Saturday, October 29, 2011

delay, no surprise....

we had a late night out fri at this pizza place in Brooklyn called Roberta's. It was very muy awesome pizza. yum. of course J and I arriving late on a Friday night, we had to wait about an hour for a table. but that gave my buddy L time to get there with 2 of his friends changing our table from 3 to 5. more wait ha, but once seated and excellent night with some REALLY tasty authentic pizza, oh the best! THere I am with 2 of my favorite former Central AMerican students, both grown up into such interesting careers and goals and such distinct personality. and 2 Brazilian girls who also were so interesting. and then of course we had some English language conversation with that sort of mix at a table. the girls' accent was charming and lovely. I've probably mentioned before how L since 7th grade is the exact same with his quick animated gestures. always talking with his hands and doing very direct sudden movements and wiggling his fingers. anyway I notice these things and always amused...
had the best of times, got home way too late. Up this morning and off to manhattan again with J on his way to work, some quick shopping, then back on the L to Bedford to have lunch with L at a French place called Fada, very good place! then back to J's apt to pick up my stuff and make my sad long trek to the airport. Yes, I looked online for cancellations... and continental said on schedule. so I trekked in the SNOW UGH quite a few stupid blocks with my now heavier shoulder bag with the laptop and all, and my carryon bag packed chuck full of everything and new things ugh!!!
next the L to 6 to grand central. express bus to Newark, checked in to find they had already rebooked me on a flight Monday morning. WHAT I DON"T THINK THATS GONNA WORK. ha stood in line for about an hour and got a guy to help me find a ticket, and he prints my boarding pass for a flight tomorrow SUNDAY at 3pm... oh please let's hope that the airport has flights going out SUnday!!!!! oh please oh please don't let it be overbooked etc!!! whewwwwwwwweeeehoooo!.... the rest is boring, I end up on the bus back to nyc, apparently the M doesn't run on weekends so even longer trek back here to the apt in brooklyn.... central and troutman if you know brookyville.
the fun part of the night though were all the costumes on everyone in the subway stations. that was cool. ok, going to crash. back in okc soon let's hope. :)


Friday, October 28, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I recall... central park in fall...

today with J all day was trade center site, protesters, metro up to 110th, central park, and walking all the way back to 10th for some AWESOMENESS gelatto at this place near union square with tomorrow some running around on my own. :)

clearly you dont think.....

thanks for the comments, definitely hear the concern there dear readers. :)
I'm extremely conscious about balancing on that fine line between wearing clothes that a college kid would wear versus an adult versus a muscled up gay dude living the circuit party life. ha, I can get away with some looks not with others. I quit wearing the fitted tighty shirts a while back thinking, ok no reason to try that hard to show it off. and of course I never shop Hollister type clothes, I mean huge older muscle circuit guys with required tattoos all over can pull it off in groups MAYBE, but not for Dan. I am working on developing my own style regardless of age or trend. And was just thinking the same yesterday about what's trend or what's classic. For example the black and grey basic turtlenecks I want at Uniqlo for $12 are something I can wear and layer as filler clothes in my wardrobe with a lot of looks. The printed hoodie though had a native American design.-- the whole Navajo print is a real trend right now, and one I gave consideration to whether I'd purchase it or not(I already have the hoodie sweater from last winter here), and really it's a sort of trend I thought I really liked and said yeah, embrace it! thus the Deisel shirt. anyway, hope that clears it up. yes I'm extremely sensitive of just that point of view. thanks seriously for all comment, love to hear it all.
btw about the Diesel store, I had some flashbacks to working on base overseas, there were a couple guys in there older French sort all muscled up and trying on clothes and this one guy. oh my. had on this tight v neck t shirt with some hair on the chest and pecs bulging. whoah. just love a hot muscled up military French guy with some hair loss and looking HOT. ha
also got to say once I was in Grand Central, I kept noticing guys thinking " Man that's a tall drink of water!" whoah. so good to get out of OKC and all the same people I see every day and start noticing all the different sorts out there. loving it! btw, the guy from Wall Street I went out with two years ago while here contacted me on a social network after noticing I was here in town. sweet maybe get to see him again.
-- Un mas cosa... I don't lean on my parents for anything other than love and support. I happened to be a mile away from their place and so they helped me out getting a tow to my truck etc.. I will most likely have a Mexican mechanic buddy of mine do the work at a very good price on my truck.
-- oh yeah, anonymous. thanks tons for the truck advice. I love hearing it. You got me all inspired. I will email you back when I get a chance. I've read every word and thanks again.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dan in NYC!

arrived on time and was express bussed in to grand central by 1pm. walked around 5th and 52rd today, til my bud got off work then a late lunch, next a walk to Time Square and the Metro to his place. Sleeping soundly on the couch tonight here at his apt in Brooklyn. Excellent balcony view of the city across the way. tomorrow planning for the 9/11 memorial and then Central Park! came up with these pics on the fly supposed to be Central park inspired. :)
found a muy cool Diesel shirt today on 5th ave, perhaps making a purchase tomorrow. shopped Uniqlo and am waiting to see just what printed hoodie I want to take back. :) more later Dan is now ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gregg, yes high of 50 and 51 THrs and Fri....

Gregg, thanks , yes I have lists made for all stops and places for Dec w/ the sisters.
this trip will be hang time with former students and me wandering around the city discovering everything. :) I see there is MUCH rain forcasted for THursday so I am packing my super comfy DOc Marten's, a black and a white pair. otherwise I think I'm alright with layering clothes, jackets, and will get and umbrella once there no doubt.
I've decided to bring my North Face black jacket for cold wet weather although it is really conventional and sort of here and gone trend. but heck, can't beat functional.
here are some pics of what I packed and some outfits I planned, things that I can mix and match, and then hopefully I'll buy a few things new and wear those. I want to find Ina and Fisch for the Hip or Tokio Seven NY to see what a NY consignment store is like. otherwise I'll take it as it comes. I know there is Calder exhibit I might try and see, when I get there I'll be checking what museums have what and plus my buds there may have suggestions. also I'll be tracking down the Marc Jacob stores you mentioned this trip. muchas muchas gracias for the comments! will take any suggestions. I might try to train out to Long Island sometime this week and take a picture of the house my mom grew up in in LittleNEck but only if I'm brave enough. prolly will remain in downtown most of the time....:)
Tomorrow I'm wearing brown jeans on the plane because they're more comfy than the slim fit black or blue pair of H&M jeans I'm packing. also wearing my Sanuk slipon's comfy and easy for air travel. I hate to pack the big bulky white docs but they are super comfy and will be perfect to wear in the rain and with my vintage Bauhaus T. The last pic I can go casual with the FleetFox T or the sweater that matches the green,brown, or black bottoms. I had a great day off today getting ready for the trip and for class tonight. off to college now to get more prepping in for tonight's class and then back home to get everything ready right by the door for tomorrow morning. :)
If you see a bearded guy in a BAUHAUS T or ORange hat, say HI! :)


more speedo before fall settles in....

sign for SEXY

now for something completely different...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

buddy lovin'

sci fi techno anyone?

Crisis averted

been without my keys all day. up this morning grading papers and watching Andrew Mukamel blog posts and getting ready for church etc... started looking for my keys and no going. I used the spare key to get to church and back. ate lunch at Citybites then graded papers and walked around the house and yard and looked everywhere etc... retraced all steps of yesterday, in the freezer, the sink, under the couch, this pile of things in the spare room where I'm getting packed for my trip Tuesday, no...well I figured if I'm looking in the fridge for my keys it's time to just relax and grade more papers and wait a bit til they find me.
I later focused on my room 'cause I had a bit of headache after too much pizza for lunch and napped a bit with the tv on in there. Went ahead a put clothes away that I usually leave stacked up on one side of my bed because there's only me and I sleep on the same side every night anyway. ha. THen I decided ot change my bedsheets, they were a bit behind on their.......errrrr... monthly change, let's say.
and then as I restacked pillows and put on blankets. I decided to set my alarm for tomorrow morning so I'll get up early tomorrow morning and thus make it easier to wake up for my flight Tuesday morning. YUP! right there between the lamp and alarm clock under a kleenex. my KEYS! wonderful day.
OKC can't be very happy today, the rain delay really threw off OU last night and they , I can't say it,.... they..... lost. whooooo after 39 straight home game wins, not since 2005!!!! and they lose to of all teams Texas Tech.. oh my! of course I give no credit to TExas Tech, I blame it on the rain. It was actually to blame on 3 defensive lineman not being able to play last night from what I understand.
I was speaking to my dad today about changing out the ball joints on my truck and we never ever communicate well when it comes to car stuff. He's a solid no it all mechanic, actually he's a retired avionics engineer. ANd I love him to death but I have to remember to not discuss anything car. I expect to have this person like me listening and explaining and correcting etc.. but he's more of an impatient sort that says no, no you can't and what are you talking about etc... ha. I drove home thinking how I was going to do it all myself at home just to SPITE him!!!! seeing that he has a shop in his backyard and probably all the tools I'd need. Ever since he retired he just pays a garage in town to fix their cars ha. but growing up he kept all our cars going for years, and that's with 5 kids in the family. now he rebuilds 42 Fords and such. blah My older brother is an industrial engineer and I'm the ENglish major. But you know what I'm certified in ENglish and Math so I know I stil have some of my dad's math skills and I guarantee I could change out anything on my truck given the right tools/materials etc.. One thing I'm exactly like my dad is I'm willing to try anything once, and also can get bored of something once I know I've accomplished it. ha for example by dad has a lathe in his woodshop and learned how to turn a few bowls and then that was that. thank the good Lord I also got a creative side though, absolutely.
had a call from my Austin bud last night, we daydreamed about visiting NYC together again someday without his superglum boyfriend like last time we were there Dec '09. I had sent him a pic of us in Rockefeller square last night as a little memory. He's doing great and I told him we must travel somewhere together while he's between bf. and no we are never and never will be an item, he's like my gay brother so to speak. we're both very respectful of the others paths in life etc blah blah. I don't know where I'm going with this.
ok well back to my papers and maybe a bike ride here in a bit since I skipped the gym all weekend. I'm going to do some final prep on my packing tonight and maybe I'll get a post up of just what I'm bringing like I did when I lived overseas and travelled with one carryon. cheers for those leaving the comments. my rugbysex buddy has been in the hospital all weekend so he's my most consistent commenter.

born free

I think I'm gonna check out this flagship store in NYC, also Uniqlo, Lacoste, and I dunno if burkman bros has a store. taking all suggestions from you NYC sort.
QUicksilver of course always on my list in Times Square.
I've addded Paula Rubenstien antique store in Soho on my list as well. :P