Saturday, May 05, 2012

Full Moon Tonight! :)

more sweet Crisses...

I'm not watching much of Glee for a while now, but I thought the little shower scene in this video was nice, I like the older brother story line thing although they look NOTHING like brothers - also my older brother, I think I've mentioned before we're brothers in the hereditary sense only. ha lets just hope that all the "high school kids" who look OBVIOUSLY in their 20's (or 30 counting the guy who is Noah "Puck" Puckerman) will all graduate this year!

And here is another song Gotye's "somebody that I used to know" Glee version and a shirtless parody... :P


you may have noticed the google page honoring Keith Haring's birthday yesterday.  well if you get to Brooklyn NY between now and July 8th, check out the exhibit  Keith Haring: 1978–1982  on display now at the Brooklyn Museum.  I sort of consider him one of the original street artists turned artist.  I'm including a photo of a swatch watch I had as a kid. I distinctly remember the morning I walked back into my bedroom to get something, and stepping near my bed I heard a sort of pop/cracking sound... I had just stepped on and crushed the face my beautiful black and white Keith Haring edition swatch watch... URGH. it was lying on the floor beneath some shirt or other I had tossed on top of it.  I threw it away in immediately in regret. ha
When I started blogging,  I was at a TESOL convention in Tampa FL during spring break. and saw an exhibit at a museum downtown on Keith Haring. Good to see they're still showing his stuff. :)

Update:  check out this Keith Haring page at

Friday, May 04, 2012

I love austin....

someone's going to get off to a very bad start to his weekend after this happened today.... don't worry the over-excited freshman survives and walks away. whoah!
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Thursday, May 03, 2012

one of these things is not like the other...


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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

wednesday wind down...

well, had a great Sunday last weekend, after the early service went to two different stop to cheer on my sister and niece in the 26.2 mile Memorial Marathon...after cheering them on when they ran by, we all went downtown to see them at the finish line.. good times and I was proud of all the family that showed up to show support. I even saw one of my college students running and he was pretty surprised looking like hey who knows my name, ha.
afterwards, I went ahead and walked back over to the arts festival for some lunch and just to enjoy the excellent cloudy breezy weather.. ahh.. watched an Australian street performer work the crowd and juggle and climb a pole and juggle knives etc.. walked through some art booths, and decided I actually liked this guy's art the best. It was a bunch of wire sculpture of various animals. and I considered what the standing hare might look like in my yard. ha
went to the gym after school on Monday and worked chest and arms, then after school Tuesday started to get quite a headache and feeling some soreness all around my neck and arms and back.. I taught my almost last class at the community college where 17 students turned in their last essay, so I'll be grading those all week. I barely made it through class, which only consisted of everyone taking turns stating what they argued and how they defended it and what literary sources they used ..... and some I asked which of the rhetorical they used most and how blah blah...
some interesting arguments were pro-homeschooling, pro-gay marriage, pro guns in public schools, the world becoming too technology dependent, pro steroid use, and how rap music be stereotyped as all gangsta rap among others....
we got into a brief discussion about the future of technology and how scientists are slowly learning how to map the brain and connect filament wires from a computer to a brain and experimenting with paraplegics who learn to type out words by just looking at the screen and causing the words to be typed out, and how this will lead to computers in our heads that eventually will turn civilization into the world wide mind etc etc.. and how the constant instant connectivity of twitter, facebook, texting, are all just practicing and training for eventually everyone being constantly connected to each other's brains into one collective mind... we were just talking and thinking is all. but lots of fun. considering if you could connect brains to computers then could be used in reverse to then program the brain, or say change personalities and so forth, stop aging process yadda yadda...
got out of lcass a little early and came home and found my friend Aleve, took one, and went to bed
today was fine all day at school, the usual keeping kids in line and teaching them English while explaining why it's important to learn English.. ha. after school went to the gym and was watching Kitchen Cousin's while on the treadmill. what a bunch of cute cousins, someone give some dirt quick on their straightness/gayness.....can't we just maybe imagine the designer one is maybe gay?? or is that too much stereotyping...sigh. ha anyway they are really cute together on that show. had to drive way up north OKC to one of the few Blockbuster video stores still open to rent 2 movies. both the old and new version of "clash of Titans"..(. I'm not sure which one yet I'll show my class tomorrow, we're currently doing a "mythology" theme.)
I came home and planted some things I got in the mail today 3 plants of 'goldtau' ornamental grass. messed around in the yard a bit , everything is so green with all the WONDERFUL rain we've been getting...and tonight instead of watching ABC wednesday night line-up I further distracted myself from grading the papers by watching a documentary on netflix "The Art of the Steal" which I'm almost finished watching. It's done by the protest group against moving the Barnes Foundation's art collection 4 miles to Philadelphia. (the opening is actually coming up at the end of this month if interested, it will be free the first weekend I think). anyway, seems it was quite a controversy and I feel a little nostalgic for having left everything as is, but what are ya gonna do when no one managed it enough to keep it making enough money to take care of itself? ahh well.... still now I know the whole background of the "scandal".
okay well I better hit the sack, cause if I'm really good I'll make time to get doughnuts for class on the way to school tomorrow. :P

Sunday, April 29, 2012

summer: wanted

i fight my matchy matchy weakness every day...
Norse Projects Niels Multi Stripe Tee and Adidas Spezial in clay and orange. :)

for you in amishville....

I'd like to send a hospital room full of flowers! to my favorite blog commenter...get well soon!

document the body