Thursday, March 29, 2012

thursday blog

well I swam laps every day spring break except for when i left town to wichita and then AR... this week I only got in 3 days of swimming.. Tue, wed and today. I don't think I'm going to make tomorrow morning. just not feeling it. ha also have been to gym 3 times this week after school, so heck yeah man, let's keep this up til summer gets here so I'll be ready to get to my bud's lake house and get shirtless. ha
This week has been CRAZY. not too many posts or blogging much this week, but bare with me 'cause my laptop finally DIED. It's in the freezer right now actually and I'm using my work laptop just now.
Why is it in the freezer? well for the last week or so, the only way I could get it to turn back on was to put it in the freezer and then take it out and turn it on. Otherwise it wouldn't turn on, the light comes on, the hard drive spins, but all the light on the keyboard that would usually turn on when in reboots do not. bleh!
well the power cord itself has been rigged up for a good year with a rubberband around it so that it would work etc... thing is I really liked that laptop but since I bought it back in OCT 2008, I figured it's served its purpose. And being true to my nature of wanting exactly the same thing I'm used to... I went only and found another Toshiba 13.3" laptop with a lot newer stuff and more memory for a lot cheaper than I paid for the old one. ha It shoudl arrive in the mail tommorrow! yippee!
oh yeah, about my laptop in the freezer ( I haven't given up hope yet that it will never turn on again but we'll see...), LAST WEEKEND I copied all my files onto a separate drive as back-up. mainly all my photo files and itunes music of course, etc... What sucks is the new laptop will have all this extra crap on it, and when I bought my old one at BestBuy they "serviced" it to take off all the stuff I didn't need, of course for all I know , I have no idea what they did. I'll probably uninstall all the extra crug on the new one etc etc... fun fun!
my Knees are driving me crazy, I accidently when down on my knees in the lawn last night and there is this certain ferny leaved weed all over the yard that makes me get itchy little hives. I usually just get a few on my fingers when I'm weeding everything aggressively outside, or last weekend I got a bit on my ankles while mowing the yard. but dang it all, going down on my knees with shorts on and then POW, itching knees now, I think I'll itch one really good and not the other and see if it makes a difference in it going away. what I hate is that in the middle of the night it wakes me up. I put benedryl gel on before I go to bed so that helps.
ok, back to this crazy week, all the staff is on a trip to the TESOL convention in Philly this week, so it's just me and then two subs in the other two classes next to mine, well the classes I share and that have a door to our office. so it's been crazy, actually there have been 5 or 6 subs in our whole building every day this week! (by that I mean our separate building that has one long hallway and 12 classrooms.) alas, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! I may even just show a video to my kids if it comes down to them getting too squirrely. I had to give them a pep talk this morning (speech, lecture) about showing respect to the sub etc.. also showing respect in general, I reminded them that I am not insulting them or yelling at them and becoming angry (like some other teachrs), however I am very serious about teaching them English because I believe it will help them with a better future, whether they live here next year, another school district, Texas, Mexico etc... I told them that I really hope they will all graduate high school. and the activities we do in class are like practice how to read something and answer a question about it, just like all the tests they'll have to take and pass before they can ever graduate high school. blah blah blha etc etc.. and I included that part about don't get between the kid who does want to learn and me! ha all that teacher stuff. blah blah.
but you know they will listen when you are honest, they can see right through just a bunch of same ole yelling of telling them to shut up and be quiet and all that. I never use shut up of course. that is rude, and I tell the students, no matter how rude they are, I am here to help them learn not to be rude and teach them to develop social skills. UGH! ha
Now you just have to imagine me saying all this in half Spanish and English or both. ha ha. hope everyone is ready for a great spring weekend. I AM! :)

uh...... pyramid power?......

wait for it.....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

keep on keeping on...

man what a day back to school. but I'm pretty excited to get to the weekend because the end or March, only 2 months left til SUMMER. woot woot.
also after this weekend is the next, EASTER, and then the next is April 15th which is our traditionally last frost in OKC and my big shopping weekend for plants up near stillwater and Bustani plant farms.
after that, well it just keeps getting better as things warm up and we wrap up another school year.
My break was full of relaxing and yard work and good times with friends, and NETFLIX.
I watched the already mentioned "Tiny Furniture", and also many documentaries. "Being Elmo" had me crying at some point in the film. also another unique film about Dr. Bronners soap company. IT was really fascinating and whether you agree with his all one God all one philosophy, you have to respect his drive. I loved the way his son would talk to people and love them and listen. really refreshing film.
I forget what else, I watched a bunch of episodes of "that mitchell and Webb look" british comedy.
I made lots of cash helping my friend move furniture at her mobile home place. I even visited church with her and her gf/wife last weekend. A congregationalist church, sort of like a church for Christian democrats if I had to describe it in a nutshell. ha ha. I'll write more about my beautiful wonderful friend A some other time, I love her shoulders. and her dark haired younger gf is beautiful as well. I think I'm just excited to be social a bit more in this town overall, and also that you can have gay friends and they are not always the most extreme liberal activist type out there. funny how I myself am reminded of that after always claiming so much that people shouldn't generalize all gays into one group. harumph.
right now I must get to bed! I have big plans to swim laps before work in the morning at 530am and have my shirt and pants and shoes and belts and razor and shaving cream all setting here by the table ready to go with me in the morning. :)