Saturday, April 14, 2012

back on a Sunday

busy man dan. my Tuesday night's class turned in papers last week and I've been grading them since. Hopefully everyone had a great Easter weekend last Sunday. I was with most of my family, one sister and my brother didn't make it to my folks place since they were in town the weekend before for an anniversay party for my parents. but we still had a great lunch and afternoon together. I complained a little bit about the praise music at our church being too loud. although the orchestra they got together was awesome. one of the music guys is a former band teacher and he'll get a program together with former students and friends that visit our church on Christmas or Easter. it's really cool to have a little orchestra on stage. but the praise music rock band stuff is what drives me crazy , that and a new song every week seems like.
I told my dad and mom that I want to start looking for a different church here in okc, since I was sitting there a year ago Easter thinking to myself, can't I just hear "Because He Lives" for a change! and decided last year to look for different churches and hadn't. so this morning I'm going to my high school friend's church again, the more liveral Congregationlist church in OKC. although I'm pretty sure I'd never join the church, for one thing they ordain women pastors, which I have yet to decide what I think about, but overall a very nice church and people and since they are gay accpting, that's why my friend and her gf go there. plus I love the hymns there.
SO yes busy busy week last week. I did get in a few morning swims and 3 workouts, the fourth today hopefully ( I'm back on separate day of chest, arm, back, leg work out plan). we've been testing the esl kids the last two weeks at school which take up all my planning periods and this next week we are on weird schedules for the EOI testing. so I'll have my 1st hour all day before lunch, and then another class all day after lunch. the only thing that really sucks about this is that I have to cover a class on Tuesday all morning for another teacher. sort of like babysitting. ugh ugh The ESL dept is trying to get out of it since we are still testing ESL kids as well.
great weekend and spring weather this weekend, other than the tornados Friday night in Norman and last night in Woodward. I drove up to stillwater yesterday morning to my favorite nursery "Bustani Plant Farms." and bought a bunch of plants. came home and had pizza lunch, ran into my sister and her family there. She came by my house afterwards to pick up some plants I got for her yard, two red hardy hibiscus.
after lunch, I put plants in the ground and graded more papers the rest of the day. Dinner break to a college buddy's house at 6:30 for a spring cookout that he and his wife were throwing.
Last night I FINALLY started going through my blog photo files. I had to compare the list of used pics to those in the other file, because when I transferred from the old computer, things got mixed up. so I am deleting all the pics I've already posted from the file before I can post pics again. Man are you bored yet reading this? anyway, so after 5 years of blogging I have this thing where after I post pics to the blog I try and immediately transfer them to a used pic file. THis is my effort not to repeat posing the same pic, although I know I have before.... alas. no bid deal.
ok I got get up and shave and get breakfast going. Good Sunday to all.

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