Saturday, July 09, 2011

summer shelves...

i think I might have posted this painting before, but I'm not sure. I bought it last fall from a former college roomie. awesome great nice guy who's now married with kids and working as an oil impressionist painter and freelance artist for a card company. Anyway, it really is true in life that if you're good at buying certain things you really like that fit your style.....,eventually they all come together. I have not yet had this painting framed, but I got out my collection of Frankoma tiki mugs, thinking how similar the colors were, and used that as a sort of frame here on the shelves around this summer-y shuffleboard scene. (i may lose the yellow one, it just came in the mail from ebay a week ago..) 107 here in OKC today and hot hot hot. hope everyone is staying indoors and keeping COOL. :) cheers

Thursday, July 07, 2011

shopping HAUL Austin....

Thought I'd post about my shoppng ventures in Austin last weekend. I already mentioned stopping by STAG Austin store. If you are in AUstin this weekend, they are having their HUGE

weekend Flea Market sale so make sure to stop by while making your rounds walking up and down Congress street. IF NOT in Austin , why not go online and get another summer t-shirt? or other? you can shop online at this link here at STAG AUSTIN. I was impressed they have a link to a blog site and even a tumbler site - ha the Tumblr stays true to their style and personality of the store. well done guys!
I'm posting photos of my purchases. the blue and red shirt I bought at the store, blue for me, red for my buddy H. and then I bought another red one and a navy one online to send as gifts to my former students in NYC. why not. the t-shirts are printed on Alternative brand shirts. which are that perfect comfy blend of cotton,poly,rayon. they are as comfy as a "threadbare" t-shirt but hang well and last longer in the wash.
I was curious about the Native American theme printed on the t-shirts and one of the owners mentioned their inspiration of Indian summer.Same guy was originally from OK so it made perfect sense, and I was sold. :)
I'm includeing a photo of my other purchases, a striped polo shirt, again super comfy and fits right and shows arms nice with the shorter sleeves. ha also I bought a graphic novel in the form of a comics page, C.Ware's McSweeney's issue 33. AND the one thing I'll buy maybe once a year, an issue of FRAME magazine. hefty price at $19.95 but man I could read and look at the pics is that thing for a LONG TIME, gets ideas just flowing in my mind. I tried to get the shooting star hydrangea in the pic, also at the bottom left is the Mexican Red bird of paradise shrub I'm going to attempt to grow here in OKC... can't wait to get back to AUSTIN! good weekend to all.

p.s. check out SHOEBACCA for some great shoes sales going on this week, free shipping etc...

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

back to it

decided to drive back early and made the drive last night back to OKC right at 6 hours between 5 and 11pm.. Austin was not having any fireworks what with the fire ban and drought and all. It was actually sort of fun driving up on I35 past Noble, Norman, Moore and then OKC and seeing the fireworks going off as I was getting back home after dark. SUch an AMerican Cultural tradition, all over the land you see displays of the holiday in all the different thing that definitely helped was I called a reader who I've emailed with a few times and we talked about everything gay and Christian and everything I've said on the blog etc etc... was great to talk to you Nate and also thanks tons for keeping me awake while driving those last few hours. :)
I had such a great time in Austin, and yes I've considered living there many times and searched for ESL job openings etc..even searched again today. ha but right now not so much out there. I did find a job I could have definitely done the next 3 weeks in austin working fulltime at as an ESL teacher at the college for a summer session class. BUT since I got my college class here, not going to work. Otherwise I would have applied just for fun, found a place to stay on Craigslist and just moved down for 3 weeks!!! ha, oops well that is if I wasn't going back early to my real job this summer AUG 1st. blah fun to dream, that city is so much fun, I was biking all over the place and I swear give me 5 days in a city and I feel like I belong there already. THe one problem with moving to Austin is also the housing. I'd really want to live between Lamar and Congress somewhere between RIverside and Olturf. and an old run down small small bungalow like mine would start at 210k and go up from there. just 'cause of the location. whoah! actually if I had to I'd look for a place east of I35 east of the TU campus and south to downtown. that area is still near downtown and more affordable.
Guess what, remember the girl I saw at my homecoming last fall and started messaging some back and forth, she blond, blue eyed, tall, gorgeous, Christian, travel minded, single etc.... well anyway, she just happened to be in Austin last weekend also, I noticed on her facebook and messaged her, hey I'm in Austin too! ha. we met up for lunch yesterday with another fellow college friend, a girl she met there in AUstin for the weekend,. she had just gotten back from 2 weeks in Kenya with a college group so we were sharing travel stories. Man all I can ever think of is if I weren't messed up with the whole homosexuality thing, I'd pursue her in a heartbeat. although seeing that she lives in Minn it's not too likely anyway. also wouldn't want to break her heart either, but you know how deeply sad and depressed I get when I think of never having children. I've pretty much about given up on the dream, however if I were to come into a LOT of money in the next few years, I guess there's always the option of having my sperm put in a woman in India and have a baby that way. I hear it starts at around 35k. so pretty affordable, and I just know a half Dan half Indian kid would be the cutest kid ever! ha ha. ok enough rambling.
so after lunch on Congress street at pizza by the slice across the street from Guero's, I went to a "pool party" with my buddy H and his bf JM. It was an interesting group of AA Austinites with the majority in tattoos although mixed gay/lesbian/straight crowd overall. also there was no actual pool, but a blow up jump inside thing that had a slide on the side you climbed up and slid down with water running down from a sprinkler at the top. kids stopped at the blow up wall at the bottom but adults went right over that part into a blow kiddie pool full of ramen noodles and water, and eventually water and mud and noodles. ha., that was entertaining for a while. we met a few gay guys from Austin and then went back to the condo so I could pack and head out and head home! :)
I am working the next 5 days in a row at the waterpark, that's right all through the weekend but thank goodness only 12-5 on Fri (hear that S buddy in okc?) and saturday morning and then SUnday night. whew, I got to make up for all the days off last week I guess, earn some money to pay back all I spent on gas and tshirts. :)
hope all are having a good weekend and had a bit of fun over the holidays. cheers.