Saturday, August 11, 2012

mirror mirror on the wall...


the week went by fast enough, now for a nice slow lazy day weekend. up early this morning swimming laps, big breakfast at home, and now I'm about to head outside for the rest of the morning. ahhhh. we've had better lows in the 70's this week and this week just at 100 or below. so a bit of a "cool" break.
I met with my former roommate in AFghhanisttan in charge of the govt contract for the language school on Wednesday night, went to dinner at Charleston's south side of Okc. he was with this guy about my age who just got back from overseas working on another contract for the co. He's going to be a project manager for the school. He had a strong Carolina accent that cracked me up. he also wore a polo shirt with a lightweight navy blazer. sat across from him and didn't have much to say, he was the type to have certain anecdotes and stories to tell and talk blah blah. I can outtalk about anyone, but in these type situations I pretty much stay pretty quite and practice my listening skills and self control. another guy there was the man in charge of the contract at Lockheed Martin. So basically they were going on and on about me and the SC guy being perfect for the job etc etc... very salesman style. one thing I always see through people is that sort of salesman over praise/ over interested nonsincere attitude. I'm not a skeptical person at all and can actually be very naive and willing to think the best of all. However I do have a sense of being charmed. ha
no word on if the contract will be accepted yet by the govt and signed away, it's a billion dollar deal that would set up a language school for at least 5 years straight. Thing is I'm just taking this position at admin at my school district. and there is a possible faculty position at my college next semester. SO! I've decided regardless if ti pays more or not, I'm going to aim for the college job. HOWEVER, I did think of a number that would tempt me from giving up my school calendar of summer and breaks off, and to consider the language school job. so we'll see what they off .
As for right not, I'm not going to think about until any further news arises. I'm telling GOd that I want to just take it one day at a time and focus daily on doing the best possible job in whatever current position I'm in.
RIGHT NOW that is going to be as a district facilitator. This involves going to different schools and training and helping teachers how to serve the ESL kids in their classes. My principal really likes hiring "teach for america" teachers, who are college graduates with 3 months of teacher training and then thrown out do any school in the country. basically what that means is they lack the extra training of teaching language needs in the classroom, which is 78% of students at my current school. So I already know I'll have my work cut out for me... the best thing is I'll get a break for a while of teaching the mexican immigrant kids English. Hopefully the change will take place soon. right now I probably have another week or 2 left HOPEFULLY! I do enjoy my first year classes though. those kids really try hard and participate and repeat and do motions. it's great! I had a "structured" interview yesterday after school. I sat in an office with the guy who'll be my boss while he read questions from a list. and this his boss sat with us and rated all my responses. It's sort of liek a Meyers Briggs test, they see what kind of employee you are and what you're strength and weaknesses are based on your answers. SO, that SHOULD be the next step to getting me hired on over there and transferred to the admin offices. woot woot.
okay, I'm getting back to my Saturday, digging up some bermuda grass, moving around a drip hose from tree to tree to shrub, and cleaning up the back deck, and of course laundry. by lunchtime I'll be ready for my weekly PIZZA! yum

online film

INCREDIBLY SMALL - Free Independent Feature Film from Dean Peterson on Vimeo.

this is one of those independent film slice of life slow moving movies, heavy on characters and setting. If you feel like gelling back with nothing to do and make it to the end of the film, well, the douche-bag loser frat boy friend of the main male character cracks me up! ha

Thursday, August 09, 2012

freddie stroma repost....

had to post this again after finally watching Harry Potter and the half blood Prince.... :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

august over yet....

hey ho blog world. I'm making it through the week as usual., Sunday night I was just getting into bed and then remembered I needed to turn the water off outside where I'd been watering, I sort of stumble out there behind the hedges dashing my hand down toward the faucet, and suddenly remember the metal rack there to hang the water hose on which sort of gashes open my hand about a 3/4  finger's link under my ring finger and going around to the pinkie side of my hand toward the wrist. UGH..
bleeding everywhere and coming in to sort of let it bleed some, rinse it off. bandage it up and get to bed. ha  Monday I kept it bandaged until Monday night, now I'm keeping it clean and dry and then sleeping with a bandaid on it at night, to keep it clean etc...
Monday went swimmingly well at work. no news on when i can get into the admin position, but my school really needs me anyway what with all the paper work of students' home language surveys and filing and then this week we are testing all the new kids who speak a second language etc etc..
after school yesterday was my stock club's meeting. we talked a lot about the fiscal resolution of a secular bear market. doesn't that sound interesting, basically what I got out of all the charts and graphs is that in 18-24 months we'll begin another bull market. ain't that good news? ha ha,  well we'll see you never know.  right now we put our last two months dues into CONOCO as we want to just sit on stuff that has good dividends. I really don't know what I'm talking about here, remember I'm an English major. but it's fun to try and go and learn about all that stuff.
today went by rather well, made it to the gym, I've lost some weight in a good weigh since changing my meals up last summer, now I just need to keep consistent with the weights. I think in another week or two I'll try pairing up with the guy at the gym and see if i can get some more intense work outs.Whew hoo.
a former student from Central AMerica that I visited last OCT in NYC is currently in Little Rock AR and might be driving up to CO with his gf. THey might try to stop by on the way there or back to visit me here in OKC. I'm super excited if they are able to and will be motivated to really get the house in tip top shape. otherwise I'm just waiting for FALL, in other words cooler weather. 
I am researching ideas for a better way to get a raised bed in the back yard. The one I put in last year with a couple  of 2" x 10" X 8'  boards about 3 feet across, well it is full of tree roots due to the stinking Silver Maples in the back yard.  So I plan to move it over and this time put the same frame onto some heavy thickest I can find black tarp plastic covering, gravel on that and then the dirt. I want to be sure and keep the roots and moles out, yet let it be able to drain well...  so I'm looking forward to the fall project.  okay, I'm getting up much earlier these days so I got to TURN IN and get the breakfast dishes ready for the morning and the clothes laid out ready to put on, I'm on automatic in the morning otherwise I don't ever get out of the house on time like I like. ha

throwing stones....

Monday, August 06, 2012

check out planet hiltron...

recognize any of these people? :)

this guy takes celeb photos and gives them a "celebrity make under" changing them into average American looking pics. ha link here to the facebook page.

Olympics! :)

Sunday, August 05, 2012

film club...

anyone remember these actors or share them as one of your favorites? ha
sorry the pics are really bad attempt at a screen print copy

Sunday clothes....

this might be a strange post, but I really loved wearing this watch this morning, I had a tan/grey thing going, I love mixing brown and grey. Anyway my Swatch watch has a sort of grey face with light brown detail on the band. so summer light summer weight J Crew khakis and grey topsiders with no socks and basic grey and tan checkered short sleeve button up shirt and I was good to go. I'll probably repeat same for work tomorrow since I just wore it to church and sat there for an hour and came home. :)
and I went to a party last night and wore the blue tshirt with red graphic , putty shorts and red flip flops, and of course my favorite Tokyobay watch with the multi colored strap. went to the party last night and had some excellent barbecue and food and social time. basically the few lesbians I already knew there I talked to like normal people, and then there were lots of other lesbians who I was pretty much invisible to. ha ... a few of my friend A's gay guy friends from okc were there but I don't really know any of them most of them older than me or already dating someone etc.. I did have a great conversation with this one guy who is a vice principal at an elem school. so we had lots to talk about. I was there for a couple hours and everyone ended up inside at one point watching Phelps win another gold medal. awesome!
hope you all are enjoying the Olympics. I certainly am, when I'm home and able to watch.
The movie Frontrunner was awesome, bunch of super smart kids trying to get elected student union president, I watched it a second time last night after I got home with the director and casts commentary going.... ha today I watched a documentary called "OT Our Town" about a high school in Compton LA CA that put on the play Our Town in an attempt to begin the drama dept again after 20 years no plays at the school. it was very touching mostly..:)...otherwise today I'm just keeping the house clean and moving around a dripping hose outside from tree to tree, we've had really hot over 100 degree weather here the last couple of weeks whew! This week I'm back for a full week of classes and getting kids tested and forming my classes. basically I'll be waiting the next few weeks to move into the admin position. woot woot. raise time! ha

the bulge and the beautiful:Bjorn Barrefors