Saturday, January 15, 2011

3 day

nice 3 day weekend here in okc... school out on Monday so I'm enjoying all my time at the house this weekend, keeping inside and warm. I had some great Hideaway pizza last night with my best OKC Buddy S. and then got up this morning to go downtown and volunteer, followed by a nice lunch at the OKC museum of Art Cafe. it's been years since I went there for lunch. I used to go every Saturday afternoon at one point.
excellent lunch and then over to office depot for a label maker, and a gardening club meeting at 3pm. My weekend thus far.
tonight I watched some crazy tv show called "Nikita" or at least with the same time character as the movie. I'm always such a sucker for those shows, once I'm pulled in I can't stop watching, stuff like that or Bourne identity movies.. right now I'm watching a Woody Allen movie from blockbuster online called "Interiors" oldie but a goodie...a family drama, serious, slow film. I'm going to cue up "Another Woman" for my next rental.
was reading my Dec/Jan issue of Monocle magazine this morning while working, and then also my first issue of Aparamento arrived yesterday so I read that during lunch. I have to make some phone calls tomorrow to some people around the country to invite someone to come and speak this summer at a few of the gardening club meetings....among other assigned tasks. no word from my buddy in rehab in TX but hopefully he's getting all my daily postcards and letters. I think he's out by the end of January.
spoke to a few Mexican women this morning about how it's not safe to even go out on the street in Chihuahua Mexico and that's why everyone is leaving whether there is work in the US or not. It's good for me to hear the other side since I'm so anti illigal immigration, plus getting fed up with the kids in the system who don't really even try to learn Enlgish which means how will they ever get a diploma and finish highschool classes all of which are in English. they must be in a very sad state, forced to go to a new country without any hope of work or college or even permanency living one place or another. It really sucks this country can't halt all economic trade with Mexico until they get their asses in gear and control the crime in the country. just think how all the money being made by the work that US sends to Mexico is in the hands of the rich and probably a lot of those rich are part of the cartel. disgusting huh... but we do like our cheap labor and economic trade in this country.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

hold on....

btw today at work my classes were practically perfect the glad Friday's coming..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

work blah

Im' ready to get this week over with... today was a pretty good day at school up until the last two hours when the school printing system went under, meaning we couldn't send stuff to the copier from the computers, which means suddenly no activity for my last 2 hours. Instead I wrote by hand 2 lists of words on a paper and copied that for the kids to write the meaning in Spanish, ---- then passed back papers and had the kids take turns reading out loud the sentences from the work sheets. worked great 6th hour, but 7th UGH mama mia!!! that class, only 8 kids, you woudlnt' think it'd take anything to manage but man oh man, on top of that the VP comes in today for his required 2nd evaluation of me teaching(why does he choose last hour-). more on him later. anyway, I was just stressed at that point, and the one kid kept acting up, class gets a speech, kid gets detention, bell rings. oh man get me out of there! ha ha. suck suck, I left school thinking how much I HAVE to get out of this school if possible. I was thinking to myself how I'm so thankful that God provided this job this year to get back to full time employment and how I really do love teaching like I do, serious, but on the other hand I'm def going to continue to pray that He uses me at another job somewhere next year if possible, and I will be looking for that job and open door. ha (something about already tasting the great experience of teaching higher ed and then going back to public school. whoah)
ok about the v principal, this is why I, the most optimistic person I know, sometimes get a little discouraged at my current school. Monday, one kid who was sleeping in class and had to be told to keep his head up 3 times, and then he distracts the class and gets detention and is told to stay after class, bell rings and I remind him. he walks out the door and I follow saying, please stay, come back, speak to me about the detention etc.. he shakes his head no as he continues on down the hall.
great! so I write up a referral to the VP office explaining everything. and making a point to go in person to VP and say, look I can't follow any normal steps of detention etc when this guy did this, so please see him before 3rd hour tomorrow and take care of it, which means ISS please. he says put it in my box and I'll see him first thing tomorrow morning... well yesterday morning came and went and the kid was back in my 3rd hour class ??? I sent him to the vp office and he came back to say he wasn't there... ok.... I talk to the kid about his disappointing behaviour the previous day etc... fine. TODAY, this morning, I run into VP again before school. oh hi, who was that kid again? can you send him today during your 3rd hour because I was busy yesterday... sigh. anyway, so you can see what we're up against at my school that the principals are (seriously) so busy with stuff they have trouble following through on the office referrals.
side note - last semester same kid recieved 3 days ISS for failing to show for detention and stayed home absent instead of serving the suspension and nothing was ever done... stupid system!!!
anwyay, so I try to just run my class in my own world most of the time and keep things tight and teach them some ENGLISH. thanks for letting me rant. btw I might get selected to got to the big TESOL convention in New Orleans this year. last time I went to one is when I started this blog and went to Tampa in 2006. wow 5 years!
I'm going to consider checking out the job fair options this time around. :)now off to bed and up at 530 to get back those darling illegal immigrant kids who dont' even really want to learn any English. go figure....but hey, I got a job.(actually there about 2 or 3 in each class who really do try to learn, so if even that it's worth it!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

dark and cold winter soundtrack.....

the entire album "walking wounded" by Everything but the Girl is perfect this time of year...
Excellent electronic easy listening..
Don't bother playing the above without some good BASS... :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

let it snow?

ebay vs amazon

I'm bidding on something on ebay a quarter of the price of something I s searching for on amazon ... more news later... I wouldn't dare post about until I possibly win the thing, that's how cool and how much I want it! ha ha.
but I WILL mention that I entered the HGTV dream home giveaway today.. HGTV was on one of the 4 tv's today at the gym as I was walking to warm up before working out and they had show on going all over and around the dream home in Vermont. Of course I loved the place but I couldn't help thinking if I owned the house, would really want those framed photographs in the closet or that Red in the bedroom. of course I'd never win so I'll mention it on the blog and hey maybe a reader will enter and win, and that'd be pretty cool. you can enter twice a day etc etc go to their website.
I was feeling fine and back at work today.. thanks for the emails!.usual work day....I've decided my kids surely don't forget too much English over the weekend if I can come back on a Monday and go off in Spanish now and then. ha. more on the book later...

Sunday, January 09, 2011

paint up...

I think I mentioned painting my walls a while back. Here is a pic. I painted these stripes on the kitchen wall for some interest. I'd tried several things on the wall. large posters, lots of framed pictures, but nothing really worked, this is just a side wall you pass while walking in from the back door through the kitchen. When you are in the kitchen, you are always facing something else. but from the main room you get a view of the wall and I like the glimpse of color and vertical height.
the leather folding chairs I bought online from Design Within Reach about 7 years ago when I first moved into the place at half the price they sell for today.

clean up ....