Saturday, March 10, 2012

weekend break

I miss not going to Austin this weekend. However, I had a lot to do and what with all the truck repair I wasn't really excited about spending money for the gas to drive down and back much less the money I like to shop with in Austin. ha
so I stuck around OKC this weekend. I still want to go down to Dallas at some point so my texas dreams ain't over yet. I hope to visit Randy down there and shop around some including a nursery I really like.
last night I went to an ESL convention thing at UCO in Edmond, saw a lot of my professors from grad school and a lot of people from admin at my district, some other esl teachers I know etc.. Dr. Krashen was speaking, an expert on language acquisition. today I didn't do much of ANYTHING. ha
actually I watched a documentary on Netflix this morning called "Valentino; last emporor" which was interesting. pizza lunch and then grading papers and playing out in the yard the rest of the day.
A friend of mine asked me to help her move furniture this next week so I'll get some extra cash Monday and Wednesday. woot woot. (this is furniture in and out of staged housing, of course I wouldn't charge a friend to move. :)....)
I'm having some difficulty keeping up with my Austin buddy. I feel like the constant instigator to keeping up with visits etc. so i dunno, I'm prolly just feeling sorry for myself, but I did this crazy thing the last two weeks, I told myself well if I hear from my bud in the next 2 weeks before spring break, I'll go down and visit, if not, I'm not going... ha.. well actually my whole budget thing made me think of not going anyway, but still.... I played a little game with myself, waiting to receive just one little contact, call, text, email, that said-- when are you coming next weekend - or hey I can't wait til you come down,- or hey here's what we'll be doing and going to have some fun....etc. just anything little drop of interest, but nah. And seriously I have to be understanding that he's in recovery and keeping busy and has meetings and all sorts of sober friends and such, so I think all that keeps more on his mind anyway. I suppose I have to be pretty patient with the whole process but I'll admit we are definitely in completely different life cycles or styles or something I dunno.
I'm sort of pulling the plug on my end if that makes sense. I don't know why I'm writing this cause I could do a 180 and be all excited to go see NYC with the guy at any second.. ha. We go way back to high school knowing each other so I love the guy and continue to pray for him every morning. I think that's a duty of friendship whether I;m feeling attended to or not. :) I guess I wonder if I'm way too dependent on the friendship as my only friend living in a location that I can get away too, or my only gay friend to go see during time off, or my lack of friends in okc to hang with so that I rely too much on my austin bud. I definitely must strive to improme my social life around here no doubt. what with my buddy S dating his AR bud back and forth to AR on weekends. I've already messaged a few guys in OKC that I need to try and get back into some sort of gay social circle if possible. make that any social circle, beyond that, good thing I got my college friends in AR to get away too anytime, which I'll be doing next weekend after the wedding in Wichita.
blah blah. I'm looking forward to catching up with a gay bud in town while on spring break this week. we're supposed to have lunch at some point this week.
everyone enjoy your weekend. cheers.

topman style

just shopping online, these are things I'd want to try on, most likely I'd get the first tshirt and the 3rd or 4th shirt to teach in, if I thought I could pull it off. I like horizontal stripes and details on the shoulders. but overall, you can probably tell I have a pretty casual style. :) what they call a "jumper" is a sweater, and what they call a "sweater" is actually a long sleeve crewneck shirt. just fyi....

just drawn that way...

Thursday, March 08, 2012

gender neutral what ?

THis was pretty interesting -- today in Oklahoma there was a protest on OU campus.. protesting that how dare the University not provide gender neutral housing! Boren came out and said he'd read the details in their petition.. you can read about it online at NEWSOK here...
I'd like to hear any comments for or against the special housing quarters they are protesting for in order to prevent harassment in the dorms.
I'm not sure what direction to come at this in comparison to civil rights for homosexuals and transgender and where a line would ever be drawn, it seems more reactive that proactive but I'm going to remain "neutral".

welcome home

this is for a certain mushy so in love gay friend of mine..... ;)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

bromance ya

get ye to the gym....

count down....

all right just 2 more days till SPRING BREAK! I may not be going to Austin... it's all sort of up in the air right now. thing is, there is a multicultural institute conference at UCO this weekend that I'm supposed to go to for school and I probably should go Friday night to hear Dr. Krashen who is the know all know all about everything language acquisition... also to network and get to know other esl teachers attending. If my job prospect come through for next fall I'll have to start recruiting 20-50 teachers... whoah.
anyway, so that means either drive down to Austin on Saturday or just ditch it and relax at home... ahhhh which sounds really good at this point instead of that long drive. I have to be home by TUesday anyway for night class. The community college doesn't have break til the following week.
I'm doing a bit of landscaping over break next week and maybe this weekend. the bit of earth between the street in front of my house and the sidewalk is overgrown grass which I hardly mow much during the summer, so I thought of tearing half or more of it out along the sidewalk and putting in a bed of more drought tolerant stuff, and grasses and white baptisia, rattlesnake master, lychnis coronaria, etc etc.
I'm going by a place to try and match a wheel to my ford ranger , then off to a place to have the wheel switched out and balanced. I'm holding out on the alignment until after the wheels are balanced and all. my tire guy said he'd check the alignment no charge , nice!
definitely going to continue my gym time over break... summer's only a couple more months off btw. get to it guys!

not sure why this was anything shocking or new??

invisible children


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Monday, March 05, 2012

long mon day

well it's never fun getting home an hour before bedtime, because I still want an hour to unwind, check email, get things arranged for tomorrow, and then just maybe get ready for bed etc.. WHOAH super busy today on a MONDAY. I was giving speaking tests all day to random students all day every hour. as we are testing our ESL kids all this week, no kids in a class so that wasn't so bad, but still busy day. my bud Uli came up to school and took my pick up away. He was going to get it back to me after school but had trouble with a part ( he hadn't realized he'd need to replace the top arms as well etc...) anyway, so at 5pm I had to call my buddy from out of town that I planned to meet for dinner, and luckily we'd agreed to meet just 3 miles south of my school, he said no prob and he came picked me up. we had a great great time catching up, just loved seeing him again despite of all our past overseas. and sure enough he had a very tasty offer for a job. He has taken over the company that does contract work with the govt, and in a nutshell, he's trying to get a contract for a possibility here in OKC that would be 5 years and wanted me to be the guy in charge of "professional development" ahh yeah!!!! $$$$ ... I can't say too much but let's just say he really wants me to be a part of it and I think it would be pretty dad gum awesome. however when it comes to govt contracts, nothing is ever ever ever for sure until everything is approved and goes through a hundred cirlces etc. so we shall see. I am still going to pursue the admin job at my school district as a facilitator, but if the contract comes through here in OKC, I might just possibly be IN! ha
well Uli never arrived with my pickup, so instead I had my bud drop me off at the garage. When I arrived they were detailing my pickup. ha. he'd wanted to surprise me but still I was surprised. it's NEVER been so clean, they hosed out the inside floor and rubbed it all down inside and out, they were buffing it up when I arrived. ha... Uli and I used to have this joke that he said he'd read in a magazine somehwere in Mexico and we both agreed it was true. That in Mexico they throw the trash out the window but in USA we throw it on the floor of our cars. ha so yeah my pickup had cups and lids and whatever all cleaned up. ha
I still need to get the wheels aligned though, it was shaking over 64 mph on the ride back home. He's also looking for a replacement wheel for my front wheel that I bumped into a curb with last week in the snow.
all right all I'm a gonna CRASH now. long day tomorrow teaching both job yadda yadda.
cheers and 4 more days to SPRING BREAK!!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

God bless the military...

had a message from my college bud L last week, he's commanding an embedded unit in Helmar provence....lot of good men over there doing some good dangerous work. :(

how about that?

How About That-of the Day: A “lightning flower” is a Lichtenberg Figure — or electric discharge pattern — that occurs on the skin of lightning strike victims, most likely as a result of small capillaries bursting from the intensity of the bolt’s current.

Also: Automatic winner of any bar-room scar story battle.


and this guy in glasses! whoah