Saturday, April 07, 2012

get out and get some sun...

speaking of style....

I've been waiting for ever! for the next Whit Stillman movie!!! can't wait to see this!!!!!!! :)

style guy

I am attempting to do a "preppy" homage to rugbysexreader and Ex-Frat-Man blogger... ha ha. I know it's not even close to you style guys' standards probably but still.. I liked some of these looks and thought the pastels looked Eastery... :)


I hate my new laptop. I keep getting a no signal from my router which I never got on the old laptop. the old laptop would load a video while I clicked through another page. this one seem slower. what up? ughhh.. this is progress? ha
well anyway, I replaced my old toshiba with a newer more memory supposedly faster TOSHIBA Satellite L735 w/ windows 7 and CORE i5.blah blah.
I wanted something like my old one, small enough to carry in my Porter shoulder bag, and although this one is also 13.3", it's more rectangle and bit longer. ugh.(it does still fit in the bag though.). it has a slot for my mem card from my canon camera, and a dvd player that I wanted. however, there is no volume control, never realized how much I liked that feature instead of having to do volume with a mouse. there were also keys above the function keys that you could mute immediately.
another thing I don't like is there is no on/off switch to the wireless. I sort of like the idea of being able to shut off the internet manually.
I'm getting used to windows 7. for example write now this blog post box is at 75% instead of 100 and I have no idea how I changed it or get it back. ( but I'll figure it out I'm not as helpless as some people, won't mention any names LB)
I am moving my itunes files today from the old one as soon as I can get it to turn on again. and then there are some files I need to move over to my new laptop. I had saved all my pic files but as I post photos, they get moved to a used pics file. and now I have my blog files full of old pics. UGH.
Here's a question, IS IT FREAKING POSSIBLE to sort a file by last modified or last time you put it in the file. PIcasa files do this, but new windows, I can't even see a sort button to arrange them like my old laptop. I'll adjust whatever.
but man, do ya ever feel like you were the one person always using a function that was changed or deleted for whatever reason??
my plan now is to shop between now and summer for the perfect replacement and get rid of this new one for $300 to a niece or nephew. ha I paid $540. so we both get a good deal, and I'll be out a few hundred for the use of it for about 6 months, let's say.
let's end on a positive note, I love the flat keyed keyboard. my old laptop had rounded keys which I also really liked but this one I can type jsut as fast. ha
I'm off for pizza lunch. I FINALLY did some picking up around the house this morning, was busy all week with work and blah everything.
my new inspiration is the Restoraion Hardware catalog I got in the mail a few weeks ago. Thing is freaking HUGE and I don't know where it came from addressed to me. I haven't shopped there in many years. but probably they get some online info about my purchases or surfing or magazines subscribed to etc.. who knows.
that catalog feels like betwen 5-10 lbs. ha but man is it pretty pretty.
so anyway, that is my new inspiration, i can't even dream about buying anything from that place, and if I even did, I should have a cleaned up taken care of house first! good weekend to all. more posts coming. :)
ED: I have figured out a lot things, and found the sort by day etc... on my files. :P however ,no luck getting the old laptop to turn on again, so I might have to take out the hard drive and figure out what to do next.....hmmm I want my old files!!!!

PS. no I don't want an apple! :P but thanks yes I know they are the bomb etc etc

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

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man I've been super busy. basically what happens is I kept putting off getting 6 essays from my online class graded and so that means I can't get anything done knowing I have to do that first, so all else fails to get completed, I feel out of sync etc...
replacing my old laptop set me up as feeling out of sync in the first place. I still need to transfer my itunes library from the old on to my new one which I know will not be fun. ugh. I transferred all the music files onto a hard drice and then to my new laptop, but the library and all is a different deal. blah
I'll post later about the whole laptop sit.
this week we are testing all the kids in school for English. my school is 78% latino with TONS that are ESL and need testing once a year until they test out. can you imagined what a failure our system is when you keep running into kids you have gone here since 1st grade and they are still testing for English proficiency?? alas.
so did anyone read about the stupid boycott that was called on Coke and Walmart for backing the voter ID bill in some states? can't believe they caved on that! don't studies show that whoever raises the most money wins elections anyway, so voters are going to be swayed one or another regardless of having an ID or not! ha
rained ALL DAY yesterday and man was it green all day today. loved it! had a great run at the gym but am so out of sync I only swam once this week before school and only one workout so far. dang it all... I got to get some momentum going.
but I am LOVING spring. hope all are enjoying a good week. more later

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