Tuesday, February 07, 2012

long tuesday

class was a bit better tonight but I'm still finding my groove. this class is a lot quieter than last semester's. day job going well... new student has a personality and NO ENGLISH but a good education background which is cool. Our school (day job) is busting it's butt to get a 20% improvement in the end of instruction grades, but it's sort of like cramming for a test in college so we'll see what happens. blah blah. It's interesting to think about all the schools working so hard to make the grade with so many from a bilingual background. what a mess illegal immigration can cause. I was listening to a radio interview the other talking about people who were "anti-immigration" , what's up with that?! no one is anti immigration.... what they were talking about is the issue of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.. oh man semantics just drive me crazy, people are anti-illegal immigration, are fed-up with non-enforcement of laws in a country supposedly based on the rule of law.... there's a big difference. anyway, don't get me started...blah blah.
man this was a LONG day.. but I'm glad to be teaching Tuesday night instead of Monday nights this semester. sure helps getting to go home after work on a MOnday, and then after Tuesday night suddenly it's Wednesday and the week is moving along. hope all are having a great week. I worked out chest on Monday and tomorrow it's all about ARMS.. feels good to get back to it!
I've decided to switch out my Honey Nut Cheerios in the morning to plain Cheerios. and after the current bag of chocolate chips runs out, I'll quit having Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches with chocolate chips in them, so yummy. I'm thinking I should switch to something healthier like fish or tuna at night. ha of course I hope to start doing morning swims again once spring hits and it warms up a bit. urghhhh. bring on SPRING!

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Anonymous said...

Some people are "anti-immigration."
I work with two of them.
They do not believe we should allow any more immigrants into our country --legal or not.
"We have too many people".. "they are taking jobs" etc.
There are some real dumb people in this world.