Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ka Rah TAY!

if only they'd kiss at the end....ah well.
hey guys , you should check out the blog I linked at the right, I LIVE IN NORTH DAKOTA, about a college guy that was bullied in HS and then was outed in college and he's doing all right. check it out.
ALSO take a look at A GAY ATHLETE's latest post, he makes such an excellent point about a gay couple staying true to each other regardless of being together for a long time, and NOT sleeping around or joining with a "3rd" guy. I think that should be the ideal for gay relationships, those that really want them. It's all about being in love with the person not the sex. For those in love with sex, well sleep around and you'll find many, and you'll probably find yourself finding more and more ways to try to make it exciting sad enough to say. Same thing can be said for too much porn, fellas , give yourself a break now and then! Ha. :)

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rugbysex said...

agreed! a little tongue would've been nice.