Saturday, September 17, 2011

sat night AUS

the day was a great one. I got to bed pretty late, and then woke up in the middle of the night with my bud H on the phone with his exbf going on and on about something fighting about honesty and decisions etc I dunno I was awoken and then trying to get back to sleep. ha I woke up to an empty condo, my bud was gone to work by 8. I laid around and flipped channels, a lot of the cable ones I don't have. graded some papers. and then finally got out of the house by 11 to run around AUSTIN. I rode my bike down Lamar to a furniture store I really enjoy going in here in town called the Khazana and next over towards Congress for some pizza by the slice for lunch. and then shopped The Stag, and I got a pretty cool shirt I'm excited to wear to homecoming in a couple weeks in AR. IT's a Burkman bros long sleeve night, sort of brown with a reddish orange narrow patterned stripes and Navy collar and sleeve cuffs.. anyway, I'm already in love with it and wearing it now. I had to try it on for my bud and R who came down from dallas. I hung out some more on congress and biked back home, my bud H and I relaxed a bit until R got here around 5 then we walked down towards the ACL and had some dinner at P Terry's. tonight we're just hanging out watching OU FOOTBALL> Hell yeah! been a great game but it sucks now cause we're tied! ugh.. come on OU!!! ha ha.
hope all are having a good weekend.

austin loves bob schneider

tattoos are so Austin....

Friday, September 16, 2011


between you and me, I'm ready to get this weekend over with. It's just too much of a long ass drive for the ACL. I regret getting a SUnday ticket and having to take Monday off, but ahh wellll.. I don't know maybe after tomorrow and the next day of concerts things will be all right. but I just arrived and there was rain all the way from the red river to north of WACO! whew. took a lot longer than usual, traffic ALWAYS ALWAYS held up in Ft worth so the rain didn't help much. I got here right as the ACL for Friday let out so getting south on lamar from 6th street was CRAZY. my bud's in the bath tub and once he's done I'm in the shower and then into bed to CRASH.
we'll see if some shopping around tomorrow will help lighten spirits. one good thing is an ex bf of my buddy's is coming from Dallas who's pretty cool and fun to hang with, that will make for a more fun weekend no doubt. later zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, September 15, 2011

iphone case

I thought this was pretty cool.
check the website here if you like this phone case.


Monday, September 12, 2011

thanks for that

just thanking God tonight for the run in I had with a former student at the college I teach at Monday night. on my way to my adjunct office for the hour I put in before class, I ran into a former highschool kid from my old job. I taught him Englihs when he arrived to USA in 2006. great guy, I couldn't remember his name and he just wouldn't say it and just kept laughing and denying that I really knew him. was quite fun. we talked and caught up, he finally if I was going somewhere, and then followed me to my office and talked and talked more. Why I'm thankful is he kept telling me what an impact I'd had on his English and how he'd always remembered me etc etc..he graduated in 2008 and is now in college. it was a lot of fun and he finally hinted his last name upon leaving and I remembered his first name immediately ugh! he's already on my facebook so I told him when he left i'd find out anyway. great great kid.
we agreed on meeting up again on a Monday earlier before my office hours on campus somehwere and catch up. I had a group of kid from India while at my old job and they are the most well-raised kind people. It was difficult to see them come to the states so wide eyed and open to new things, and then to put up with the joking and harsh cruel world of high school. But it's good to see the kindness and goodheartedness remains in most. chalk that up to their families staying involved in the church and communities. and not only that but I've seen on facebook the several activities they do, and even the volunteer work they constantly do. amen to all that.
otherwise my day was my usual Monday, up at the gym swimming laps at 530. and the one eventful thing is I show up and am teaching first hour and then another teacher's calss shows up at my door to move desks in. turns out today was the day we were changing rooms, no heads up at all!! ugh. well I just smiled in turn and sent my kids to the room we'd planned on using once I started traveling.. I strive on got my bat ready for whatever that school throws at me next! I'm thrilled just to get this day over with and actually able to come home after school tomorrow at 3pm. woot woot. hope everyone had a better start to the week. I wore a dress shirt and black tie today just in sort of honor of the whole 9/11 thing. I put the painting from below up on the screen at my night class and solicited comments from the class about the claim it made and meaning etc... I am feeling pretty good about my job and work lately, HAS to be the change in weather, but also the part about taking off next Monday since I"ll be driving back from AUSTIN CITY LIMITS!!! woo hoo. latest news is that my bud H and I are going on SUnday only, and Saturday tickets aren't going to work out after all. also his ex bf fell off the wagon after 1 year sobriety, and he may or may not be going with us etc etc etc blah blah blah I don't care I'll have fun regardless just getting back down to good ole sunny Austin TX! Friday come on soon... :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

cycle of terror and tragedy

this work actually wasn't well received by the art world, yet I think it definiteley remains a thought provoking masterpiece of art.