Saturday, February 18, 2012

brazil heat!

sent in from a reader in Brazil, pics of him and his buds on the beach. WHoah yeah, get me down there! thanks tons bren, you look good in each and every swimsuit. :)

ready to dance?

I finally found this on youtube and i GOTS TO SHARE IT.... :)

good day

you all enjoying the weekend or WHAT? I've been pretty busy grading papers all day, but I also caught up on some tv and online shows. pizza lunch, home depot for yard supplies, worked outside some, but it's cold and wet out here so I'm back inside cleaning up and working through this stack of papers. I am pretty excited about this nice long weekend. I'm out of school Monday for teachers' meetings. so yes work but no kids! :) I'm on a textbook adoption committee for the district and am going to a textbook exhibit at a hotel downtown on Wednesday morning. SO this next week will go by fast no doubt. all that closer to springs break which is coming up in 3 weeks March 10!!! that will be me driving down to Austin for SXSW , but really just hang out with buddy H. He and I have been shopping plane ticket prices for Memorial day weekend to NYC, although he's lately saying he'd rather go somewhere more exotic and jungly? or something. hmmm
I know one thing I have to get my wheels aligned before I drive anywhere out of okc, also I have yet to go by my Mexican buddy's mechanic shop in town to get my ball and socket joint replaced on my pickup etc etc.. ugh there's always something to spend that cash on ain't they? whoosh.
Anyone want to explain what Pinterest is? I went ahead and joined and now I think I'm supposed to start putting up photos or something in categories.. I'll be checking it out more tomorrow no doubt. I am also thinking of getting a $300 Itouch mp3 player next month, and then I can join my friends using Instagram or something liek that. my austin bud H says I'd love it apparently. :P

parallel universe switch gender roles... ha!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


hello midweek. man I've been so busy this week, glad it's more than halfway over.
first of all, I want to say how great this year has been at my day job. I can't get enough of it. I'm sort of facing every challenge and wanting to keep my lessons all the more planned and full of stuff they can actually get into and learn from. I'm doing well enough with my newcomers getting them to learn science and math vocabulary but my stuck in the grind 2nd year ( which means 2nd level but some have been at that level 3 years in high school!!!!!) well that class it's hard to push them to answer and/or write. but they listen and obey so it's all good. I'm thankful for the rapport I've developed over all. We had snow on Monday and I lost control of my pickup on a down ramp turn off of a road and slid into the rail/curb and then continued along my turn. I wasn't going too fast so no real damage done and thank goodness no other cars coming up in the other lane. but it sucked and now my alignment is out of whack, I feel a shake in the steering wheel as I approach 70 on the highway etc... And then I sort of got OCD about the sidewalks from our building back behind and to the side of the high school building and during my plan I went and got shovel from the shop class in our building and went out and shoveled some snow and scraped the slush and sludge to make a path for the students and teacher. just pissed me off that the school doesn't even attempt to treat the students and teachers with actual path to walk on with our splashing in the slush and snow. I think they deserve better, after all our principal said last year about having the same expectations for our students as you would at any other school. and the way I see it they deserve the same, talk about helping school rapport and pride, well it started with little things like that. Unfortunately our school right now is cramming for EOI (end of instruction) tests and even getting the elective teachers to use their classes twice a week for tutoring... pretty funny when we always tell students not to cram before a test and that's exactly what our school is doing. THing is I work in an inner city school that is very low achieving, so they are worried about the whole school getting fired and rehired etc like another city school did last year. blah blah ok sorry to bore.
Tuesday night class went very well and I got 20 essays turned in which I'll be grading the rest of the week. I worked out today after work and am feeling pretty good and going to rest easy tonight. 2 more work days to go. I came home last night and while on the back porch with my keys out to open the door I took a long deep breath of the cold crisp wetness in the air, and smiled about the hint of coming spring. I'm ready! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I heart u

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. hope it was a good one. :)

The Wedding Dance film

Monday, February 13, 2012

love me do

the "boring gay" agenda, a good thing!

I had a great time hosting Randy and his bf last weekend and the even was a good start to their "tour." It was a blast of cold weather this weekend which made for less people out on the streets, but still. It was very cool they had a volunteer drive down from my very own same college in NW Arkansas on Saturday. how cool. Randy said the guy name Wil was str8 and engaged and had a dad who's a preacher and start really wanted to help what they were doing. Another blond haired guy showed up to help out on SUnday but it was so cold, they didnt' have a table set up outside so he stayed inside with them while they were eating lunch. you can see the kid to the right of Randy in Green in the pic above. (and maybe my little ford ranger in the reflection ?). Comments have asked about how I could support Randy with how I feel about my faith which I'm always blogging about etc... well first of all, he' a friend, so I got his back regardless. But for another thing, it's the whole point of his project of building bridges between extreme religious right groups and/or the church in general. And I also love that they want to show gay as same as you and me in society. NOT THE PARADERS DRAG QUEENED UP, NOT THE CIRCUIT PARTY AND PLAYERS, THE MEN IN BATHROOMS, THE SLEEP AROUND JACK AND WILL from tv, etc....although I suppose Jack and Wil are allowed to sleep around as much as Sam the bartender and Cheers or Rachel from Friends.. but I'm digressing. Yeah I support as he's doing, would I go out and wear the Gay Agenda t-shirt he left on my bed? hmmmmm , and nah I didn't take my parents to see the exhibit. THis remains a closet gay blog but my status is probably pretty gray to most people I know and I wouldn't live my life any differently if I were in or out of the closet so what's the point. now I'm really digressing. anyway, let me know anyone who saw them in OKC or maybe online. I'm looking for to them again this spring when I do my usual trip to Dallas. :)

you know you want to rock a hunter's orange hat like me.. do it!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

hung next door

from a reader in PA, this guy is nicely hung in other photos, but you know I don't post those kind of photos on here. ha

more oscar shorts

went to see the Oscar nominated live action films last night. here are trailers to the two I liked the best. the Animated films the night before weren't as memorable this year so I couldn't really pick a favorite. but all the live action were well done.

bittersweet memories...