Tuesday, July 10, 2012


well there's not too much more to say about Austin, I had a really great time there with my buddy, he's relapsed 90 days ago from his recovery so we had a really deep down talk about him sticking with his NA program and getting his crap together since he got in some really bad situations involving him getting robbed by some guys and then also wrecking his car, gee whiz! told him I was pissed at him ever ever ever trying out that crap!
anyway, I'm still in for the count and will continue to pray for him daily and told him the same. He had a really interesting book called "Gay by God" which attempts to reconcile homosexuality and Christianity. basically all the verses that mention anything gay, the author gives other translations and goes on about the culture of that time and the difference of homosexual acts as violence versus just out of love... which somehow I guess the modern Christian okay with homosexuality possibly will need to decide whether they are going to be gay for love or for recreation, am I right!! ha ha, j/k.
anyway, I bought him a science fiction book that I've been wanting to give him for a while since he's an avid reader, called Blueprints of the Afterlife by Boudinot.
We had a great day outdoors Saturday going kayaking from Barton Springs and up into the river/lake there downtown. His friend C and V came along and we all had our own Kayak. I wasn't looking for any romance but I think my buddy H was making too many dick size jokes and that must have been what got V so interested. ha ... anyway, so later that afternoon, H went into the office cause he's really on a huge learning curve right now at his new job and wants to do his best PR job possible. and I end up with V back at H's place where I"m staying. H called to say he was going to a meeting from his office and wouldn't be home til later, well that's when V made his move, and what am I supposed to do anyway, say to the guy " Hey I'm going on over 2 years nothing going on with a dude so no thanks!"... or do I let him pet me all over and then get to business?
ahh well, let dogs lie where they may I suppose, if that makes any sense.
SUnday I spent a good hour or so at IKEA of course, next the outlet mall, BRIEFLY but long enough to get a pair of PUMAS marked way down for the gym.
had a great class Monday morning then hopped back into the truck and up to Tulsa for a concert. today I was back home by 11 and was please to see it had rained. went to swim laps at the gym before pizza for lunch. Now I'm going outside to do more yard work and then inside to cool off and unpack and organize all this crud in the way on the floor everwhere in here from being away all last week and unloading everything I brought back here on the floor. ha hope everyone is enjoying summer. let me know what's up and if you ever had a situation come up like what I wrote about at North Park Mall last week.

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