Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm on a boat!

no deal

Hey guys I appreciate all the support on my job search. My former school already hired someone for the position I was wanting. but it's all good, I still have a full time job this fall and that's a lot more than a lot of people in this economy. so I'm glad to have another month of summer to enjoy before getting back to work Aug 1.
tonight is a high school reunion and I'm excited to see who shows up and what sort of stories people remember that I don't. Also of course seeing who all has kids etc..
Enjoy the weekend and get outside if you get a chance. I'm getting the oil changed in my truck this morning in prep for the drive to Austin and probably also some new tires.
ouch. and if you missed the tony's see clip below....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

men at work

dog days

well this Friday will be two weeks since I applied at my former school, a suburb outside of OKC that was more white-bread and more teacher interactive with the sort of job I was doing. ANyway I sent a cover letter with my updated resume and am hoping they will call to give me an interview. strange thing is that since I left to teach overseas in November, I might have burnt bridges in any chance of being hired back at that school district. I would have called and spoken to my former boss the lady at administration in charge of special programs, but sadly her 27 y/o son died a few weeks ago and I don't want to bother etc or know what to say etc... so I'm just waiting for hopefully a chance at an interview at least. Lord willing. It's a lot better looking for a job while already having one to go back to. I sure am hoping I can go back to my former school though, I've been very honest with God and myself that my heart is not really into going back to last year's job. but I'm up for it overall.
I've been watering a lot at night this summer and working off and on and the water park. this week I was pretty busy grading essays before Wed am's class.
this weekend is a high school reunion and then next on the calendar is leaving this town WEDNESDAY afternoon after class is over headed straight down to AUSTIN!!!! woot woot. my Austin buddy was here last weekend and came by with his bf and hung out for a while chatting away and we went out for pizza for lunch. I'm sort of looking forward to this next visit because his bf is making plans for us to do stuff while I'm down there. wow, being entertained will be awesome. other times I go down it's just hang out and chill. ha. I am actually looking forward to getting out on my own and shopping a bit on Thursday and Friday while my bud is at work and his dog at home. ha
really busy this week, and today had the whole day off... got up and swam laps this morning, came home and had some private me time with some online help. I was so excited to be watching a Chriss strokes video and then noticing Michael Phelps on today show on tv.. oh my, their bodies are pretty similar and I hear Phelps is just as hung. so I was considering some things. my mind was clear the rest of the day, running errands, yard work, lunch, painted my little hallway a sort of brownish goldy green color. it was to match this green color in a runner rug I got in aphganistan (I spell stuff like that on purpose so it won't come up in searches, just fyi). so I'm just looking at it tonight and very happy with how it turned out. I have this small framed painting by one of my students there in the hallway too.
I got some clothes out and ready for Saturday night, the high school reunion. I am wearing my favorite shirt in the world that I bought in new Delhi, I think I mentioned it before blah blah blha, and then the H&M jeans I got last spring in dallas and my signature Sanuk shoes I wear all the time. shweet. I need to get a pic of the shirt up, it's linen button up in front and the shoulders and collar, but the short sleeves and back are knit. damn it's so comfortable and show a little meat on my bones in back and arms. (I say this 'cause I was a stick in HS, serious I was the same height 6'1 and 120) I'm around 170 now I think. woot woot. ha
oh yeah I also am curious to see my former best friend is there, the guy a year under me who I hung out with constantly , had a falling out with and then I think I blogged about messaging him a few weeks ago. So I'm curious if I'll run into him or have a chance to say hey , hello, or have a conversation etc... who knows? :)
I was hoping to get to NYC this summer end of July but it's becoming difficult to try and plan anything what with hoping for a new job and all so badly. The school I'm going back to from last year, well they start back up July 27th for teachers and students aug 1. but if I can get on somewhere else it will be normal like end of August. I'm still considering the 21-24... but I dunno, I may jsut save the $$ :(. although to be honest I got a place to stay. my thinking right now is that if I don't get hired somewhere else then I'll sort of treat myself to a trip before going back to the same job. ha ha that's how I'm going to rationalize it for now... hope all are enjoying summer. I know I owe a few emails. I promise I'll get to 'em.

Monday, June 20, 2011