Saturday, April 16, 2011

it's a man's world out there....

real manly men touch each other all time,not always gay, just something beautiful...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

and for my next act...

got to grab that tattoo

how dry I am

good week, nice and sunny all week here, although dry dry dry.
survived today which did not involve a lot of teaching just crowd control...
Wednesday is computer day, keep 'em all on rosetta stone online. and then my last two classes they got into groups and put together little wooden puzzles of a dinosaur skeleton model. tomorrow is quiz day for all classes, and then Friday will be workbook day and computer day for the last two hours.. oh my bring on the weekend, right?
this weekend marks the usual last frost date for OKC, alhtough we have had Easter snow before... but the 15th is when we can usually always put plants out etc.. I've already put outside my two macho ferns and tropical plants I have in pots and keep inside all winter. also a rubber tree. This weekend is also the great opening weekend of BUstani Plant Farm in Stillwater, I'll be going up there first thing Saturday morning and pickup my order and shop for a few more things. :P the sites online if you google it.
I'm also inviting the guy to speak this October at the garden club I'm in here in okc.
so funny thing about two different students in two of my classes. they like to push up their short sleeve and point at their biceps and make faces at me like "look at this".. it's sort of a running joke and they'll try to get me to show mine or flex. and I'm like thinking" HELLO I"M TEACHING!!!" ha ha. kids minds are everywhere but on the book. gee whiz. I did do 20 pushups last Friday in class when this one kid challenged me and we were waiting for the bell to ring, and I thought anytime is a good time to do pushups, again they were pretty bored after i got to about 12. ha
students are also dropping like flies.. already had about 4 or 5 leave school and go back to Mexico. SO frustrating, cause they are in the newcomer program supposedly learning English so as to help them with the next year, and especially the ones that are a royal pain all the time in class, you can't help but say to yourself " Why did you even bother coming at all to school in the first place! UGH". but you never know what effect you have on lives so whether or not they learn English the students are definitely always getting lots of instruction. how to be nice, show respect, be patient. yadda yadda yadda. be clean, use a trash can, don't play with the hand sanitizer dispenser, reminded they are in high school etc etc..
I've been running at the gym and plan to hit the workouts again right away. I have to cause there are only 2 months between now and a high school reunion sort of getting together for this summer, thing is I don't even care really how I look or even sure I'llbe going, but yeah I'll go just to see some of the really awful nice people I've been in touch with on facebook and didn't even really talk to much in highschool. still not sure about going to Austin for mem weekend, but I will probablay, it's just what with gas prices and my bud never emailing or calling, but I remind myself he has a boyfriend, new job, and still living in a halfway house after his drug rehab experience, so I know I'm low on the totem pole. I keep praying for him though for sure.
I'm also not sure about NYC whether I should go the weekend after mem or further into June. blah blah. well I better get off to the gym... plan to come home and water the yard some, eat a pbj sandwich, and then try to grade as many essays as possible from my online class during am idol and then whatever is on before I hit the sack at 9:30. good week to all!