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Oklahoma gardening... :)

summer SUN

troubled world

a friend posted this on facebook this morning, I thought I'd share it due to the circumstances of the news in CO....
  • I've been mugged and I've been shot, and, for those of you who know me well, yes, I still have a bullet in my body. I don't post this for sympathy. I should have died that night but by the grace of God and an unknown stranger, along with the actions of the Kansas City Fire Department, I survived.

    The world has always been filled with the sick and deranged, people with absolutely no regard to huma...n life. Last night in Colorado, one of those people reared his ugly head. I've lived the past 19 years overly aware of my surroundings, and there's not a moment that I'm outside my house, whether I'm in my car, my front yard, or in a public setting, that I don't think someone could fire at me.

    But, to cower and seclude is to give in, and I refuse to do that. No doubt many of my facebook friends who have served have seen worse than what I experienced, but I think they would agree that once you succumb to fear, the enemy has won.

    When I finally got to speak to my brother after being released from the hospital, the first thing he told me was that he had his shotguns ready and that once I got back home, we were turning right back around to find those who were responsible. No doubt, I would have had the same response had he been the victim. But, strangely enough, I didn't want revenge. I still don't. I wanted them punished, by law, for their crimes, but more than anything, I wanted to talk to them, pray with them, and hopefully, provide them, however much the odds were stacked against it happening, with the tools necessary to understand the impact of their deeds and change their lives for the better.

    For some strange reason, I feel deeply empathetic to the victims and their friends and families from the tragedy at the movie theater last night, and my thoughts and prayers are with them all. My words carry no grand meaning, and I understand my place in this world, but I do know this: whether it's cool or not, whether you feel uncomfortable about it or not, and regardless of the feedback you receive, don't ever hesitate to tell people that you care for them and that you love them. Every human life is a special gift.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

good ole boys...

happy b-day

I'm celebrating a birthday this far it's been a really great week. of course I'm on extra relax chill mode anyway since I go back to work next Friday at the public school.
A BIG THANK YOU to one of my blogger buddies for the gift I got in the mail Tuesday!! cheers to you my friend, very cool that you remembered my daninokc amazon wishlist and sent just the right mix of stuff. a graphic novel by Guy Delisle I've been wanting to get my hands on for a while "Jerusalem", a book about Andrew Wyeth with some very awesome plates of paintings included, and then a dvd I've had on the wishlist forever since I saw the seris on BBC "Manor House". and seriously, I told the guy, a nice happy birthday email would be FINE!! it was a nice gesture and completely appreciated. In fact I've been up later than usual every night reading the graphic novel in bed before falling asleep. AWESOME!
I've actually been running errands the past few days, spending time with friends, and hopefully this weekend at some point I'll get over to my folks for a cake. ha
my aunt had surgery on her throat this week and so she's staying at my folks' place so it's unclear when I'll go over which I told them is completely FINE, no rush. extend the birthday celebrations as long as you want. ha!
well I met the blog reader before lunch today. was a lot of fun, turns out he's a very cool nice guy and travels with work a lot and was glad to have met me and since he comes to OKC and/or Dallas a lot for work, we should be able to hang out some more at least he'll know someone in the city. after that I went to the mall to grab some lunch and look around, didn't buy anything just lunch. :)
swam laps this morning and will be heading to the gym here in a couple hours. tonight I'm going to go hang with my friends in town from AR so I can see their kids and catch up etc... thanks for all the recent comments btw. I am really ready for the weekend!
Drew - yes corn! that's one of the few other vegetables I LOVE, I'll grad some cobs next time at the store and give it a try and see how easy to fix it up.
Mike - I'll check out those links, I definitely like jsut about anything with mushrooms and onions cooked in. yum!
buddy bear- I am really jealous you've been to CUBA, it's definitely still on my life list of things I have to do, so badly hope to visit that place. I got a contact from the TESOL convention last year here in OKC that I need to get on the stick and make it HAPPEN! ha
rambler- tell me more about these pals you find at night at the gym ... :P ha
xavi- it's true...from your comment before. I'm hoping to meet the right guy as a friend first and take it from there.
Thatguy- I appreciate all your comments. I got the email and responding soon. always good to hear someone else can relate.
Gregg- great point, I do have a lot to consider about my self-image. My self-esteem is usally pretty good, I'm a basically happy cheerful optimistic type guy. but my self image probably needs some help when i think about how I'm seen and how I appear as masculine and how I define that, and who i think I want to be etc...acceptance of other guys blah blah.. lots of fears there I'm sure I shoudl work out when considering dating a guy or coming out etc etc... I mean for example I notice a guy and think man would like to get into his pants, and then I think, okay I don't like that guy at all and would never want to date that guy or be seen hanging out with that guy, but why would I want to just get off with that guy, has it something to do with achieving some sort of acceptance or acknowledgement as another male being etc etc blah blah sorry if that doesn't make sense.
JamesinMaine- I love EM Forster, in college I went through a phase of renting any movie made from a Forster novel.
keep the comments and dialogue coming and thanks for the patience with all my random rambling and think throughs via blogging. :)

summer camp

thanks to dudetube online (link at the right) for the above clip, cracked me up. ha

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I need gymspiration!

now two of ya need to get those muscles to work on some dishes! ha

July is heating up

great week so far, been doing a lot of yard work, biking around some, college classes going well. we have the last paper due next Monday (also last week of class) so this week was all about prep prep prepping them to write a good paper. talk all about topics on Monday and today was the rough draft due. THis paper is a persuasive essay, so I had to make everyone underline the thesis, discuss if it's arguable, give reasons and points made, what is the other side, etc etc... and of course back it all up with RESEARCH!

 I have been been doing more cardio than actually lifting of weights this week... it gets so hot in the afternoon and you get up there to the gym and no one else is around much since it's summer and I just lose it, don't feel like working out. SUCKS! ahh well, with Austin City Limits festival coming up in OCTober, I know I'll be working out a good two months in prep for the trip. ha Did I mention I bought a steamer insert for a pan on the stove? I got one at Ikea while I was in Texas a few weeks ago. since I've been back, I've been eating steamed broccoli every night for dinner. before it was a few handfuls of cashews and a salad every night. now I'm having a handful of cashews, steamed broccoli, a banana, and MAYBE a bowl of Golden Grahms cereal. hopefully this healthier than what I used to have about every night last summer; a Peter Pan extra crunchy peanut butter and Welch's grape jelly sandwich with chocolate chips, and a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal... ha I'm trying to eat healthy but there are extremely few vegetables that I like to eat. right now I'm loving steamed broccoli. no salt or butter, just plain steam broccoli florettes. yum?

 There is a blog reader in town tonight who had wanted to try and meet up and say hi, but his plane was delayed and I was going to try and meet for lunch or this afternoon to say hey. tonight he got into town while I eating dinner and I wasn't able to make it out. If ossible he may have some time tomorrow morning or lunch depending on if he's busy with whatever he's in town for. I make a terrible impression in person, seriously, pretty difficult to follow through on the meet up to say hi, but I'm usually up for it in a public place etc. ha just for a visit only or course. I have met a reader in OKC before and it went terrible, I was rambling and babbling on, on he was on his phone texting and eating the meal and ready to get the heck out of there. not good. however I met a fellow blogger Mike from California once when he flew into okc. I picked him up at the airport and we had lunch I think. He might be coming back through oKC soon and I can't wait , it's been at least 5 years. so cool, he was just getting into college at the time and now he's all graduated, with a bf, and working fulltime. will be awesome to catch up! It's funny because we already "know" each other from keeping up with each other's blogs where it's all out there. So lot to talk about! Sometimes it's difficult with emails from this blog, because I've already written own stuff I've been up to, and I'm never sure what more to say in an email. I get some good questions thought and do my best to respond.

 I had a really great discussion today with my lesbian friend while we were driving around okc running errands and then grabbing lunch. SHe and I were talking about this book "Gay by God" which talks about various ways people interpret homosexuality in the bible. We were joking how it doesn't really say so much about women specifically more just men. She mentioned that she and her wife hardly had much sex anymore, it was really all about the companionship. ahhh what a wonderful concept, I hope to have that sometime soon. must be nice. It's why I won't get a dog. I'm holding out for a real person to keep me company around here. ha Hope everyone is having a great week, this summer is only getting HOTTER. :)

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man I want to go to Cuba!.......

oh man Latino sandwich on white bread....mmmm

USA Olympic Gymnast Danell Leyva!!!

austin scrapbook

just a few random photos from my july 4th trip to Texas. :)

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anyone know what film this is from?

or maybe you can give me a gist of the storyline or if it has a good or bad ending....?

Zzzzz lazy Sunday....