Saturday, May 26, 2012

anyone in OKC get out to the paseo arts festival? I wnet tonight with a friend A and her wife..good time! I helped A with a furniture move at her work today at 430 and then came back home to clean up and change. lots of great booths at the paseo, ended up having a drink and dinner with A and some friends, and ended up sitting at a table with 6 other girls thinking.... why was I there, and thinking how I wasn't convinced that anyone was quite appreciating the look i was going for with my grey suede Sperry topsiders . apparently the place gets a lot of gay customers so I tried to have my radar up with the guys walking by our table, but most people coming in that place were straight coupl.

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rugbysex said...

it was a good look. screw what others thought. they were probably too busy looking at your other "assets" to notice ur shoes buddy! :)