can find the right ticket price. cheers


I love how the salute to Prince Harry page gives all sorts of guys a chance to show it off, you know every guys wants to! :P Great thing is this page is raising funds to help injured veterans which is very very awesome. hope all are enjoying the weekend. I am. :)

Woolrich, bring on fall!


Friday, September 07, 2012

instagram, instayum


I'm ready. Are you? nothing planned much this weekend and I'm glad for that after being out of town last weekend. We are getting a cold front moving in supposedly this afternoon, so after a high today of 103, supposed to be only high of 83 tomorrow. about time!
I got off early today since we had teacher/parent conferences last night and this morning. out by 11:30. I spoke to a few students' parents. We don't get too many showing up. but we called in at least two mom's for serious conversations. One kid E is really sharp but not chatting a lot and not trying to learn English. and he's really likeable. we told the mom such and how he had a real future if he could get through high school but he must try more to learn English. we also suggested classes for the mom and also for the older sister who came in with the mom. anyway... another mom for A , we laid it out on the table how he didn't try AT ALL in any of his classes and we're ready for him to LEAVE and laid out his 3 options, alternative school, tech school, or computer school, all of which are completely English so good luck. Sad situation is that his dad is left in Mexico with older siblings to care for and the mom is here and not able to do much. I don't see him lasting long in our school.
after I had my usual cheese and turkey on Rye break sandwich, which I always fix in our office. I left school and went over to my friend A's work and brought her a chocolate shake for a nice surprise. She was eating lunch with coworkers and said thanks and I told her how pretty she looked etc etc. ahhh. then I went by my Mexican friend's garage and he was out to lunch so missed him.
returned home and have been doing yard work ever since. :) now off to the gym before dinner and let's get this weekend started!
btw, no the kid at the gym is not coming on to me in anyway. ha surely I'd have enough radar now to keep that in check, and yes my theory is that, like me, as a college kid there is a feeling of talking to all ages suddenly since you're not a kid anymore and it's fun to sort of join the world as an adult like everyone else, in conversation anyway. that's how I see it. not that I'd mind him coming on, I got a lot to offer if he were curious for sure. ha ha. cheers

Thursday, September 06, 2012



maybe just go with an applause o meter next time, instead of "2/3" ha


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

jeans on, or off...


these pics span 12.5 years.... whoah
you WANT to stop watching but just can't...... huh? :)

sep sep septemmmmmmmber

man I've been busy this week. I guess it just feels that way since no work Monday and then Tuesday just zoomed by, day job and then night school job. I was able to get a work out in after school yesterday at the gym on campus. I even ran into a former student from my the former school I worked at.. the guys at the college gym sort of get on my nerves, about a half of them normal, the other half sort of the work out, drop your weights all over the place, sort of douche bag guys I doubt I'd have much to say to. ha
class went wonderfully well last night. I caught myself reading this poem to the class ( we read 3 of them as assigned reading for week 3) and one thing I'm good at is reading aloud. I know that sounds weird, and I don't have any sort of radio voice. but I've been told I read out loud well. ha ha. okay whatever, well anyway, I also really really love reading a good poem, really getting the phrasing and rhythm of works etc just right. So last night I strummed right through this one poem and I had a raptured audience. I like to think i read in such a way, that they understood everything the author was trying to say. we discussed all of them, discussed the first paper assignment, then did some correcting common errors work.
today went very well, as there were the 2 worst lowest level lowest motivation students absent, actually they were in ISS for being late to first hour. All other classes went well. I finally got a note back from the guy hiring me to work at the district admin. turns out the state is behind in getting title 3 money to the schools so they are working tight of of last years funds, which means I can't be hired until oct/nov but still that is something to look forward to. I'm looking forward to the new position and the raise! ha I also heard from my ex roomie who is getting the language school together where I could work as the professional devpt guy. he said he can't offer me a contract until dec 1st... go figure, I'm planning on not taking the job at this point anyway, but it's all very interesting to have such options. ( btw thanks tons for the encouragement to stay hired on with the state and college the retirement, this new admin job or if I leave to teach at a college will keep me with that!)
My favorite buff kid was at the gym today, man he's got something showing in them flimsy black shorts... he came over and talked to me how he was doing arms today etc and I was doing back and shoulders etc etc.. gym small talk. ha also asked me how my classes were going and what I taught this semester etc ... nice nice nce, keeps me motivated for sure. I ordered a certain long sleeve shirt today online and renewed my Monocle magazine subscription. now I'm just flipping channeles and suring online a bit before bed. hope all are making it a good week. Tomorrow is like my Friday because we're out of school Friday for parents teacher conferences after school tomorrow and then Friday morning done by 1130!! woot woot.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Monday, September 03, 2012

just for fun...

labor day

great weekend away from home. have an excellent drive up here without one stop. arrived and dropped off some gifts for my buddy J's kids, then over to my hosts S and C, married couple with two kids. my ex gf came over and we all stayed up talking and chatting and watching some netflix comedies now and then. Sunday I went to an Episcopalian church with the ex, then to lunch with everybody, next the ex and I and C's wife all went to a crafts and arts fair in Prairie Grove ARkansas, site of an historic civil war battle. I even got a great souvenir t shirt at the museum only $2. ha
when we finally made it back, I headed straight over to buddy J's house to catch up and spend some time, give him a big hug, play with the kids etc etc.
then they got busy putting their 3 little kids to bed so I headed out... over to the ex gf's place and we went and got some yogurt. then I came back here to where I'm staying to just relax and chill after busy busy day. slept a second night on the kids bottom bunk bed again... ha. I'd hoped to go home last night but had too many visits to make. will be heading back this morning and maybe hitting TUlsa just in time for a nice lunch somewhere, maybe some shopping??? ha nah....
I've had some great conversations with my freinds S and C about life and my expectations and wheether my complaints about church and/or school are just me not happy in general...good discussions overall. we all decided I'm just ready to move on to a different job. yes! :)

Sunday, September 02, 2012

hey posers...

mix and match

1st pic is alexander mcqueen, pic 2 and 3 - I was in love with this PUMA by MIHARA stuff for about ten minutes this morning, ha then I got over it... :)

they don't call him Snake because of his clothing... ;)