Saturday, April 23, 2011

good weekend to you

well to any fellow believers out there, hope you have an excellent Sunday this weekend. It's one of the basic truth that Christians believe in that Jesus actually arose from the dead and became a living breathing walking man again.
Taking the day off from work greatly helped me get through the week. I had a real blast in Dallas . and the Freelance Whales concert was wonderful, so good live. also met some of the band afterwards and I couldn't help telling one of them, I drove down from okc and took a day off for the trip. they were excited to hear it though.
I crashed at Speedy's place and got up the next morning for some shopping errands before heading back.
went to Northaven Nursery near highway 75 and Royal Ln. got some interesting plants, a mock orange and a really cool yucca plant that has a big long red bloom on it. Next went to north park mall , mainly to shop some more H&M but they've already begun the remodel so it was closed. but I did GET another SHWEEt Swatch watch, actually just replaced the green one I got overseas a few years ago. ( I'm expecting to find the one I lost now that I finally replaced it though, how it usuallly works with me losing stuff... ugh) Met a friend downtown for lunch, an ex bf of my austin bud.. they remain great friends. I hadn't seen him since before I went overseas a few years back so we had a good time chatting and catching up.
Friday end of the day we had an egg hunt for the newcomer classes. We showed them how to make little baskets out of paper sacks, then hid eggs in the parking lot area behind the building, and laughed as they all ran and tried to find the most. ha
Went to a Good Friday service last night and sat with my 2 sisters and my folks.
today relaxed all morning , did some yard work , and got a haircut. Made a good trip to Lowes and bought some peat humus and mushroom compost for the new bed I worked on today. also got some pavers and few extra limestone bricks that should look cool in the beds... whatever blah blah, now I'm rambling.
TOnight I went downtown to see a really cool movie. I just really liked that film. Bill Cunningham: Photographer, I think it was called. a documentary about this guy who took photos on the street of NYC since like the 60's.. very cool film. They ask him he's gay at one point and he doesn't really say no or yes. He says he's always just loved clothes and photographing what people are wearing..
happy weekend to all. cheers for the emails and comments.

rain rain come again to OKC....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

dan does dallas...

well actually I'm just driving down after classes today for the FREELANCE WHALES concert.. woot woot. got the ok to crash at a bud's house even though he's currently touring Beirut lebanon at the moment. Looking forward to the show, I think more than anything I'm looking forward to acquiring the t-shirt! ha anyway, I got a sub for Thursday, and seriously, I'm the type of guy that NEVER takes a day off. but it seemed right to just use a personal day for a change. Now I can linger a bit in Dallas Thursday morning and then drive home around lunch time etc... ahhhh. cheers

Monday, April 18, 2011

hot arab buds...

these posts are in honor of my buddy, former blogger speedy, who's in Beirut all this week having some FUN.

nuther mundy

I'm out of sync or something. I went to grocery store yesterday and was standing at the checkout line and dropped this large bottle of olive oil. whack, splat, spill..
apologized to the guy in khakis and converse hi-tops in front of me, he was nice about it and we both kicked the shards into the center of the mess. then I pretty much just moved forward and checked out as fast as I could. well these things could happen to anyone I guess, anyone in a hurry enough not to go back and get a cart and instead try to carry 6 cans of tuna fish, bottle of olive oil, gallon of milk and a few other things up to the counter. today was a discouraging start to Monday. testing this week so I had my first hour for the first 4 hours of classes. I really don't like some of the kids in that class I decided, I think I have too kind/sensitive personality of a guy for this job. I can get kids in line and controlled, it's just the attitude and lack of respect, I write referrals, have called homes, it's just annoying! ha
thing is I just can't be a stone cold hearted disciplinarian, I don't have the knack for it. I'd like to think I understand my students, but kids taught no manners or social skills or taught to expect anything in life what with a goal of learning ENglish and getting an education... well I'm just from a completely different world. I know GOd has me there for a reason though. sort of like my Ninevah the way I look at it... perhaps working only one year there will be enough contribution. Whatever this experience is to teach me, is it all right to pray that one year will be enough!? ha ha. ahh well of course the rest of my day was great, other classes fine. and tonight's college class really wonderful. I mean 15 of 'em are still attending and listening and discussing and writing and man does that ever keep me going. of course at lunch today I was online searching out other schools in the area for esl positions, schools with let's say a bit more variety in demographic...too bad there are no refugee programs in OKC, that sort of job would be awesome.
A better week to all!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

we're close...

slow song

man what a weekend

weekend didn't STOP! whoosh... had some awesome pizza dinner with my okc bud S Friday night and then back home to grade grade grade essays. it's an online class I"m teaching and I promise their essays back within a week, so that means I had put off checking them until Friday and then last night finished up. thank goodness there are always a few that go quick. one 'cause it didn't upload so I sent a nice email saying please post again and another that was not in rtf format so again resubmit. blah blah.
saturday morning was my errand up to Bustani plant farm. awesome, spent over $100 on plants mainly perennials. some things for my yard and a few for my sisters. crepe myrtles, sedum, coleus, etc..
came home and spaced some things out and planted a few, then off to downtown for a show with my cousin to see "The Aluminum Show." Someone told me they are from Israel and it's a pretty interesting show. They do about everything you can do with aluminum colored sheets and conduit and confetti...with fans and dancing and music and puppetry. we went out out to eat at On The Border Mexican place afterwards and I was home by 6 and out in the yard putting stuff in the ground and watering in.
some gym time today, working on getting back into my work out routine, I've been SLACKING big time ever since spring break. sometimes I am at the gym doing the same ole workouts and thinking , why bother boring. so that's how I was feeling before spring break and then I never went back, just been running and doing some abs since then. URGHhh...
I got some really exciting tree deliveries. have I already mentioned it? I mail ordered a Zelkova serrata 'Goshiki' tree and Acer trifolum . THey are 2-3 feet little bitty things but if I can keep 'em alive here in OK, they will look awesome in a couple years time. I got 5 weeks left of teaching and yes I'm counting each week. This week is EOI standardized testing, the kind where kids don't pass a grade unless they pass and yes I am at one of those low low low acheiving schools. so I got my first hour class for 3 hours tomorrow morning. I rented a few movies, Megamind or Narnia, the Dawn Treader. I'll teach for about an hour or so then put in a movie. yee haw. finishing up some essays now for tomorrow night's class. hope everyone had a great weekend. enjoy your spring!