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nyc in Dec...

In the next couple months I'm going to be planning a vacation to NYC with my 2 older sisters. I wanted to solicit any suggestions on 2 things ( and I may post this again as I get closer to making a purchase). hotel and then what streets or stores for good shopping for my sisters. they are middle class moms with kid in school and mostly out of school. so i was thinking what great interesting boutiques would be good places for them to find fun different stuff at good prices. (that question sounds dumb now that I typed it but maybe someone knows a place). For hotel I'm looking at Expedia and if I book the Edison Hotel near broadway I can get a suite with a queen bed in a room and a hideabed couch in the next room for me and that runs about $2100 for hotel + flights for the 3 of us. which is not bad. and for over 3K I could book us at the waldorf astoria but that is pricier and further away from the shows.
I"m going to be considering 2 nights at a cheaper place perhaps (maybe edison or other) and then our last night, Saturday night, get a nice place to stay just one night it. anyway, any of you in the know comment or email.
great day off today. I don't know if I mentioned before about my best friend in high school, J, who my whole senior year we took turns taking each other to school and went to Sunday night church group stuff together and would always go together to the other side of town where all our friends or "clique" hung out at this one guy's house. He started on the basketball team even though a Junior. he was a grade lower than me alhtough our birthdays were only 4 months apart , but that's beside the point. Thing is I was pretty insecure in high school (yeah yeah yadda yadda) and he was my first best bud guy friend. man that meant everything to me 'cause I felt so normal, finally. great guy and great friend, we had a lot of fun and I played it pretty cool of course and I remember first time i got drunk he followed me home and another time he was drunk and started throwing up and had to reach over me to get out the window and I was helping feel better etc. another time he was so mad at his step dad and about to cry and I could only listen etc.. something really nerdy is I remember getting him a pair of black converse for Christmas and he got me a swatch calendar I wanted ( oh man how gay is that now looking back!, I dunno....) ha
well I got into some trouble with my mouth and had a bit of a gossip problem now and then, I told his girlfriend or someone he liked (I dont' remember it's been a few years) something that made him mad, we quite talking, he wrote me a note that was pretty hateful and called me some names and all that etc.. and that was that, we never spoke again. I remember taking it really hard, sort of like a break-up. but it was more of a hero worship than a gay thing. you could say bromance as far as we were always together at the stuff we did with friends. but anyway, i never had a crush on him at all, I remember he wasn't great looking and was a little too hairy. ha but a great sensitive hearted guy. he also played baseball, wasn't all that tall and was pretty average sized guy. but still I only felt friends for J. The sort of brother I never had (I was never close to my older brother). well all this to say, I messaged him a few days ago on facebook. I worded it very succinctly and had trouble even hitting the send button. Basically I told him that I hoped I never embarrassed him and that I was always proud to be his friend. told him I'd heard over the years about his kids and this awful wreck he'd had and then apologized for being such a gossip. then wished him the best. he responded this morning saying good to hear from me, and no worries about the past and not to feel bad about anything. then take it easy. So anyway, I was pleased that sure enough past is in the past and now I don't have to feel weird running into the guy in OKC someday.
I still thank God for all the guy friend I made in college though definitely. those have really lasted a while. ok hope all are having a good week. ready for the weekend!

waka waka ....was Fozzy Bear from Africa?

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twosdey hey

well maybe I'll just go for a solid blue... thanks for all the input, and man was I set on the striped shirt to wear to work at the water park with my new black tennis shoes ( oh yeah still need to post 'em).
back to class tomorrow morning. was off ALL DAY today.... sigh, so nice. although being single and living alone, it can sometimes be like , ok what am I going to do before going to the gym at 430... and then ok, what am I going to do after gym and before bed. ha - but today was good, I was out in the yard for most of it, cleaning off what used to be a flagstone patio in the back yard and moving a table and chairs onto it, putting things away and sweeping up, watering stuff blah blah.oh yeah and finished washing all the siding around my house with a ladder. then I hosed down and cleaned up the ladder ( I remembered I need to return it to my dad after a year or more borrowed, oops).
My summer class had a good mix, couple of just out of highschool kids, 3 black students, 4 asian, and one East Indian which I think I taught one her older siblings when I was at her high school.
well anyway, there is a single mom and then a rare mix of city kids and just moved to okc kids and such. I'm ready to get through 3 chapters tomorrow, have them do some group acivities, and assign some brainstorming and a rough draft for next Monday. whoosh!
taking a shower tonight I couldn't help thinking about what kind of poem could I write about the hand made soap I bought at the arts festival. It has coffee grounds in it. Some sort of poem about that and the round soap on a roap made with olive oil that I bought in Turkey. They're both favorites. ALthough I'd recommend the good ole Bee and Flower sandalwood soap from the asian grocery store any day, nothing better. ( well other than dr. bronners liquid soap, lavender scent or tea. In fact I used some last bit of that in the bucket to clean the house today...)
Now might be a good shower tip time for guys who don't know how to rid themselves of the breakout on their back and shoulders. DON'T USE SUCH HOT WATER in the shower and don't stand with it falling on your back and shoulders the whole time you're in there. It dries out the skin terribly thus producing more oil and causing you to break out. It's summer anyway, go for a less hot or luke warmer temp, and then move around a bit or step forward a bit while showering and washing up. Anyone know the actor Ben Miles? I was watching a British series on youtube and couldn't figure out how I knew one of the actors, then I researched and found out why, he was the guy in Coupling, the original "Friends" tv show from UK. I liked his character on there known for being "hung". ha ha. anyway, if I ever met the guy in Britain I'd be all eyes and ears with my best smile on. :) hope all are enjoying the week.

which one? neither or both?

I'm feeling the need to spend money on something fun for a change, for example a summer shirt!
any comments?

howdy pardner...

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heard anything like it b4?

summer's begun... go

starting out my summer class today, so I will find out this morning what sort of variety of students I'll get to see for the next two months, perhaps a single mom, military guy or gal, student who just went through some trauma in life and is getting back to college, kid fresh out of high school getting an early start on college, other students who still live at home and parents are forcing them to take a class?? who knows..
I will try to give a great little intro about the class and the dedication needed to do every assignment and attend every class etc etc etc.. I must really lay it on about attendance and handing things in on time though, it's only a two month class after all and twice a week with each class equalling a week's worth of work etc etc blah blah.
had a very busy weekend, dinner with good friend S on Friday night, and then Saturday I cleaned up my backyard, all the brush and branches that coninuously fall from the badly chosen Silver Maple trees planted many years ago. took a truckful of debris to the city dump and then worked the rest of the weekend sat pm and Sun am.
Have you ever been in a hurry to get somewhere while driving and at a stoplight, and when it turns green, you say to yourself "thank you, left turn green light, for letting me GO!" ha. there are certain intersections where the left turn signal will turn green after the forward traffic already has a green if there is no oncoming traffic, and others that make you wait till the intersecting lanes go through the whole process of left turn first, then direct, then finally you again turning left..
Have you ever been using the restroom privately and while standing there just raised both hands in the air and have a good stretch. It's a good time to stretch if you're able to stand quite still enough and not make a mess of course.
I hear more and more about a double dip economy but forever the optimist, I'm buying some stock this morning, 50 shares of TCAP, on a whim really - it has an interest of 8% and someone in the stock club mentioned it, plus it's in my price range. I like learning slowly win or lose. I have to keep my sights very long term, what with my 3000 shares of genworth currently way down. BOOOO!! although I'm still way up considering I bought them march of 2009.
I'm off to my closet to put together something for class, school all morning reworking the syllabus and then off to the water park by 3 to work the rest of the evening, fun summer. :)