Saturday, December 24, 2011

beware of Krampus, naughty boys!

baby please come home

I missed one of my favorite holiday traditions last night since I was out to a late movie. I'm posting this one from 2000 because it particularly moves me... what with being 2000 and all the troops and thinking about the country and the military pre- 9/11....

cute football buddies

Friday, December 23, 2011

dragon tattoo

anyone see the film girl with a dragon tattoo this weekend? man it was something else. the acting is just superb! I love the setting and the mystery and everything except for some of the violent scenes, had to stare at the floor a few times. my heart was pounding in my chest for a few minutes after the scene just hearing it ughhh.. but overall I have to say that girl is one bad ass! in the movie and I have to say Daniel Craig, whoo hoo!! what an inspiration for aging beautifully. honess. anyway, the intro to the movie itself should win an award for something. ha I'm up WAY LATER than I should be tonight but it was fun to hang with austin buddy H and his bf JM tonight going to the movie downtown bricktown. as we left we noticed my cab light was on in my pickup, it wouldnt' start, just click click, so after we got back from the movie they jump started my truck and i drove around the block a bit etc... hopefully it'll be charged up enough to start up tomorrow. I have to drive over to H's place and find my cell phone I think I left it in his trunk or something (his battery is in his trunk)... anyway. I"m listening to this right now and it's awesome then going to bed!!! whoosh. hope all have a great Christmas eve day. :)

Christmas time. :P

few days left

A friend from DC is visiting this week and stayed at my place last night ( guest room), he used to live here in okc and has stayed at my place while in town seeing his former frat brothers and a nephew the last few years over the holidays , and I think he has stuff in storage here still somewhere.... anyway, he does nation building sort of work between DC and Africa with different countries there for an NGO. he's "out" in DC and dating a guy there also...... so he's always really really fun and interesting to catch up with and hear about his travels and his job and points of view on things politically and gay life/ culture etc... great guy. we went out last night with my OKC bud scott and had a great time out to dinner and then the mall to see if that cute guy Isaac was working and then drove up Western to see the lights at Chesapeake energy co. THis year the lights change and they have 4 or 5 construction cranes all lit up above. it's wild and fun.
They had chatted before online years ago and are facebook friends but had never met in person before so last night they finally did. ha
I've been enjoying the house all cleaned up, trying to resist past hook up buds online since I got all this extra time on my hands, and I'm still getting gifts wrapped and otherwise just enjoying my TIME OFF. ahh yeah! hope all are enjoying the holidays and getting out there and taking some time from all the daily stressful things. let me know if anyone is traveling around. only thing I have planned to do next week is drive down to Dallas for some shopping and check out some clubs the nights before New Years. Thursday and Friday night before new years are usually a big night out for guys in Dallas. any readers down there? let me know what some good places to hit might be. I'm really just coming down there to shop around maybe the outlet mall in plano and Ikea and West Elm etc.. ha

Thursday, December 22, 2011

NYC haul....

The first photo shows my little souvenir from the New Museum of Contemporary Art in SOHO, a set of little ladders that you can play with a balance to make different structures etc.. I love it. There are more pieces in the box. I just set this up on a program from the Tony Best Play award winning show "Warhorse." It was AWESOME and my sisters and I are all curious to see the film now. the next photos; The long sleeve shirt I bought at Desigual, I like the shout of blue-green lettering on front, and the way the back and right sleeve has a checkered print. Next are brown corduroy pants from Uniqlo which are wale-less so sort of velvety and very comfortable and made with a stretchy sort of fabric that fits just right, best worn with briefs. the first two pics are the outfit I wore to the party last weekend. :)

the next photos shows the Swatch watch I bought in Times Square. They had a deal buy one and get another half off. so I got one other as a gift for a friend. ha next are t-shirts. one from the show "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" with Daniel Radcliffe etc.., and the other shirt is from Oquer, a graphic t shirt designer in NYC. you can click the link to check out the gallery of shirts. he was working in a little stand on the side of the street on the way to the Museum in SOHO. you can see in his gallery, I almost bought the light blue t "ice king" but got the one with wheels instead. If I were to buy another, I'd get the one with all the handlebars on it called "get a grip." I threw in a long sleeve shirt and socks from UNIQLO in the second pic.

next are mainly gift pic. Uniqlo has the most comfortable "sweat" pants ! I am wearing the army green colored ones I bought for me right now, and I have almost worn them about every day of break. it's a nylon shell with a fleece lining. SO comfortable. I bought a blue pair for my AR bud and a black pair for my dad. ( what I really really wanted was a pair in brown camouflage but they were sold out of everything but S in that color. I could have rocked a pair of those brown camo ones.... alas....).more long sleeve shirts and socks from Uniqlo, a lion head baby hat from the Christmas market, and a pair of wool striped dress socks from Daffy's, and two kids shirts from the Billabong/Element store. Last pic shows some super colorful candy from Papabubble and some ear rings, again bought from a stand on a street in SOHO. now if I can just find/make some time to wrap those gifts! :)

holiday cheer...

the lead singer has a package for ya. :P

Sunday, December 18, 2011

raising awareness...

camera man

party time

morning, I had tons of fun at the party lsat night. something tells me 2012 will be a more social year. thing is I finally went and hung out with a friend from high school. she's a lesbian and married to a beautiful girl, they are both beautiful actually. anyway I went to their Christmas party last night and had a lot of fun, there were a few of our friends from high school there and then there were just many other people from okc, mainly a gay crowd but also lots of married straight couples also. sad thing though was the cutest guy there was a married guy. ha but man that one couple was my favorite to talk to the whole night and joke around with. they both gave me a big hug when I had to leave and head out. they were staying as late as possible of course 'cause it was a night out to enjoy without the kids. ha
the husband was hot hot, tall, reddish brown hair and some facial hair and super smartly dressed. his wife gorgeous shapely burnette with long long hair all done big. The party had a "wiggin out" theme so everyone wore a wig. a lot of fun. a lot of gay guys there had huge wigs on with lights and Christmas decorations all up inside of 'em. everyone had different wigs and most got taken off by late. mine was a brown long haired sort of like an 80's rocker maybe? sort of zac affron long with a long mullet in back. ha
I was in the kitchen at one point in a deep conversation with my hs friend, she was telling me how she wanted to go to church with me sometime and how she really still believes everything in God like when we grew up together ( btw we grew up together and used to go to the same sunday night youth group during sophomore and junior year.) well she was saying how it wasn't the time to get into it. ha and we laughed and said yes yes let's get together etc... I really think I"m going to start going over there more and hanging out with her more, because when we get together it's same as high school and plus I love smooching on her. (peck on the cheek is all and lot's of hugs. :) ). At one point last night I said to my friend, there are too many girls at this party. which was really true! ha this was about the time a lot of guys had gone out to the bars and many lesbians were still at the party and before the married couples showed up. ha
I need to post my shopping haul from OKC< I'll try to get to it today 'cause the outfit I wore last night was pretty much all new. hope everyone had a great weekend before Christmas, let me know if you were out with the crazy shoppers or partying it up. :)