Saturday, December 10, 2011

gymspiration...get me back there

catching eyes with guys on the street sure motivates me to get back to nyc with a body worth some glances when warmer weather hits! ha

Friday, December 09, 2011

Thursday, December 08, 2011

going down

all right we are hitting the sack. long dang day but we are alive and well in NYC baby!! man I was up at 3am this morning, just couldn't get back to sleep. I prayed for a safe trip and tried to fall back asleep while I was laying there but just couldn't. turned on the tv and found a roycraft show on pbs, and tried to get that to make me go to sleep again but it was pretty interesting. eventually my alarm went off like I'd set it at 10 til 4. I go up, dressed and was out the door with my thing to get one sis, and then park my truck at another sisters and then a nephew took us to the airport. all flights went well, okc to chicago, and then NYC by 12. we DID get a taxi to our hotel saving $10. My sisters have been so excited since we've been here all day.... we got our room, then headed down to see the 9-11 memorial. next shopped at century 21. then back uptown and macy's and their windows, which are awesome. pictures of everything all around. ha.. back to time square and our hotel. shopped a little first. ate at the deli near our hotel before going out again to WARHORSE!!!
IT was super duper wonderfully awesome, what an experience. so interesting how they tell the story. ok seriously crashing now. up at 8am to go watch the today show etc and see Rockefeller plaza..... :)

Monday, December 05, 2011

trip prep etc

Gregg and other comments. thanks tons. we might just gamble it and try a taxi. :)
I've been printing all the suggestions out. G, can you think of what chocolate candy store you might have been thinking of, the papabubble place in Soho I found to have only sugar candy etc.. although also very cool. thanks. I also look forward to going to the park with all the Christmas crafts and homemade goods this weekend. I'm going to try and take the sisses to the New Museum in Soho also just for the fun of the Experience exhibit. but we're also going to go through some of the Moma. depends on how much they want to shop or not, which I don't think they'll be trying to overshop. we'll see though.... ha.
today went so very well, mostly because the angry newcomer, the brother that didnt' get to go home, was absent today. anyway, just love teaching the kids when everyone is cooperating.. also my night class went well tonight, it was a short class since they were turning in papers, and we only have one class left. they were signing up to bring food and stuff to class, and after class I remembered that oops... I don't think we're supposed to have food parties in the rooms. dang it I didn't even think about it. ugh. but I do so love this particular class, it'll be fun to hang with 'em. :) they've all worked so hard and such so..... I received an invitation from a friend of mine in town who is a lesbian and is "married" as far you can be in OK to a really nice girl. anyway they invited me to their big Christmas party the 17th, and the invitation is to a lot of different people including other people we went to highschool with. so I'm pretty excited to get to visit with some new people, old friends, and maybe even some gay guys in the mix. we shall see but I'm definitely going. I had a bible verse on my social net work status today from Is 55:6-8 and she commented today about where I was going to church nowadays. I told her I was still going to my folk's church (the same one we went to as kids when we were all in youth group together, seriously we were great friends back in 9-12 grade). I also told her I'd be more than willing to visit any church here in OKC just let me know. so it will be fun to see if I get to go check out some churches with her or not sometime. ahhh.. I love my friend A. I also love that she's consdering a church because for a while there she was pretty much just part of the gay party every weekend crowd that was annoying me, I mean people out of college who are still doing the same partying and using year after year, come on, grow up! she has now so beautifully and is really happy with her gf. anyway......
I need to get some more thinks in little stacks in prep for packing up for the trip. cheers and thanks again for the suggestions of things to see in NYC. I subscribed to the NYC TIME OUT magazine a few weeks ago, but of course I won't get anything in the mail for 4-6 weeks. wah wah....

Sunday, December 04, 2011

time for bed....zzzz

back home sweet home...

had a great weekend up in ARkansas, back in my college town where a bunch of friends still live. left right after work to get a quick haircut before the drive up there.
did a home tour thing Frday night and then yesterday morning spent some time playing with my best bud J's two little girls and then finally we got 'em down for a nap and left mom home with his baby son while we skipped out to Bentonville to shop at Academy sports and the Target. even in B-ville I ran into a few different people I know from my college town. ha lots of fun and J and I caught up talking the whole way there and back about our jobs and work and the economy and his inlaws and my garden. rained most of the day
I got back to my married buddies' place C and S. and talked to their 2 boys some and laid on the couch and chilled, left to get some pizza to go, came back we all ate, then got ready for the Christmas party over at a another friend's place. the parade was delayed until SUnday night due to rain. alas... but the party was tons of fun. some new couple there I hadn't met before but knew of from mutual friends, and this one guy I forgot played rugby at our college was there, he's been widowed for a year now and doing better, his daughter and her college bf were there also. I hadn't realized he was an MK in Kenya at the same school as our host's wife. So that gave me a whole new perspective. We sat around playing games like Encore where you guess the word from verbal clues and motions. we played 3 whole rounds. Next was Guesstures which is basically just Charades, and that didnt' last long 'cause after a while it was 12 midnight and the families were all ready to head out, well me too actually. came back this morning and have gotten laundry done and I'm setting aside all the things I want to pack for NYC trip this week. hope all had a good weekend.
I need to ASK any one you NYC guys, for 3 people should I go ahead and take the airport bus from LGA to manhattan or is a taxi cheaper or is it pretty much the same. when I travel alone I just take the bus for $15, or $20 to Newark. but I wasn't sure with 3 of us why not take a taxi if it's any cheaper that $45. cheers for any response on that. :)