Saturday, March 17, 2012

good morning Wichita!

I'm at a wedding in Wichita this weekend. I had a great drive up here yesterday, stopping off in Tonkawa to get a gift for my niece and her new hubby.
Tonkawa is an old old town, small, with a main street and lots of old houses and a few churches. I liked turning onto the road to find this guys studio and the whole street was paved in red brick. His studio was next to a Catholic church in a building that used to be part of a parochial school long ago. I didn't see anything for my own place that really spoke to me or had to have, but I found a nice painting of a church in San Antonio that will make a nice gift..
The hotel here is pretty nice, my folks and my sister and her family are staying here also. so it was fun hanging out after the rehearsal dinner last night downstairs and then in mom and dad's room for a while before bed. I was cracking up at my sister when we left my mom and dad's room last night because before I went into my room caught a glance of her dashing around the corner to go down the stairs, racing her daughter who took the elevator. ha so cute.
Both families, my brother and wife and the groom's family, are solid Christian families and last night had nothing but love and nice things to say for the spouse that their kid had chosen to marry. so both families are really happy about the union.
the wedding is this morning and then a lunch reception. next I'll be driving over to AR to visit my college buds. first J's house to help him with some yardwork ( I bought some things online for his yard that were delivered yesterday) and then tomorrow my ex gf and I plan to see a community theatre production of "The Ordinaries" and then maybe see the new Walton Art Museum in Rogers.
hope everyone enjoys an awesome spring weekend. let me know what you're up to! comment below :)
ps. I'm watching Kitchen Cousins this morning on cable tv here ( I don't have HGTV) and what a cute couple of construction workers. nice show!

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Anonymous said...

I would like to hear your thoughts on the museum, seems like I read where there was over $300 million spent on art.