Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

who else survived the week....

it's over and I made it.. .I went back to work on Wed at the public school I work at. arrived at 7:10 and then around 9:30 was out of there on my way to the last class of the community college class I taught this summer. It went well, showing the film Helvetica and doing their final essay . I was feeling sentimental as usual and told them all what a great class they'd been. after class I was on my way home for a quick sandwich and then changed to go to the water park with a friend from out of town and her 2 boys. they picked me up around 230 and we went and played and swam and rode the rides. lots of fun and lots of hot sun, man how awful it was like 105 out wednesday what are we, crazy? ha
yesterday was a teacher meeting all morning and then after lunch I found out about an opening at the admin office for a position I think I could actually be good at. I applied for it online and will now just wait and see I guess. :)funny thing to note here, I saw this guy at the admin building today who I thought FOR SURE was "part of the family" as they say in the military for gay guys.... I had asked him what he did this summer and said since he just got married, he and his wife just stayed in the city etc etc etc... wife? wow, ok cool.
As much I was dreading teaching again at the school I was at last year, and the dark gloomy cloud that was approaching all summer... well it's not so bad, I kind of like being experienced with a year already behind me, knowing teachers at the school already, getting back into my classroom, and so far not too big of classes.... I'll find out more next week and then really by the end of August since a lot of families don't return from Mexico until then anyway. blah blah. lots of new teachers this year so that is cool and fun to meet new staff... many jsut out of college whoah! that will be interesting indeed.
I've been emailing my Austin buddy about going back to Santa Fe next summer. I told him all I need is a hot young boyfriend like he has to take with me so the four of us can get a 2 bedroom place. ha.... I better start getting back to Banana Republic at the mall and start looking for Isaac, the hottie boy said hi to me once there. mmm
hey I really appreciate the comments lately. thanks tons. Rambler, no I'm not holding back on love, just hadn't thrown myself into anything, I guess I'd have to say I had a crush on a friend in college at one point and that ended and he never had any interest in me anyway, even though I know he HAS to be gay now living away life divorced in the marines... love...hhmmmm well the ex gf from okc I thought for sure was the one and felt somewhat in love with her until we broke it off. now I don't know I think I'd make a really good partner. I know I'd be giving gifts and running around having adventures, travel, the physical part, arms around, hugs, touch of the shoulder, back, back of the neck. all those nice things... but nope no head over hills in love with anyone so much. which is sad 'cause I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, I know since I love movies like that. just answering a question, not saying I'm pining away for that....also thanks for the comment about traveling to Greece. I'm going to look into that for fall break. nothing for sure yet, but I know I want to get away to somewhere. ONE huge motivator is we just got an extra months paycheck, because since we're starting school early, there was still last year's fiscal year check for August and then now that we're starting up we get this year's check on normal schedule for this year. man I had a green ink pen come open in my right front pocket today and had this dark green spot show up in front. oops.. it washed right out in the sink when I got home though, will throw 'em in the wash. what movies are you guys seeing this weekend? I'm excited to see a few if I ever get a chance, Cowboys and ALiens and crazy funny love, or whatever something like that. I really like Ryan Gosling. Did anyone see Lars and the Real Girl yet?? I told you to a few years back, it's an excellent little film. cue it up, now!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

from Santa Fe trip '09....

just remembering past summers today... mine is ending for this year...

Monday, July 25, 2011

ready for bed yet?

have you seen Shelter?

blog reader Nate recommended watching this gay movie "shelter" and it's in 6 parts on Youtube if want to check it out. OVerall, good flick, it's sort of a gay surfer coming out love story with parents conveniently out of the picture and a sort of "gay man's family dream" ending... but other than all the cliche's in the film and all the swearing so we understand just how BUTCH the guys are in the film, it's a great love story and very well acted, (the brother more so than the sister). And it's kind of fun to see the usual back and forth love/rejection that some guys deal with. also it's cool to see guys acting like guys gay or not whatever.
anyone seen this film? what'd you think? go check it out sometime.
I also watched "White", a new BBC show offered up on HULU. It's interesting, sort of a redux of the tv series "Chef" with the black chef, no? we shall see...
you know, I haven't been really pursuing guys or anything much lately, but watching that SHELTER made me wonder what it'd be like to be IN LOVE etc etc blah blah..
I've been getting some emails from my Austin bud, really sweet, about me living in Austin near him and it made me think that I want to get a hot young boyfriend too, and then he and I can go back to Paris with our b/f and have some FUN.. :)
oh man!!!!! this is my last night of staying up late... boo . Tomorrow night I'll be crashing early and up ready for teacher work days back at public high school job. alas. on the other hand I'm already accounting my funds and seeing what trips I can manage for fall break. today I found that travelling from NYC to Madrid is more affordable than Paris or London.. anyway have a suggestion of where I should go this fall, I just got to get out of the coutnry again soon!!! ha cheers all.