Saturday, November 19, 2011


watching OU and Baylor and not too happy, come on OU!!!!

bring on the holidays!

hey new york city boys, today is the Versace and H&M going on sale in NYC. just saying.
I'm still pretty upset about the OSU loss to Iowa in college football. there are two players from my high school on my team and one of 'em I know from when I taught there before going overseas in 2008. anyway, I still wish them the best, but it was really awesome for OSU to have that 10-0 streak going. ugh. the OSU/OU game is a huge rivalry and this year it could really go either way.
I was checking out these two guys making pizza at this place I go to for lunch just about every weekend. well one is slim and fit and tight with curly hair, very Italian looking. only thing I don't like about that guy is when he wears his flimsy gym short hanging off his butt. just don't like it. otherwise, he is a cutey. and then he has a cousin he works with making pizza, and the cousin is a more solid thin muscly guy,has his head shaved and a thick long island accent. All I can think of since I'm from OKC is to say he reminds me of some dark haired New Jersey type guy. ha I was noticing them today and thinking how I think it's sexier to consider the heavier one a passive bottom type guy and the thinner one a top, what with his tight little butt and all. anyway, the best thing about lunch is I got 3 essays done out of the way graded.
I don't think I mentioned this since I don't read the books or see the movies, but if you are a fan of Twilight, the latest movie showed here in OKC Thursday night at midnight and can you believe my mom went this year with my two sisters and my four nieces! ha they all wore their team edward or jacob shirts to. I can't wait to see some photos. my poor dad really didn't want my mom out that late and I know he can't sleep without her. ha I'm sure they had a blast, I'll get to hear about it in church tomorrow morn.
I'm about to take off the pants I wore to lunch and get my comfy sweats back on. then get outside and dig up some stuff and cut stuff back. man I LOVE weekends! I really love weekends that I only have to go back and work 2 more days next week. ha

men love cams....

I'm guessing only two of these are at home, the others I'd say, school, gym, hotel, and the 5th one gym maybe? :P

I'll fly away...

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

Friday, November 18, 2011


ran out to the doctor's office this morning during my 2nd, 3rd hour planning period. got there at 9:46, waited to get called back at 9:10am, then sat in a room until 9:45am when I saw the doctor for about 8 minutes. but who's counting?.. .ha
I got 3 prescrips, a zpac of antibiotics, some steroid pills, and a nasal spray. doc said it was a sinus infection etc etc...
ahhh so made it back to school, taught a class, had lunch, took the pills, now home tonight ready to rest up and hopefully sleep a lot better than all this week. I didn't sleep too well this week, was up at 12 or 1 or 2 going to the bathroom coughing blowing my nose, was up an hour or so before the alarm goes off at 5:30am etc.. whoah. glad this week is over with, I probably just should have gone to see the doc a lot sooner but I kept thinking it would just sleep off.
class last night went wonderfully, I was up in front taking questions and giving tons of examples of what sort of sources you can cite from a work of literature, and just teaching away, but it SUCKED 'cause I was sort of whisper yelling scratchy voiced and asking a girl in front to repeat important stuff I was saying. I had the class read everything from the book and handout though of course. went well enough.
I can't wait to have my voice back and really jump on some kids in class next week who were hard to manage this week. I mean overall they were all jsut fine, I'm just talking about the encourageble kids that need a little shaping up.
I am really excited for only 2 days of school next week. should go quite fast. I plan to bring a few boxes with me Tuesday , and after school I am going to sneak them into the office and decorate it all up for CHristmas as a surprise for when everyone returns. If you can picture down a hallway two classroom doorways on the left, and the first room is huge, and the second one is about a third deep but same in width. well those two rooms are our ESL classrooms and behind the smaller room is an office with doorways into each room. all my stuff is in there since I don't have a room. I've been getting it all cleaned up and organized and streamlined this week. my desk, the table in the middle of the room, boxes everywhere shelves etc..
I heard this thing on the radio last night about the movie "Sideways" and how the guy made the movie because it was a relationship between two buds, one a very sensual guy, and the other a very internalizing type guy. .. then I started thinking, which one am I. I think definitely the internalizing guy, I probably think way too much about what everything means or could mean or should mean etc etc... and I've never been the guy who just says, let's do it, bam. ok what's next? ha ha. does that make sense? Every now and then in life I catch someone looking at me and I'll think, does he know about my blog? ha ha, I mean rarely, but this one guy at a meeting yesterday, this younger new teacher was sort of catching my eye and smirking at my expressions about the meeting, well anyway, I caught myself thinking, does he know??? so random. Speaking of school jobs, did you see the school from OK on the news where the girls got locked into an elevator shaft? They had the maintenance inspected in two years. It was the bottom level doorway that you step down into when the elevator is in use above that floor. The door SHOULD automatically lock when the elevator is not on that floor, right? so these 4 girls walk inside and the last one shuts the door behind her ( hadn't they read Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?!?!!? about how Edmund foolishly shuts the wardrobe behind him and Lucy had sense to leave it slightly open!?!?!.. ha ) anyway, they got locked in and next thing they know the elevator is coming down. luckily one of the girls had a steel toed boot and she wedged in between the floor and machine as it came down about to crush them. OUCH for the millions of dollars in lawsuits that school is up against... I mean the girls had no right wondering around and opening doors forbidden to students, however school negligence safety etc... SUperintendent already aplogized and took full blame. I just hope it doesn't get too ugly. ok back to grading papers, so far topics are as such: Euthanasia, Hunting, Obey your govt-or not, discrimination, prayer in schools, Violent cartoons or not, animal testing, etc..

Thursday, November 17, 2011

healthy man!

this post in recognition of me finally making a dr appnt tomorrow 'cause I'm sick of waiting all week to get better and get my voice back. URGHHH!.. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


man I was banging my hand on the table stupidly trying to get the attention of students in the doorway to motion them GET INSIDE THE ROOM, and bruised my thumb at the knuckle. I'm the knucklehead now. I had lost my voice pretty much by last hour. feeling better overall though, throat not as sore, not coughing, just waiting for the thing to blow over and get my voice back. kids are actually sort of wonderful this week. I have to admit I love my job. a fellow teacher on our team, the one I share the newcomers with and her classroom twice a day, well she and I both were talking about the ESL curriculum coordinator position that came up at admin, and how neither of us really wanted it. thing is we are both really happy teaching and helping this group of kids right now. We discussed that it is a bit more pay, but its more work, meetings, traveling to schools blah blah, and we'd rather be teachers with students. hopefully I wont' regret that if the No child left behind waivers change anything for ESL programs. OK is one of 11 states that applied according to the news today.
thing is I know I like teaching and for long term, I'm not looking for an admin job longterm, longterm I'd like to see myself moving to higher ed at some point.
I got asked to go to a trip to Orlando in February with about 5 other teachers, so I got that to look forward to. Right now I'm just thnking about getting rid of this throat thing and my voice back and grading monday nights papers and tomorrow night's papers and getting them all returned/graded before Thanksgiving!! I'm already pulling up the ole Christmas music on Itunes , anyone else??? ha, I had to go to the dentist yesterday so I went and burned a cd of my last year's mix of music for the office. all right just two more days to go and WEEKEND!!! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

which one's the money shot....


not sure if I ever mentioned the "incident" that we were all emailed about last week at school. a gun was brought on campus at an afterschool activity.... well I found out this week it was during basketball practice in the gym and the coach talked the guy into giving him the gun.. dumb choice for that kid bringing it it the gym like that.
school's going well this week although the last two days I hardly had a voice to teach with!... ugh dang allergies.. last weekend and then by sunday night went down to my throat so now it's a sort of stuffed up laryngitis feel to it. but I think a day or two more I's bound to run it's course..
the brother of the girl who left on a bus back to Juarez today..well he got 5 days out of school suspension for using his cell phone in class 2nd offense and then being defiant and confrontational with another teacher basically he was standing in the door and as she was trying to walk into the room he didn't move. guy has some real anger/control issues. we'll see if he makes it back to school or not. just a 9th grade grow up and get with the program sort of thing. ugh
anyone watch that new show with zooey daschel? I like it. tonight's thanksgiving show was pretty funny. I know it's all the same sit com stuff after a while, but I like this one so far. I should be grading this stack of 20 essays but only got through 2 od 'em so far.. so much for getting them all done before THrusday night's class, ha. ahh well, gotta work hard for that NYC shopping money I guess.
I thought I'd leave the banner pic for a few days... I was thinking how it might serve as a metaphor for myself, all alone and pulled on by so many strings... etc.. ha ha. half joking. ---- I'm quite happy with all my choices and direction I'm going, not always but sometimes I feel alone and I'm aware I'm in complete control of that... tis true. :)


been watching some of her videos, and it's pretty funny. she's actually quite a good singer for real, this is just an act.....

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

what a guy

if you remember the pregnant 17yo girl in my class. well her last day was last Friday, she's going back to Mexico. we have on the other hand two new students a brother and sister from Monterrey. I was talking about something sad in class last week and the students were actually talking which city was more dangerous Monterey or Juarez.. gee whiz. what happened sad last week was that two former students of mine in Honduras lost their mom. She was a human rights lawyer in the capitol city, and she was gunned down in her car along with her secretary and driver. Her 24 yo daughter's facebook post the next day was so said, saying "There is nothing, nothing in this world that prepares you for your mother's death. Absolutely nothing." she wrote a few days later how she hopes to be half the woman her mom was, also again that one of her mom's favorite songs was Noviembre sin Ti, and she had heard it last week on the radio. her brother at 26 had pics posted of him carrying the casket. tomorrow they'll have a big celebration of life. THey were/are such a wonderful Christian family, I remember running into the family all together at functions now and then. there's another younger sister also. The mom had actually been shot at before and was hospitalized years ago, yet she never stopped fighting for better things for that country. SO sad and what a heroine. anyway, the new students I have in class come from a really good educational background so we are looking forward to getting them caught up to the level of the rest of the class who've been here a couple months already. hope everyone had a good weekend.

jimmy moreland is hot

love your buddy