Saturday, July 02, 2011

splash mob today

I was there but across the street out of view in this vid from youtube... :) fun fun CITY!!!
after the splash mob event, went to barton springs dog park, waded around and checked so many hot shirtless guys there, just packed. next off to set up for a fundraiser for the gay AA roundup event next spring, and then dinner, then the AA talent show, and next club RAIN, man been a while since I've been at an actual gay club, wore my lucky Postal Service shirt that fits just right and got some good good looks. but this dan wasn't looking just hanging with my austin buds and we were out of there within an hour. Thanks austin for such a great fun day!

austin times

great time so far, Thursday I went by the Khazahna store on 9th and Lamar. pretty cool store full of imported furniture from India. always awesome and I plan to go to their warehouse today Sat morning just to look around. next I met my bud's bf, JM, for lunch at P Terry's on Lamar, great ground chicken sandwich. met his friend phillip who turns out used to be a gogo dancer at the clubs in OKC. that afternoon I drove around some more checking out nurseries Sledd and Great Outdoors. I bought a red hibiscus and 2 Mexican red bird of paradise plants, Caesalpinia pulcherrima. although they won't winter in OKC I plan to put them in a pot and see if I can bring them in during winter and then have an amazing show next summer from their color. Stag men's clothing store was next.... very very cool store! one of the owners actually from OKC and they are always friendly and helpful. they carry some really top of the line brands like Burkman Bros and RLR etc.. .however also carry brands like Topshop and other that provide a range of prices. The style and personality of the store is carefully thought our and presented well. I got a few shirts while there. took JM to work at Whole foods. We recieved a message that Adrian Brody was in the store but no luck in a sighting, ha ---- bought some flowers for a nice welcome home from work for my austin bud. Also bought a shooting star hydrangea with JM's discount......after getting back to my bud's condo I road my bike over to the YMCA and ran on the treadmill, then swam some laps. and came home in time to eat a pbj sandwich. by bud got home from work and we biked up to whole foods again so he could eat dinner and talk to the bf, and I had some gelatto. later after JM was off work, we all went out to an "underground" Karaoke bar called EGO. very cool place and lot's of fun sing-a-long. we were all home lights out by 1am I think.
Friday was FUN, I took my bud to work and then had lunch with a former student that I had taught in Central AMerica while working at a missionary school there. He is 26 now and married and working here in AUSTIN. lunch was at Chez Zee and I highly recommend the chicken with pecan sauce.... YUM! my former student and I talked on and on and I got to ask him all about college experience and current goals and continuance of faith etc.. awesome times. we also reminisced about pupusa and baleadas. :) ok now this next thing is a TRUE STORY! I went to check out Men' Servicewear, another men's clothing store on COngress. I locked my keys in my pickup!! (i had my cellphone in my hand thinking it was keys, as I'm not used to carrying the cell). what luck--- ugh. I went ahead and shopped some in the Men's servicewear store and the very kind and very CUTE guy there googled some locksmiths and I called one, about $45 to come out... ughh so I called my austin buddy H and he said to come over to his work and get his triple A car... I called his bf, JM, who came over to get me and said, hey I can help you with that - let's get lunch first.
lunch again? okay.... we ate at Guero's taco bar on Congress, and JM pointed out the cute cute little Honduran guy that works there who sat us at a table. THis cute little guy was an ex hook up of my bud H. and so he kept grinning at our table. DANG IT, I didn't find out he was Honduran until after lunch or I would have used some spanish to flirt a little. ha
JM started googling "how to break into a Ford Ranger" and found the youtube video posted here. we left after lunch, went out to my truck, played the video a few more times. and as my antenna was not easy to remove and I had a wire hangar in the back of my pickup (for occasions such as this). we used the antenna, jiggered it a round and withen 5 minutes, ABSOLUTELY WORKED! door unlocked and I had my keys. yippee. :)
JM went back home to nap and I shopped around Congress a bit more.
returned home to make some Chocolate chip cookies and then later we all went to a dinner party of 10 gay guys. wow at a very extrememely cool remodeled house near us by the Alamo theater. basically it 3 gay couples, one in from CA, and then H and JM, and then me and a guy that rented a room at the house named Derrick. ha. anyway lots of good conversation, talking, and discussing. really great time! hugs all around and saying goodbye etc..
today we venture on, the furniture store, take H to work, then I'm off to grade essays at a coffee shop, Halcyon, until JM is finished with his errands and meeting me for lunch... We're supposed to try and go to a flash mob splash mob taking place on 6th street at 230pm, but I'm undecided... tonight is a "queer idol" roundup fundraiser for the gay AA convention here in Austin next spring. good weekend to all!

thanks to those that keep us FREE...

Friday, July 01, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

towell anyone...

made it

drove the 6 hours straight down to Austin yesterday, from okc through ft worth to austin. what a crazy drive, purely mind numbing. I was slapping myself in the face a few times between ft wth and waco just to stay awake. ugh. I'm not sure what the deal is with ftworth but I couldn't find a single NPR news station until getting near austin. I mean I need some talk radio to keep my mind going on drives like that. I was having discouraging thoughts on Ft worth anyway for the traffic getting through downtown (granted I hit the place right at 5). but between that and no npr radio news. ughhhh. ha ha. what a joy to reach austin, exit on Oltorf and stop at the HEB for some milk and eggs and such. arrived at 830, my bud H and I changed into shorts and took our bikes over to whole foods downtown. man it's amazing how many gay guys were all over the place in there. My bud said hi to quite a few people, I got some pizza then we both had some gelatto. He had coconut and I had the caramel cookie flavor, which I highly recommend!
excellent start to the vacation. we watched some Die Hard on tv while in bed waiting for the boyfriend to get home from work. His bf is the greatest nicest guy. full of energy and ready to host me in austin the whole weekend. all sorts of plans so I'm excited for it. This morning I was going to go with him to volunteer and paint this women's shelter place, but I decided to take my bud to work instead and then shop some while he's working. hope everyone's getting through the week all right, weekend is coming!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

gone fishin'

AUSTIN get ready....

getting myself packed up tonight, got my bud's gate code and should arrive down there hopefully by 8pm tomorrow night... (wed). Right now we got morning runs on the list and a few weekend bike rides. On my list of things to do; Stag, Service Menswear, Sledd nursery, Great Outdoor's nursery, and I'm taking any suggestions along those lines of shopping...btw.
I know it will be SUPER hot in Austin this next week I'm down there, but I'll also be inside grading the 18 essays due from tomorrow mornings class. THere is also a weekend trip planned to my bud's boyfriend's family's cabin somewhere outside of Austin. thus my purchase of the pajamas for the trip. Also I guess I'll be packing some bug spray. tonight I'll be testing out the timers I've set up to keep everything watered while Im' gone. there are just a few plants out of reach of anything that I might hit up the neighbor boy to come water while I'm gone. we'll see, I might just chance them dying. so far our weather is predicted a heat wave the next 7 days. oh boy. and here I'll be driving down in that tomorrow afternoon. yuck I prefer driving in the cool of the morning EARLY, but I prefer more getting away as soon as possible when I've taken days off.
I have found out that the guy from my math class that I was crushing on last weekend, well he's not married legally but has the same live in GIRL friend for so many years might as well be. I mean I knew he was completely straight and all but he was alone and all.... ha ha. the mind does search out every single possibility doesn't it. good Tuesday to all.
ED. THe pajamas pants are just for hanging around the house in, something I rarely ever do in OKC as I'm always dressed and out the door somewhere or in the yard. That and I'm a sort of a Monocle fiend and when I see something in their magazine and I like and consider useful and not too outrageous, I'll buy it. "my one weakness" I could say......(from Lark Rise to Cndlfrd, ha)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

winning time...!

Absolute BLAST

man I had a great time last night reuniting with a bunch of my high school friends. I was pretty much saying hey to most of the people there and catching up with some of my closer friends. Most of us looked the exact same, only some quite bigger girls and guys but over all everyone in great shape. ONe of my friends from school was an olympic gold medalist and he showed up we were all hanging out the same as ever. Great guy and it was funny 'cause a high school state championship team came in the restauarant and recognized him and wanted a picture with him etc etc.. so we razzed him the rest of the night about his fan club. but he was loving, he said I think it's awesome I got yelled at while here. ha anyway I was buds with two twin guys on the football team, guys I hang out with cause we all 3 had a rep for being sober and non-partiers etc.. I mean were there at the parties but not drinking or smoking pot etc... anyway, there are both great guys and I talked a lot with their wives just to be nice and trying to entertain 'em while my buds J and B walked off to visit with everyone. I also saw one of my best friends from high school, this girl who is a lesbian and married now here in okc. that was awesome and we promised each completely to see each other more, just hang out anytime etc. and get this a gay friend I know in OKC through my buddy S showed up, turns out his brother was married to a girl I grew up next door too. ha.. so I was walking by him telling him comments on the guy in town from dallas who was in all my math classes in high school. oh man I was crushing a little bit. this guy was real smart and shy and played football and is now a mechanical engineer and I remember the last reunion how nice and friendly he was and a little more talkative ha. I got to figure out if he's married or not, although I have him pegged as straight right up. hmmm
so I ran into my prom date who was a year behind me. she walked in and I walked right over to say. damn she looked GREAT , turns out she body build and competes. she was there with her boyfriend J who was 5'11 although about same as me in his boots. and he said he weighed 230lbs but was about 200 2 weeks ago for the competition. ha he was a muscle stud. of course I'm catching up with her and checking out all her pics on her phoneof them both at the event. ANd i was trying to make some small talk and start in his eyes. I'll admit I was taking advantage of him not knowing anyone there and having someone to talk to. ha ha. hot damn, but anyway, I moved on I wasn't gonna waste time jsut standing there saving mental images all night... ha I talked to a bunch of guys and girls there from school about their kids and lives and works etc.. personally I was proud of myself not going on too much about going overseas as I usually don't bring it up and start the long story of blah blah blha, but a few good conversations, the kind you really want to catch up with each other. I was asked why I left teaching at our former school, and I say I went overseas, and then they ask where, and that leads into " Well I taught in Affgnisstan... etc.. so my gold medalist buddy and I talked about it some, and he told me all about his kids and going to sports camp and how he is amicable with his ex wife these days ( I trade rides to school and back all the time with his ex wife in school as she lived up the street). Another time it came up was with the guy I crushed on a little bit, he spoke to me about where I'd traveled and how he'd like to travel but for work etc.. some girls we were talking to said nice things about me, my looks and being in shape etc... I never know what to say to that other than. nah.. I dunno about that. but of course I love hearing it. but ya know, you can be mildly good looking and hung but still single and alone when you are confused about the whole ordeal and bound by faith what with dealing with it all.
The best thing about the night was not getting asked anything about being married or not being married or kids or etc etc (whether I'm gay or not etc or dating anyone etc). that was nice, in fact everyone was just glad to see each other and catch up and say how are you , what are you doing, etc etc.. I'd have to say there awas only about 40 or so of a class of 325. but still awesome time. OH and btw the guy I emailed, the guy I hung out with my entire senior year, well he didn't come, he was a year behind us anyway, he confirmed as attending on facebook but I guess there wre a lot who confirmed and didn't show anyway.
I'm looking forward to our get together in November, we talked about it last night. OH yeah and I got some comments on my shirt, always good. and a close friend of mine that I also went to OSU with, he had on SUnuks and I gave him a hard time and we joked about who's been wearing 'em longer, (I have, seriously).
One more thing, if you're still reading this post.... I ran into this other super smart guy from my class who is now some sort of financial planner at an institution in Norman, married with kids etc. and I got a vibe, he kept saying "you look really good man, you look great, etc.. ha ha. and saying how we had to have lunch and if I was ever in norma, his schedule was always open at work more or less and we HAD to have lunch etc etc... man I tell ya I would go to lunch with him but please no confessionals. He's a great guy but not my type really I mean as far as him trying to cometo me or anything, well plus he's married. and yes I know some guys just need some one to listen, I can do that, no prob. we'll see if anything goes or not.
I come away knowing if I hang out with my lesbian friend in okc a bit more, I'm bound to meet more gay guys around in the city ( seriously though, you know how in any city this size, you pretty much already know every gay guy out there, right?)
I am feeling good about going to Austin, very confident, and also feel more confident consdiering that cute kid at Banana republic, ha no I'd never! :P
hope you all had a great weekend. I saw the movie "bad teacher" with S Friday night and we had NO TIME to go by the BR store... alas. movie was funny enough. and Saturday I got an oil change in prep for driving to AUSTIN and got two new tires on my bud's bicyclye I'm bringing with me to ride. spent too much on sprinkler timers and hoses blah. also ordered some pajama pants from MONOCLE magazine to be shipped to my bud's in Austin for when I get there. ha ha, man 3 more days and I'm OUT OF THIS PLACE. leave a comment and tell me what you guys are up to for the 4th!

love his accent impression... ha