Saturday, February 26, 2011

sup bad boy...

hangover two

if hadn't seen the first one, it's CLASSIC!!! woot woot.
check out the package on the dude in the middle....

2 weeks and counting....

happy weekend everybody. man what a busy week, I sure wasn't posting much last week. busy after we had teacher meetings on Monday, the rest of the week was teach teach teach. This is the time of the year that we have to get ready to test all the ESL kids to see if their English had improved etc.. ugh
So I had pretty good night class on Monday night except the bad news for the students was I had to assign the rough draft of the next essay one week earlier than the syllabus. We missed a day Mortin Luther King day so that set me up for having to cut back, and I wanted them to get the next essay BEFORE spring break , not after etc etc..
I'm deciding what exactly I'll be doing Spring Break. Right now I am set on driving down to Austin to see my bud down there like I did fall break. I will stop in Dallas to check out the H&M store for some shopping (I know that's run of the mill store for all you city guys that read the blog for but for little OKC, it's a big deal getting a store in Dallas. :P ) I also like driving my truck to Austin because I can always pick up something cool for the house at this one store on 6th and Lamar, called Khasahn. sort of an interesting import furniture store. I'll have to do a post on the stuff I've brought home from there over the years. ha
anyway, spring break is still 2 weeks away. This weekend I saw a movie Friday night with my OKC bud, S. "I am Four"!!!! very fun entertaining film. sort of a mix between "Escape from Witch Mountain," any stereotypical high school movie, and any run of the mill space alien movie using modern technology for effects. You'll like the movie tons just because of the gorgeous blond boy and girl in the film and regardless of the editing and pacing for dummies in case you are not getting what every detail means in the film...I will admit it almost feels like a feature film you'd see on tv setting up a new tv series. ha

I just read an article about Del Toro, the creator of "Pan's Labytinth", in a Feb issue of the New Yorker. He was talking about how you have to create monsters in a movie who look natural enough in attack mode and while in repose. When I read that, I thought... yup the "I am 4" movie was exactly not all that detailed. ha some crazy ideas of aliens that are all assumed and not explained. ahh well. good ole science fiction, worked for me.
Guillermo del Toro’s Amazing Creatures:
Volunteered this morning, and then went to Museum downtown for lunch. Afterwards, I checked out the exhibit all about George Nelson, with quite a few exmaples of his furniture, mainly clocks and office desks and shelves. overall a good show, but I liked the Post Modern Design exhibit they had years ago, WAY BETTER. ha
I chatted with the "male nurse" bud of mine in OKC on a social network this last weekend. He's getting together a hiking club for gay guyw. I think I might join in next weekend. sounded pretty fun and cool and laid back. And I know I love the outdoors. I'll need to post soon about the COOL stuff I was reading about today in a Men's Journal magazine this morrning. spring break around the corner! ah yeah!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

go hogs!

cute cute cute

Golden Snubbed-nosed Monkey from China

Sunday, February 20, 2011