Tuesday, June 05, 2012

summer's begun

I swear I'm not a girl, but the best thing about my first week of summer so far is seeing the Meredith and David Beckham interviews on NBC morning show!! ha ha. hope everyone is having a good week. I had a stock club meeting last night and we went away thinking about buying KMI stock, although one person wants to buy into Transatlantic Canada/USA stock expecting it to go up once the pipeline gets built. and another person was joking about how Nokia tanked ever since we bought it and the club said well maybe when Windows 8 comes out this fall it will go up. I threw out the suggestion TCAP with dividends at 10%, because the club is way conservative only likes to buy stocks with dividends etc.. Anyway, the same member pushing us to buy Transatlantic went to the Sandridge stockholders meeting and reported on all that was said. I finished up school last Friday, had my truck packed up and was all checked out, keys turned in, and gone for lunch by 11:30 never to return until July 27th.
 I plan to go back and teach a few months while waiting for the government contract to come through. I most likely will take the job at the language school, it pays 44% more than I'm making now and its exactly the job I dream of doing: teaching English language to highly motivated young adults! I think I can be just as much a service to all the international military students that come in as I have been to the kids at the inner city school. I won't list all the things that are extremely lacking in the public school I'm currently working at, but it's enough for me to change jobs and go year round working in Norman. I will brainstorming all summer about buying a house in Norman, and also about saving up for another car. I need a real car not just the pickup, so I'm going to buy another Ford, perhaps an Edge, Focus, Escape, Fusion...something like that 4 door and something I could take people places in! Of course no for sure word on the govt contract coming through until late September but my former roommate assures me things are looknig good. If not, I'll continue on at the public school, including interviewing for any admin positions this summer that come up in the language and services dept for the district.
 I'm back to morning swims this week! such a great way to get up and go every morning... yesterday began teaching my COMP 1 summer class at the community college, got off to a great first class, lecturing about the syllabus, how to come to class and not fail, jumped into teaching chapters one and two, and then a few group activities and two homework assignments. whew, I look forward to getting to know all the students, quite a variety of ages and nationalities in the class. two girls in head dress, an East Indian girl, a Chinese guy and girl, super tall dude, latino guy, 3 or 4 older women back to college types, variety of others including one guy who is going to be a junior in high school next year, whoah, talk about getting a head start!
 well the next two days I'll be getting read for summer vacation to Branson this weekend. I am driving up with my younger sister on Thursday morning until Sunday. My two sisters and spouses are driving up Wed with my mom and dad, and then my brother and wife are meeting us there Friday. yay for family! and summer! and for Tuesday! cheers all.
somebody needs to comment on the video below, either for the filming, the skating, or the groovy song. :)

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