Saturday, April 28, 2012

sabado gigante

well the art's festival was tons of fun, hopefully all you guys in OKC were able to get down there and check it out. I had a good time with buddy S.  I think I've said it before that the main reason everyone turns out for the thing is the FOOD! ha it's true it's true. ha ha.
the Myriad gardens downtown have been completely redone and landscaped so while we walked around and checked out all the crowd, we saw all the new work done everywhere.
oh, and we even had a Governor Mary Fallin sighting. that was pretty cool, just the governor and I think her husband with a few guys walking in front and a few in back. 
this morning I was up and getting all sorts of stuff done around the house, mainly laundry and outside work. THere is this redbud tree that fell down in front of my car port, and I tried to get my dad's little Poulan chain saw to start up-- but the thing just started getting fuel all over my right hand and then when I set it down a bunch of oil gunk was leaking out. I had no idea other than jsut put the thing down, clipped off all the branches I could with my branch cutters, and now I'm waiting to see what dad can tell me about his saw, or I might just go buy a hand saw and get the job done!
I went to the gym at 1130 this morning, then pizza lunch, and then went and got a haircut, next to Horn Seed Nursery and bought a bunch of plants, next to A's house to visit with her and the wife for a while.  We got on the topic of them having a baby and they both agreed they'd like me to be a dad, but we were only half serious.  I'm still waiting for them to say, yeah let's do it!!! of course, I'd have to give it serious consideration, big time. but you know what my heart wants, a real life KID!!!
anyway, I came home and messed around outside some more and now I just finished watching this bizarre film I came across on Netflix, called "Glenn the Flying Robot". oh man it was predictable and bizarro!  played a few tunes on the piano at one point just to take a break, and plus I haven't played in forever anyway.  Tomorrow will be going to an early service so that we can all head down to the Memorial Marathon to cheer in some people running the full marathon, A has some friends and I have a sister and niece running in it. hope all are enjoying the weekend!

military etc...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

week almost over

survived the day greatly... it helped that 2 boys were absent today ha.  I only had 7 kids all day long and kept them busy with lessons, work, information gap speaking activities, more english work, interactive dvd lessons, and ended with doing the langague lab, where they speak into microphones which records their voices and then I play it back. whoo hoo.
tomorrow I'll have my 2nd year kids all morning and we'll be doing some book work and study prepositions, and then end with making fish wind socks.. ha
will have plan time the rest of the day and hope to get lessons ready for next week and get all the papers from today graded.
I went to my folks' place after school and sat and visited a little bit since I haven't gone to their church the last two weeks. and then borrowed my dad's chainsaw and came home, went to the gym, then back into the city to move furniture with A at 7. got home in time to water some plants outside and then catch Parks and Recreation on tv. now I'm headed to bed. busy day.  Tomorrow night will be at the arts festival, and I am undecided yet if I'll be driving out to Mangum OK or not to see my sis and fam.
It's going to work out really well going to the early service Sunday because my sister and niece are running the full Memorial Marathon downtown so I can go down there in time to cheer them in! :)
I stopped by A's yesterday after work and we had this sort of talk about her partying days after college and then her recently coming back to her faith and God the last few years.  We also discussed the roll of abuse in homosexuality. We both agreed that whether or not a person is born gay, the abuse must have some sort of effect, she and her gf both had experience with a stepfather at home to some degree. the whole topic just disgusts me but discussing such is healthy as I explained the missing male intimacy I had grown up that I thought might have had an effect on me , and also explained to her how I've never been all that sexually active with guys as far as intercourse and how I've always considered the whole thing pretty gross, and having had sex with women, it always seeemed way more natural without any mess or hassle etc... however how I def enjoyed everything else with guys other than that.
it's pretty funny how happy I always am when i'm around my friend A. It's really freeing, something about being with someone you've always known and loved I guess.  I am alwasy telling her how cute and beautiful she is, and she's the kind that doesn't wear a bit of make-up, very fit and short blond hair etc. but just beautiful to me. her gf is dark long haired cutey too. ha
I still half hope they'd ask me to father a kid with them, but I'm not sure if I'd go through with it anyway. ha but it's exciting to consider actually having a real life flesh and blood kid of my own... sigh.
at the gym today was "mr. Miama" as I cal him , this dark haired guy who has no ass and works upper body only, dude do your legs too please!!!!! anyway I call him Mr. Miami because he was his sunglasses the whole time he's working PLEASE DUDE!!!! ugh!!!
in better news though was the nige big huge black guy working out with this shirt on wear the sleeves and sides of the shirt are cut off.... so defined huge and nippled. man oh man.
all right time for dan to hit the hay! hope all are having a good week.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

keep truckin' ... .:)

last week of april

what's up. well I went to the congregationalist church again lsat Sunday and man did it get political, the guy was talking about Paul having the dream about the sheet from heaven with all the food on it, and how gentiles were okay too, anyway, he was somehow relating it to how a certain named republican congressman should have the same realization in including blacks, immigrants, gays, etc... I have no idea where he was going with it but I was telling myself okay, I'm not going here again. ha at some point he was saying paul was "gentile hating" or something and the comparison went awry. the guy is an author and sort of just reads his sermons and they come across sort of like a letter to the editor he's just reading out loud. I do like the people and music but dang do we have to get all political, I left there thinking, okay you accept gays and lesbians and everyone and so forth, but apparently no one even near the republican side of the spectrum. ha ha,
 I went out to lunch with A and her gf, two other girls and another guy, all gay etc. we had a great lunch and mainly talked about places to eat in town and places we've been blah blah and then started talking about the sermon. I had been thinking how I wasn't going to say anything but talk to A sometime in private how I'd like to look into visiting other churches. And suddenly found myself in a conversation with the table about the sermon and they were all saying how it was too political and no one liked it much and so forth. yay. So we all decided to attend the earlier service next week with the associate pastor instead, and then everyone was sort of talking how much they'd like to find a church. It was really endearing, all these gay people so badly wanting a good church but somewhere sort of gay accepting. a few saying they didn't even care if it was all that gay accepting etc... I recommended we try an Episcopal church at some point. The other girl from my highschool said she'd tried just about every church in town and was only going to this one because there was a group of friends she knew there (us). others said anywhere but baptist (as they'd been raised baptist,ha) All agreed they hadn't felt like they'd gotten much out of the "gay church" in town, and that they'd tried various others, but one church we all really like, Life CHurch, had been asked about gays, and their response was, we'll pray for you... ha. Anyway, it was a great Sunday morning overall and I had a great time being out and social to lunch.
THis week has been run of the mill, school all day, sometimes with students, sometimes testing kids all day, as we are on the testing schedule with 2 blocks a day same kids all morning, or all afternoon. ugh...the hours worked out tomorrow so that I have my 4th and 6th hour all day which are the exact same group of kids all day. whoah.
 I made two home phone calls today in preparation for tomorrow, one kid who is smart smart and always done first. used to be good and quiet all first semester but now is joking, talking, disrespectful, calling friends wetback and shut up big nose, etc...and is on his way to referral next offense. so I said as much to his uncle who luckily spoke English and said he'd talk to the kid. the other guy is 18 and is old enough to know better but lately he tries to sleep in class or does nothing and then suddenly starts conversations with other kids during a lesson luckily his stepmom speaks English and I made everything clear to her, saying he was a great great kid, but just getting sloppy on his classroom behaviour etc etc.. I'm really going in tomorrow with a lot of worksheets, but also lots of different activities that we can change it up during the long long day together. we'll see how it goes. I am determined to teach them respect and manners and social skills beyond just ENglish science and math vocabulary ( tomorrow lessons are double bar graphs, angles, rays, and lines, and cell structures etc...
 My Austin bud, who I haven't seen in a coon's age, called tonight to invite to 6 flags in Dallas Texas Friday night, but I will not be able to drive down Friday night and do such, I already have plans with my bud S who is in town and not AR this weekend. we are going to the OKC arts festival downtown for food and check out the art and guys walking around of course. ha hope everyone is having a great week. sunny and nice here all week. tomorrow is dress up as a cowboy day, so I'm going to see if I have a sort of western looking shirt (and I do) to wear tomorrow to school. today was mask day, and Friday is sunglasses day.. blah blah. man, summer get here already!

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what ever !!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

t time

anyone feeling much for the tank top trend coming up?  I don't know if I have the back and shoulders to wear one confidently, but I think I'll stick to t- shirts anyway. ha I just like this one because of the cassette tapes, old school!  the last one cracked me up, Paul Smith from UK with OKLAHOMA on a t-shirt. ahh yeah! at $110 bucks, no thanks. :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

more chill music.....

i love this song....
 but I'm pretty easy when it comes to some guitar and soft vocals. ha

Sunday, April 22, 2012

howdy pardner! Happy 89'er Day!

that's right, back in 1889 on this day was the big ole Land Run in Indian Territory what is now Oklahoma. the guys who snuck across early and landed a claim before the race were called "sooners"... now you know where OU got the name Boomer Sooner! :P

Ka Rah TAY!

if only they'd kiss at the end....ah well.
hey guys , you should check out the blog I linked at the right, I LIVE IN NORTH DAKOTA, about a college guy that was bullied in HS and then was outed in college and he's doing all right. check it out.
ALSO take a look at A GAY ATHLETE's latest post, he makes such an excellent point about a gay couple staying true to each other regardless of being together for a long time, and NOT sleeping around or joining with a "3rd" guy. I think that should be the ideal for gay relationships, those that really want them. It's all about being in love with the person not the sex. For those in love with sex, well sleep around and you'll find many, and you'll probably find yourself finding more and more ways to try to make it exciting sad enough to say. Same thing can be said for too much porn, fellas , give yourself a break now and then! Ha. :)

OluKai shoes

I don't usually shell out $100 for a pair of shoes, but I guess that's what ya got to be willing to pay for something different than the average Joe around here. but I'm only window shopping here, promise...ha. I saw an ad in my Men's Journal magazine and checked out their website THe three I liked most were these below. Anyone ever wear this brand and know how they compare?

here's the cure...